I Bought Mario Kart Tour 200cc So You Didn't Have To

hey guys it's Troy here back with some

more Mario Kart tour everybody's

favorite app and today we're going to be

playing 260 I caved I got 200 cc let's

do this

I did one trial run before I started

making this video and it is way more fun

than 150 cc I'll tell you that now this

game has a lot of cool things about it

and a lot of things that are just

facepalm I will probably make a video

about that next week for now let's just

enjoy it let's keep things positive and

you know just take in the beautiful

scenery hopefully I get first place on

my first race in this video I got fourth

in my practice run I was completed

getting popped by the CPUs they were way

too talented


okay I'm not bad not bad at all

that trend seems impossible on 200

okay oh my gosh guys it's only two laps

I just realized that they should make it

three laps for 200cc cos it's gonna be

over in like what dude that's like some

custom track stuff right there it just

counts me out in the mid air dude we

already found a glitch in the game we

haven't even started planning for it

more than three hours what is this what

is this Fitz place Jesus alright well

give me my five dollars back Nintendo

just kidding just kidding

you know what there's room for

improvement clearly I thought I was

doing pretty well and then the game

throws me out of bounds midair I went

too high I was too fast too strong

Bowser's got them guns and Nintendo

wasn't having it alright so that was New

York minute there are some letters after

some of the track names for instance if

you go to rock rock Mountain there in

the bottom left it says Rock Rock

Mountain are which is kind of weird by

the way as you can tell I'm playing this

on the iPad pro shop the so leap owns

for letting me use it it is such a nicer

experience than the phone mainly because

the screen isn't so so vertical you know

it's got more of a squarish it's still

it's still a rectangle but you know it's

it's not as rectangular I should say

okay so we're gonna keep going

cheep-cheep balloon we're just gonna

play as many of these tracks as we can a

nice solid juicy 200 cc video for you

guys ooh we got the super blooper from

Mario Kart Wii in gold what a weird

choice of a vehicle let's bring back the

super blooper one of the most Mimi

vehicles in Mario Kart history and let's

make it gold and luxurious oh man

alright so in the comments section below

what do you guys think of 200cc for

those of you who have played it and for

those of you who haven't played it cuz

you don't want to spend any money and

you don't want to deal with even having

died the idea of having to cancel

membership what do you think about that

decision from Nintendo

there isn't a no in charge of that

decision I don't know but what do you

guys need a decision to charge the fans

of Mario Kart money for their favorite

game mode how dare they I'm just kidding

but yeah guys the app has actually a lot

of good stuff it's getting such mixed

reactions that's all I gotta say stay

that was some sketchy dragon whoa okay

I'm gonna dive down at the boost panel

that's fun this vehicle is snazzy

looking well yeah it's getting matte

it's getting very mixed reactions on

Twitter guys I recommend you check out

Twitter if you want to hear what people

are saying about the game because people

are letting the devs have it a lot of

people are upset about the you know just

the in-game transactions of course every

mobile game seems to have them nowadays

and they're not popular whatsoever no

one enjoys them for a good reason it's

like you kind of just rather just buy

the game you know spend 20 bucks or

whatever have the game not have to deal

with anything else

you know maybe pay for some DLC down the

road but oh are you serious dude I'm

eating so Mario Kart in this is actually

hilarious am I getting it last place six

plays Wow beautiful start see normally I

would just restart the video something

like this happened this is actually

comical what a comic will start I've

gotten completely screwed on the final

lap of both those tracks we're gonna

keep going though roll with the punches

what's coming up next oh man but yeah

pretty much

I bought this so you don't have to deal

with this cuz a lot of you guys are

skeptical about the game you might not

download it you might try it for a few

minutes it doesn't pique your interest

enough but 200cc something that is a

little more fun than 150 just because

the sheer speed and difficulty is

enhanced so it's like a lot of you guys

probably watching it's like oh like yeah

let's see what this game looks like when

there's actually a little bit of you

know horse power involved so that's why

we're here guys that's why we're here

I'm actually trying to at least get one

first place in this video I don't want

to embarrass myself too bad we got a

Mario circuit one what I'm thinking of

doing is for this video we're gonna play

all like the more standard tracks that

I've unlocked so far

with 200 cc and then eventually I'm

gonna unlock all the cups this game does

this weird thing where it's so stupid

you can't have all the cups from the

start like you can't even unlock them

through Grand Stars all of them you have

to wait a time amount of time plus the

grant star so it's like for example you

might reach the grand star requirement

to unlock something but you still have

to wait a certain amount of time before

it's available so it's like for example

I finished 8 cups and then I had to wait

