Mario Kart Wii - 200cc for CTGP is out now!

hello everyone mr. bean 35000 vr here

and today i'm bringing you a video about

a brand new update that is just being

released for CT GP that adds 200 cc to

Mario Kart Wii now if you don't know

what 200 cc is and you haven't figured

it out just by looking it is a 1.5 times

speed multiplayer for every track in the

game you can turn on off whenever you

want from the CT revolution channel now

if you've ever played with speed

modifiers before you know that there are

little interesting sometimes

particularly if sometimes very difficult

to get round turns and often when you go

off jumps you end up flying for miles

and you don't necessarily land where you

were intending to so in the interest of

playability we've added two new features

to the game that activate alongside

200cc whenever you enable it designed to

make the mode a bit more playable the

first of which is break drifting now if

you've played Mario Kart 8 before you

may be already be familiar with break

drifting break drifting is the art of

pulling on brakes while drifting

normally in Mario Kart Wii if you want

to pull on the brakes you have to

release the accelerator and therefore if

you were doing a drift you're going to

lose it

which means you brake and then if you're

trying to turn at the same time you end

up using your handling stat which for a

lot of vehicles isn't very good so brake

drifting is the arm actually being able

to pull on the brace during a proper

drift without needing to discard the

drift meaning that you can still take

turns tight and indeed tighter still

because you'll be moving slower and

charge up a mini turbo as well this

means that any terms that could not

previously be completed without slamming

into walls now work pretty well and it's

pretty cool once you get the hang of it

and if you've been watching the video in

the back you may have already noticed

that I've been doing some very drifting

around various terms like the spiral

which normally wouldn't really work the

other feature we've added is fast

falling now fast bowling is the art of

holding the analog stick up when going

off a jump or anything that gives you

air or if you're on a wheel tilting it

flat forwards and what that will do is

set you into a nosedive position and

while you are nose-diving the gravity

that is applied to you is increased

meaning that you will land a lot faster

so suddenly the issue that previously

played 200cc of jumping for miles and

not being able to really stick a landing

becomes a whole lot easier if

just tilt up you will slam Dunc towards

the floor it's not free it does take a

little bit of getting used to and for

those of you thinking well that kind of

blows part of the fun of 200cc is making

the matchups you can still do those as

long as you do not tilt the analog stick

up you will fly as far as you usually

would have now I'm going to show you the

seat of your evolution channel so I can

show you the new interfaces on how to

activate 200cc as well as some of the

new interfaces in the game as well so

after doing the update a few new options

will be added to your settings menu to

do with 200cc for offline gameplay you

can find a 200 cc toggle on page 3 when

you treat when you turn this setting on

what you will see in game is some of the

options that usually would be for 150 cc

will be replaced with 200 cc for

instance of you going to Grand Prix you

will see a 200 cc button instead of a

150 CC button and if you try to do a

versus racing going to the rule settings

you will see a 200 cc button list of a

150 CC button there as well it has to be

150 CC to get swapped out for technical

reasons otherwise use the other buttons

it would actually slow 200 cc down so

using the 150 CC button to make life

simple for online play you can only use

at the moment as of the time of the

posting this video 200 cc in friend

rooms and you do that by going to the

specific engine class and setting it

past you go if you get it starts slow to


normal scroll to the right to go 100 151


150 and Meara and then 200 once you go

to set to 200 if you start your friend

room you will be playing in 200 cc there

is ghost database support for 200 cc to

access it what you want to do is head

towards the leaderboards and whenever

you select to lead a board that has 200

cc ghosts available you'll be able to

pick when you get to the category 2

light screen after selecting you can see

150 CC categories down the left and 200

cc categories down the line right which

means that you are can you can compete

for world records and best known times

on 200 cc tracks we should be quite cool

I'm looking forward to seeing what

straps are being found for that I know

that several of the businesses have

already been working away flat trying to

find stuff so I'm very interested

how how this what how this works and in

local ghosts you will be able to add two

items you can see in the category 200

sees because he goes so clearly marked

so yes and the game itself has always

described before but 200cc enable you

can see that 200cc is option and is an

option for grand prix mode replacing 150

if you pick this you'll be able to play

200 cc Grand Prix's similarly mirror

even though it isn't describing it will

also play at 200 CC so you can do 200 CC

mirror if you so desire and why you

would but because you do similarly in

vs. race you hit up to the rule section

here you can see that 200 cc is added as

a replacement for 150 CC reminder this

only happens if you turn the 200 cc

toggle on in the CC pre-revolution

channel if you do not do that this will

not show up don't worry we've not erased

150 CC I don't want to hear anyone

saying that we have please and thank you

for time trials we've actually managed

to add an extra menu interface to the

game so you don't need to activate the

200 cc offline setting to do time trials

on 200 cc because you can just pick here

you can reduce to zoomorphic ECT time

trials or 200 cc time trials from the

screen here and the astute will notice

that this is a repurposed mission mode

screen that I'm using here is one of the

Mission Road interfaces that I have put

to work for me for as a timed trial

class selector when you've doing 200 cc

tone trials you get separate

leaderboards for them and separate

