Phillips Chevrolet - 2016 Chevy Impala – Key Fob w/ Dead Battery - Chicago New Car Dealership

hi everyone justin nooner with phillips

Chevrolet and we're gonna show you what

you need to do if the key or the battery

in your key fob is running low now the

battery life on these key fobs is years

it's it's probably three to five years

before you're gonna have to replace the

battery but let's say for whatever

reason it is running low okay you do

have a key that you can get inside the


there's a few other videos online I'll

show you how that's very very easy but

what do you do when you're inside the

car and you don't have an ignition just

sit there and crank it I'm gonna show

you so Chevy actually thought this out

very very well okay if we come here into

the center console you see this little

niche right there okay and what that's

gonna do is it actually houses your key

because that's where the transmitter is

so for whatever reason your keys out and

it doesn't have the battery strength

from let's say my pocket on this side to

actually register that the keys in the

car all you got to do open this up you

put the key in there and see if it's

perfectly in there and you press the

ignition okay

low battery you put it right next to the

transmitter it's gonna work now that's

only a temporary fix you are gonna have

to replace the battery at some point but

that's what you do if you've got a low

battery and you need to start your car

okay so very easy to use and then

obviously if you're watching this video

and you need to do that get to a

dealership or a hardware store as

quickly as possible so you can replace

the battery I'm Justin nooner with

Philips Chevrolet and we will talk to

you soon