12 hours to play more it's like dude

come on I want to play your game more

why are you keeping me from playing any

content it's just torture you gotta love

that how you can actually tap on the

screen to uh to control to control it

like that get rid of the ink it's kind

of like wipe it off the meet you okay

there we go yeah first don't we back

boys we back oh man yeah um biggest

problem the game it's the only thing I

want to say about it negative for the

rest of video is the control scheme the

control scheme is just so what the heck

were they thinking you know I'm trying

to like get used to it I'm trying to

accept it but man if I could just hold

the thing sideways and have like a gasp

button in a drift button on the side and

then like a analog thing I move back and

forth and actually have some control

over my vehicle like I don't be I'd be

having so much more fun with this you

know you guys are no I'm saying I'm

gonna keep going down down jungle

I always just pick whatever can give me

like the most items whenever I'm picking

my character I always pick the one at

the top you know cuz the more items the

better chance you got it winning it's

really actually a fun thing how they

make it so certain characters have an

advantage on certain tracks I think that

is kind of cool the advantage might be

too broken however that is TBD but it's

a fun concept there's a lot of

distinguished distant distinguishability

between the characters in this game and

that's something that Mario Kart

severely lacks aside from Mario Kart

Double Dash so it's like I'm digging it

I'm digging it for sure

I'm everywhere here I'm everywhere

what is this

then they get very very easy boxes I'm

completely ok with that


I was squished and small and shrunken I

should say can I check off the dinosaur

oh no not really

I'm in last maybe I'll pull a bullet oh

the bullet bill is just massive in this

game aw dang it like the bullet bill

literally takes up like two-thirds the

screen like you guys think it's large

and Mario Kart Wii

wait till you see it in this game I hope

I pull a bullet ball right here I got

two items right here so maybe I'll get

it be serious two single mushrooms this

is really annoying

I have smart steering on and I'm not a

fan of it right now


yo yo big shortcut let's see what place

where now

both ways all right all right maybe we

can make the comeback a nice night to

end it come on

do 200cc is hard I'm struggling what I

get like I mean the first two races I

should have won but I legitimately lost

that race dang okay we'll keep going

we're just playing all the tracks

showing you guys all the 200cc tracks

day one before everything else is

unlockable and let me know in the

comments section if there's another way

to unlock all these tracks cuz like I'll

show you what I'm talking about guys so

you get to right here and it says seven

hours left on the bottom left over there

in the middle and then uh seven hours

left for this Cup two days left for this

one and it keeps going it keeps going

it's madness dude it's madness alright

so toad circuit we're gonna play all the

tracks I can possibly play that are the

standard designs you know and then we'll

uh we'll make another video where we'll

play the weirder ones and then we'll

probably make a couple more 200cc videos

once we unlock all the tracks to stay at

the back half of them so toad circuit

adore this track it's it's actually

really really cool to see all these old

retro tracks that did not get remade yet

I mean this one's fairly recent still

but it's really cool to see them remade

and stuff because like obviously if you

guys watch my Mario Kart Wii videos you

know I'm a huge sucker for all the retro

custom tracks in Mario Kart Wii Mario

Kart Wii has literally almost every

single retro course from every prior

Mario Kart game in the CT GP custom

track pack which is what we all play on

so it's like it's just so much fun

having all the tracks from all the Mario

Kart games in one pack like that it

literally enhances the experience

tenfold so it's always fun to see the

custom track creators from Mario Kart

Wii and the tremendous job they do make

custom tracks and they're just so

exciting you know for everybody uh all

the the retro designs especially because

it's just I clean out some tracks never

get remade some of them even from like

the GBA

I've never got remade and n64 with only

one track left has been remade but

there's quite a few a double - as well

Wario calls see you never got remade

they also never remade Bowser's Castle

or Rainbow Road from that game we know

we got first all right there we go way

back um yeah so it's uh it's pretty cool

I think I think we'll get some Mario

Kart Wii tracks eventually and it don't

see it yet but there's a lot from like

Mario Kart 7 I've noticed that's the

game they pulled the most from there are

some Mario Kart Wii vehicles though we

got the flame fire see the fourth-place

player right there he's in the plane

flyer and then we also have the super

blooper of course and then there's quite

a few more Kart DS vehicles that's fun

they have the the marshmallow that toad

uses in that game and that was never in

any future Mario Kart game like

obviously the B - sure for example is in

Mario Kart 7 but it's really cool to see

like the old school ones that kind of

got forgotten about you know you know

talking about all right guys what were

we on rock rock mountain let's keep

going and who do you want to use drive

owns this cool looking vehicle it's big


