hey guys what's the zombies over here

know the new day



Bhavana night


I love the new day hi guys well well the

new day just explained what I was going

to do

hi so they said bump in the night which

it was supposed to be the preorder bonus

for people that pre-ordered it and i

pre-ordered it and but the DOTA b2k

originals wasn't available so bump in

the night wasn't available because it

was part because bump in the night is

part of bb2k originals so um yeah so I

guess said they are available now

JK original streets okay yeah we're

gonna see if we can get to K regionals

right now they're real time and so I

should be able to get it for free

because it was free for people that

pre-ordered it and if you didn't

preorder it it's like $14 like cotton

ball party like 15 including the tax so

I'm gonna click to carry journals

okay bump in the night I got a free high

so this is we're gonna do some bump on

the night tonight not tonight but today

bump in the night Papa the night is

coming soon take a journey journey into

Bray Wyatt's mind

featuring the fiend Bray Wyatt most

versions of versions of your favorite

superstars new craze with star parts

arenas and more

so okay all right so bump of the night

we're gonna start it I demon within




I should get it I don't know why it's

not available


that's weird

Oh guys I'll come back once I figured

this out hey guys I'm back and I did a

little video well this is gonna be one

whole video and um well I did a little

video earlier on the last clip I was

gonna get it'll be 2k 2k originals the

bump and the ninth thing and see when I

got it i pre-ordered it from Walmart and

my mom got it and when we got it

there was like no like I didn't get a

freaking coat at all like I don't know I

don't know if I ever got a coder or not

or what I had to do I thought that I was

gonna had to like buy the original the

bump in the night originals and then I

realized something that my mom when she

like she got a she gonna she got an

email saying that my game was at the

store to be picked up and I was I had a

thought and I asked her if when she got

that email if there was like any kind of

code with it and she said no but then

she ended up looking at her phone again

and then at that moment my frickin code

just like popped up on her email and so

so we finally found my code so I'm gonna

press the button

then we're gonna go into the other 2k

originals alright so when we've got here

I should I should already have it a bump

in the night

okay now purchased it I might have to do

that again oh my gosh hmm

you know gosh okay guys we're back

I only got okay I got it now

I got it okay okay okay I got I got bump

in the night now how we're gonna view

the rewards I so we get we get wicked

alistair black which i really want to

get may get unleashed Randy Orton demon

king Finn Balor Frankenstein freakin

Frank is a freaking Franken strowman the

swamp another brain what a fiend berry

what it said up Shamus zombie caches

oh no zombie Robert Roode zombie Cesaro

zombies same as aim and that's a tire

mask that the masks bottom and it's so

you get like super star stuff olena

arenas arenas geez

bear with me guys I'm like freaking

tired you know all kinds of weapons

motions Championships and just Lord of

Darkness championship that looks pretty

cool talking what's due to the I think

is it this one yeah yeah let's get to

this shall we I think this is the this

is the tower that we go through to

unlock the fiend and you know let's not

just do one match right now and I hope

you guys enjoy it and I'll talk to you

guys out


hello fireflies did you miss me I'm so

glad you're you've come to join me today

things are well things are a little bit

different here right now we're not in

the fire but we're not in the funhouse

at all but think of it as an adventure a

venture is fun right

fireflies who's with me I'm sorry that

I'm sorry that you can't see me but you

but don't be scared

it's okay it's a little it's a little

dark around us and as you know we can't

see in the dark but he can he can see in

the he but he can see the darkness all

around us

isn't that right little fireflies and

sometimes the way to fight darkness is

with darkness and fight it

we will our way is our way his way so

keep close to this keep close to the

sound of my voice

fireflies he will clear out the darkness

he has work to do not bow down the fiend

and this is one of the

matches where it's hard to believe we

get paid for this

well actually hard to believe sax then

gets paid for anything great agility

there so yeah guys this is the thing

that you have to get to go through this

to go through this experience in the

rain should be an advantage

and don't forget sister Abigail's been

the last kiss goodnight for many WWE

superstars Bray Wyatt reverses in it

gunkid nothing fancy there

and so I guess the real I've seen things

about this book so we had to oh fudge

talked to you long this is gonna be bad

DDT where's the book

there's the book



oh look at that got it done I was um how

it's so easy okay let's do another match

so that was so easy nice and now we had

to okay we had to face Jake Roberts now

jake the snake' okay

there's the bell an area is the leader

of the wire fuggin know you'll want to

watch over and over again no bow give me

the book give me the book all right come

on come on Jake there we go no we don't

pray why it loves to take control of the

match don't you be able to do that here

Oh Michael I think we'll be seeing them

take the fight whoever he wants whether

that's in the riku outside the arena

Bray Wyatt has a history of luring

superstars to places where the advantage

is his alone action finds its target

oh what a forearm stopping down

oh my God look at this what is he doing

here oh okay

get your butt up sister Abby a gale then

this is so good you see it's just

okay well let's I'm gonna end this match

here or not match video oh my god go

back to bed the video I'm gonna end it

here so when we come back we're gonna do

some more of this because um this is

really freaking easy I'm gonna pull you

freaking I'll walk Bray Wyatt right now

I'm like probably in the next freakin

video if you guys like this video give

it a big thumbs up and subscribe and I

know that accidentally like I paused a

lot in this video because freaking I'd

get gonna be 2k originals so I finally

got it so I'm glad I'm glad about that

and yeah I'll see you guys in next video

peace out