2015 Nissan Altima - Intelligent Key and Locking Functions


the intelligent key system allows you to

conveniently lock unlock and start the

vehicle all without removing the

intelligent key from your pocket or

purse up to four intelligent keys can be

used with one vehicle provided they are

registered with the Nissan dealer prior

to using the system to unlock a door

from outside the vehicle have the

Intelligent Key with you and then push

this request switch on the door handle

that door will unlock push the switch

again within one minute to unlock all

doors to lock your vehicle push any door

handles requests which once after all

doors have been closed these lock and

unlock functions are operational when

the intelligent key is within about two

and a half feet of the corresponding

requests which the intelligent key has

remote keyless entry functions that are

available within 33 feet of the vehicle

to lock your vehicle this way press the

lock button the hazard lights flash

twice and the horn beeps once to let you

know that the doors are locked

press the unlock button to unlock the

driver's door press again within one

minute to unlock all doors hold the

unlock button for more than three

seconds after the doors are unlocked to

lower the automatic windows if so

equipped to deactivate the horn beep

feature when using the remote keyless

entry function to lock or unlock the

vehicle press and hold the lock and

unlock button simultaneously for more

than two seconds the hazard indicator

will flash three times to reactivate the

feature press and hold the buttons again

for more than two seconds the hazard

indicator will flash once and the horn

will beep once your intelligent key is

equipped with a panic alarm button if

you are near your vehicle and feel

threatened press it for more than a


panic alarm will sound and the

headlights will stay on for a period of

time or until any button on the key fob

is pressed once inside the vehicle you

can lock and unlock all doors by pushing

the drivers or front passengers power

door locks which individual doors can be

manually locked or unlocked using the

inside lock knobs if you exit the

vehicle with the intelligent key left

inside all doors will unlock and a

warning chime will sound as soon as you

close the door in the rare instance when

your intelligent key battery is

discharged you can still lock or unlock

the vehicle you'll find a mechanical key

concealed on the back of the intelligent

key to remove it release the lock knob

and slide the mechanical key out you can

then insert it into the key cylinder on

the driver's door and turn to lock or

unlock the vehicle the intelligent key

contains sensitive electrical components

please avoid these circumstances that

could affect its operation avoid

dropping or striking it against another

object keep it away from water keep it

away from equipment with magnetic fields

including computers cell phones TVs and

audio accessories and avoid using a key

chain that contains a magnet please see

your owners manual for important safety

information system limitations and

additional operating information