dude this game cannot so late I stayed

up till like 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning

and then I only got like three hours of

sleep because I'm recording trying to

get these videos out and then I got

twitchcon this weekend so this is just a

really busy weekend then my friend Sam

red Falcon he has no red Falcon on

YouTube and twitch he's he's visiting

right now and that's been a blast we

went to Six Flags Magic Mountain other

day he hadn't been in years nobody was

there the park is open every same day of

the year now so it's like you can go on

the days where everyone's in school oh

it's awesome guys it's awesome didn't

wait a single minute for a single ride

every ride was a complete walk on Wow oh

my god I forgot this is 200cc this is

actually really cool we can glide

forever I was like how I not landed yet

I could probably create some really big

shortcut with this glider I might try it

next lab guys if I have a mushroom I

will I will go for it the thing is I do

have smart steering on so that will

probably hinder me from Oh drama you

know probably interview interview from

going too far off road however if you do

use a mushroom when you have smart

steering the game does let you go off

road but often it does not let you go

off road when you aren't using mushroom

and you have smart Sarah Chalke dogs

come on come on you know I've been

playing this game for a few hours I have

yet to get the shot dodged so life's

been pretty hard for me lately

give me a mushroom no that's not a

mushroom huh I don't know if I get yeah

there's there's not enough space

this way no it won't even let any guys I

won't even let me go in the grass I just

tried this is a super cooling vehicle I


I had this super cool I flicked the

rearview mirror the room years kind of

in an awkward spot it's not too bad but

yeah I had this super great comeback

clip on Twitter I posted where I get

like a triple snipe on the last second

on the last straightaway to get the

victory you guys should definitely check

it out dude the marshmallow that's

always talking about shy guy the

Japanese player with the marshmallow

another thing guys for those of you who

do not know all these names you see are

all these Japanese names these are not

actual people on racing against this is

just people that have downloaded the

game and have inputted a username and it

keeps all the usernames and like the

combos people use and it puts them

against each other so it feels like

you're racing real people but you're not

actually racing though people there is a

there's gonna be a multiplayer mode but

it's not even out yet only the single

player is out right now which is

questionable cuz if I click menu right

here multiplayer is available in the

bottom right corner so it's like oh my

god okay so we just finished the first

two cups and now let's play we're gonna

play we already played cheap G blue in

BO play Yoshi's circuit will play Daisy

Hills will keep young baby Mario woo the

yoshi cart from from double dash to our

CC if the races go by so fast not 200 i

do give him credit these loading screens

are not bad whatsoever and the games got

a really cool art artsy design to it

this is actually based off the mario

kart 8 version of the track not the

double dash version you can see the town

just the way they constructed the area

where the tunnel used to be in double

dash the way they got rid of the walls

and made a little grass patches for you

to do a little shortcut that was not in

Double Dash or DS's the ocean circuit

only in Mario Kart 8 sand eight Deluxe's

so pretty cool before ya do the smart

steering things kind of stupid I'm gonna

I'm gonna turn off smart steering after

this race guys it might help me but it's

also kind of hurting me because it's not

letting you have any control over my

vehicle in ways that I want to you know

I'm saying so it's not gonna let me go

if it's grass watch see dude that's so

dumb yeah it's normally a shortcut right


it strikes awesome they'll always on my

favorites and you guys watch my Mario

videos you know whatever this track

comes up in Mario Kart Wii custom tracks

I'm always stoked looks really nice in

this game to an old school logo up there

with all the color blocking Mario Kart

Tex instead of the more sleepy silver

text interesting decisions I like how

they put a little cardboard wall of fake

Piranha Plants in the way of where the

where the little lake shortcut is or the

little water it's like it's like the

Yoshi arm shortcut is what people like

to call it often because it's like

you're cutting off Yoshi's arm because

you look at the bottom sorry at the top

left corner of the mini-map Oh God you

can see dude I have a breakaway whoa

yeah look at the mini-map though you can

see that's where your she's arm is right

a little shortcut is because it is based

off of Yoshi and there's gonna be one

person in the comment section right now

that did not know that Yoshi circuit's

mini-map is actually shaped like there's

me that one person it's like 99% of

people know but you know a couple of you

guys are like Oh crazy that was a fun

race I like that one I kinda just broke

away everyone just dilly-dallied around

it was good it was good

I can't gain exp cuz you're gonna only

gain a certain amount of exp per day and

I already maxed it out for the day I am

breaking all my high scores though cuz

the game is kind of weird it gives you

more paint more points based on like

what characters use on certain tracks

