How to unlock 2016-19 Chevy / GM Passive Entry Doors

Matt this is travis with Dimmick

Chevrolet soldiers at Camaro one that

kind of give you a quick tutorial on how

to open the door if the battery

disengages and you have to use the key

so I want to take you to the car here I

actually have the key sitting here what

you're gonna do is actually click on

this button and the key is revealed it

looks like a switchblade

so using that and know that the key is

in there I'm gonna go ahead and give you

a quick tutorial on how to open up the

door handle so you see here you have no

place to sit feet to put the key in to

open the door it's actually a release

point underneath the car here you can

kind of see that see it under here so

what you're gonna actually do is pull on

the key pull on the door and actually

put the key in at the same time and it

will pop off so I'm gonna give you a

quick tutorial here give me a moment go

ahead get the Switchblade key here pop

that out put the key in actually gonna

put the key in there and boom ill take

it out and pull on the handle and pull

on the panel at the same time get in a

better position to do this and revealing

the villain the key entry so then you're

gonna go ahead and take the key put it

in turn it and open the door so that's I

should actually how you get into the car

if the battery is disengaged thank you