ghosts for them so when you load up a

track for instance you will only see

your 200 CC times for instance this is a

200 cc time set by me as a test there

are no stuff ghosts for 200 cc with

figuratively too much work to do another

500 ghosts for it and also it would

maybe update time exceedingly long and

we didn't want to do that so the only

ghosts will be those that you've made

yourself or downloaded from the


but hopefully people have fun with time

traveling 200 cc nevertheless and yeah I

think I will now show you a few more

races just so you can see a bit more

gameplay of 200 cc


so these races were recorded on a test

build of the 200cc pack for this

basically identical to what you guys are

getting at the moment in this update and

I wanted to show off a few races that

kind of put all the techniques I was

describing about how spalling and brake

lifting to the test now desert Hills is

a fantastic example of Route 15 because

you've got to find a way to get around

these hills at the end and break

drifting if you just watch here is a

fantastic way of doing it you can make

all of these turns pretty easily if you

drift spray drift around them normally

if you're at 200 CC you would end up

either eating dirt or going

exceptionally wide on those terms

similarly you can see a little bit of

fast falling going over this ramp here

because I don't particularly want to fly

too far although our mushroom usage

leaves a little bit to be desired and

once again this lap had a better yeah

see a bit more of a break 15 here

actually here isn't see that great

poof's as well but watching speedometer

makes it obvious what's going on now a

brake drifting I will say you can it is

possible to break so much that you

actually lose your drift entirely that

happens around 50 kilometers per hour so

if you break up to the point where you

hit 50 then you're going to lose your

drift so just bear that in mind when

you're doing brake drifting keep watch

the speedometer get used to how it feels

and you'll be particularly tight turns

in no time

meanwhile here I feel I wasted a little

bit of fastball that one an interesting

choice I'm not quite sure if I agree

with agree with my past itself but it

seemed like it worked out for him so

that's kind of nice and for this next

race I decided we were testing a bunch

of different vehicles actually just to

see how well they played and so here is

me trying to drive a sneak stay at 200

cc and it's actually remarkably doable

if you watched this if you watch those

brake drifts down doing there you can

hold just about any vehicle around if

you try hard enough which is actually

really cool surprise it to how well it

worked out in that regard and I believe

it is this race possibly on lap 2 you

keep an eye on the waluigi when it

enters lap two you can see well what you

can do when you choose

not too fast fall if you watch yes the

line is taking right now what he's done

he trimmed off a hill after top of that

hill and then leaned back so the past

Pony wouldn't take effect flew all the

way across the track and then landed on

the cart on the other side and landed on

something incidentally that Waluigi is

Troy and yes it is the real Troy who's

been participating in these races he was

part of the b2st group since he was one

of the most infused about 200 cc and

perhaps one of the most vocal about its

development of so big it was good and

fair giving watching his dreams lately

you might have seen some of his activity

on the 200 cc all the 200 cc beta update

yeah these braces are going by so fast

that I'm actually there's a lot more I

wanted to actually talk about but they

just keep disappearing so there's that

see you that rate on to the next and I

figured that should definitely include

at least one Rainbow Road race right but

this is actually a rainbow race on the

sneaked step and this is a good

opportunity to see a how I'm lucky I got

was getting bombed by jet setters but

also that even a track like this almost

kneestr can be done with great drifting

with the fast pouring and all that stuff

now one thing I should probably cover

before this video ends just let this

race play out in the background while I

talk about this is the controls for

break drifting so I've already explained

the troll 2 controls for fast falling

it's an analog stick up or linea wheel

forwards for brake drifting what you

want to do is press both of your brake

either your drift buttons here I'm sorry

at the same time then what that means

depends on the controller so for Wii

wheel that would be one and B along with

the accelerator which is two on a

gamecube controller and the classic

controller they both have the same

commands it is B and R along with the a

button braid rift and a nunchuck now

America 8 Nintendo actually didn't

bother making a breakthrough control

scheme for lunch um so if you playing

200 cc or Mario Kart 8 don't use the

river and I'm joke because it sucks you

can't you can't do anything but we

decided that

well I figured out that d-pad down is

not the worst button in the world to

access from the a button the unfortunate

thing about the Nunchuk is that most

buttons are already occupied so it was

kind of awkward to pick a button that

you could still get to that wouldn't

hurt people's joints to try to reach so

yeah it has a long deep head down so

break drifting on a nunchuck is a B and

D pad down and now I will say the deeper

down has not been repurposed as another

drift button so you can't now drift

using deeper down all part of the breaks

using a d-pad down you can only break

brick with it so keep that in mind so

yeah I mean while this place has been

going pretty well

I've been demonstrating a lot of cool

little things you can do such as you

know the moon jump at the beginning of

the level you can take it shroomless

just by hopping and I've also avoided

death mama wants by break lifting and

other stuff but yeah as you can see it's

really not that hard to get running

Rainbow Road and I can't wait to see

what kind of crazy stuff people didn't

do on the tantowel leaderboards for this

track and that's about it I hope

everyone's hyped with 200cc I hope you

have a whoa look at that

hope you have a brilliant time playing

it do enjoy and I will see you all again

next time

thank you very much for watching