and like what CC you're on and what

placement you get there's a lot of

factors that determine that I'm getting

something here Mario Kart or get first

place in a 150 CC or higher race three

times amazing good for me

got a grant star we poppin off Daisy

pills Daisy we're good to go which means

we're gonna get three items on this

course every single time we hit not a

box and if you get three of the same

item that's kind of like a roulette then

you get frenzy mode and frenzy mode

gives you unlimited of that item and

puts you in a star and makes it so you

get major Bowes instantly like you get a

purple empty or what an ultra mini turbo

it's called literally it takes you like

one second one

half seconds it's broken so hopefully we

get a frenzy mode for you guys for this

video that would be super awesome and

you can even pull frenzy mode in like

really top placements you don't just

pull them in the back oh so close

dude the goats the goats from Mario Kart

7 let's go my favorite my favorite

enemies for those of you who are on my

discord server you know that my icon on

discord has been a goat from Mario Kart

7 for the entire time I've had discord

I'm he's one of these if I use it take

it up there baby step oh I got it

watch watch how fast to get this meter

was watch this play that broken

absolutely broken but yeah so what I did

is I used to take it up top and it gives

you a free item which seems insane right

because it is so when you use a ticket

when you have the triple item slot you

get three free items even though you're

not even near an item box I don't think

that will be a feature and multiplayer

or online cuz that would be so stupid it

would be so paid when people just be

buying these tickets you know or um

saving them up for races and spamming

them all to like get massive breakaways

like I feel like you just be able to

cheat so much if you have unlimited

items like that if you had a bunch of

tickets but you know we have like 13 of

them right now so I was like I'm trying

to get frenzy mode for you guys I happen

to click the ticket button and then boom

first try

that was cool yeah you can see though

puts you in a star it gives you

unlimited whatever item you're gonna get

you get made sure was quick you break

away at first place

easy easy pickins and that's the first

two cups we're just gonna keep going

great star okay and it gives you new

challenges new ways to get grant stars

grant stars or how you unlock cups plus

waiting the waiting game is the unfun

part about it alright Koopa Troopa Beach

we'll play that one now let's keep going

Gotti's Koopa woo I don't use this we

have our paraglider

greenshell paraglider also one of my

favorite courses in Mario Kart mainly

the Mario Kart 7 version I could not do

the shortcut to save the life of me I

was so bad at it in Mario Kart 64 but

Mario Kart 7 I knew how to do it trim

less you know Metal Mario V - the red

monsters get that orange main turbo

trick early tilt back boom this is

probably my favorite card this is golden

blooper it's just so so stupid looking I

should see if I can get someone to make

a mod for Mario Kart Wii that has this

vehicle to paint you know paint the

uh-oh I did it nice to paint these

superglue pure gold that would be really

fun yeah the speed is so much better on

200 it actually feels like how the game

is supposed to feel 150 was a joke it's

the same way I feel about Mario credit

deluxe I could not find too much

enjoyment out of that game because of

150 cc 200 cc was where all the farm was

at those are some pitiful throws oh no I

need to tilt down

that's not good I can I can definitely

do the shortcut Oh Oh God this is a

rough one this is a rough one

dude smart steering is killing me right


it's it's getting very confused I've

notice it doesn't really know what to do

okay well this is a great cool but it

just a little bit too late

I said I was gonna turn off a while ago

I completely forgot to do that I

apologize in advance I'm what I'm gonna

do right now guys is I'm going to oh man

I'm going to be back tomorrow with more

200cc and we're gonna compare it with no

smart steering so I'll show you guys

what I mean

do 10 rocket starts nice it allows you

to skip all the animations really really

quickly which is nice so if you go to

the control method you definitely want

to put on manual drift that's a

no-brainer it allows you to jump but

then smart steering is the questionable

one Auto item No thank you gyro handling

no thank you

but I'm smart steering we're gonna turn

it off for the next episode because we

had the training wheels on on two

hundred and it turns out I don't think I

need them I think they were actually

hindering me more than they were helping

me there's plenty of times where I

wanted to go a certain way and the game

wouldn't let me because the game is just

like trying to figure it out itself oh

man but on those were the first few cups

if it looks like we did the first four

cups no that was first three cups

yeah first four actually because we

already played New York minute and

rock-rock Mountain those are just

variations of it but we're gonna get to

the next four cups and the next episode

of 200 we're going to not have smart

steering on and see how it compares so

anyway thank you for watching I hope you

enjoyed this 200cc Mario Kart tour video

and once again comment on what you think

of 200cc and the whole process behind

getting it yeah so that's it thank you

for watching enjoy funky Kong dancing

and peace