2007-13 Chevy Tahoe / Avalanche / Silverado / Yukon factory stereo LCD screen, paint rubbed off fix

I'm making this video because I couldn't

find nothing on the Internet

not one thing about what I needed to

know long story short my LCD screen or

whatever screen that is in there is

shattered so the radio was no good so I

went to the junkyard bought another

video called Chevy said hey can y'all

reprogram my locked radio from another

car I have the receipt I have the VIN

number from the cars out of I have

everything that y'all need to check it

out and reprogram it and they said sure

come on in

so I went in and then they told me they

don't do it so I figured out that this

face comes off of the box and you just

one two three and then there's three

more on the bottom one two three it's


just get a flat head push this up and

push it out and the whole face comes out

I'm gonna try to do it while I'm on the

phone and it's plugged in right there

there's a plug I'm gonna put the phone

down real quick but this is just in case

anyone ever gets a broken radio or maybe

your buttons are getting ugly you can go

to the junkyard buy another radio take

this face off of a good one and put it

on let me see

all right so now I got them both off

this is the good one that's not broken

and I'm gonna put it on my radio and I'm

hoping that the brains of my radio will

still match up with my truck with this

I'm hoping that there's no brains in

this and that these are just buttons and

a light that tells you what's on the

screen so let's find out oops looks like

it works I could not get the other radio

from the junkyard to program to my

vehicle it was locked

anti-theft device whatever you want to

call it

I took the face off of the one from the

junkyard cost me $75 well worth it

because I want to keep my stock radio I

want to keep my buttons on my steering

wheel I want to keep my X M so the faces

they interchange and there's no brains

in the face only in the box so yes this

confirms mm I'm gonna say 7 through

2013/14 Chevy Tahoe Avalanche Silverado

whatever you want to if the radio is

like this mine has XM some don't some

only have 2 plugs

this one has 3 plugs in the back so I'm

assuming that's 4x AM

one two three so it works hope this

helped someone out because I couldn't

find it when I needed help so all these

buttons on the radio all the numbers

equalizer a menu anyway they all pop out

so if you have ugly buttons and you

don't know how to get rid of them

go junkyard by radio whatever take all

these out they just pop right off

super easy pop right on boom go off

brand new buttons now I have extras yep

yep anyway excuse the chevy garage yeah

it needs paint it's got a Corvette motor

in it though me sign oh and in this

and then there's the Tahoe