How To Unlock A 2002 - 2008 Chevrolet Theftlock Radio - With Catchy Tune Bonus!!

if you own a GM vehicle from 2003

through 2007 chances are you have a

stereo that looks something like this

and these stereos are very finicky they

have an anti-theft system that works by

having the VIN number of the vehicle the

radio was originally installed in

programmed into the radio so if you try

to install one of these radios into your

car that wasn't the original radio it

won't work you can install it and try to

power it on and nothing will happen

except maybe the lights will come on

just to tease you a little bit and the

only way to make a non original radio

work in your car is to take the radio to

a dealer and have them program it which

is expensive it only takes about 30

minutes or less of their time they plug

your car into a fancy machine and

reprogram the radio to your car and then

send you a heavy bill for it if you're

like me you don't have a lot of extra

money to throw around it's such

frivolity and if you find yourself in

the situation where you have one of

these radios that doesn't work in your

car I'll show you a temporary little

trick that will make the radio work it

will only work for a little while before

it turns off again but it'll give you

some tunes to roll around too until you

can scrape together the $150 to give to

your friendly neighborhood General

Motors dealership so the way this works

is instead of just pressing the power

button and turning the lights on what

you need to do is press and hold the

five preset button the seek forward

button and then press power so see if I

can do this all with one hand here five

seek and magic

we have ignition and the radio works not

only the radio but a tape player and the

CD player I'll show you how the CD

player works I don't want to infringe on

anyone's copyright so I actually made

the little ditty you're going to hear

right now tell me what you think of the


Jake the rapper here you're gonna

witness listen understand if you're

short on money like just press preset 5

the forward seat if you're short on

money like me just press preset 5 on the

4 we'll see if you got a Chevrolet

Jim school or Pontiac follow these steps

to get your mood back just like it once

was out of the speakers and in your

eardrum it don't matter what you refer

maybe books on tape maybe Glenn Miller

and his horse wheel truck 16 pieces

sweet as a peanut butter cup Reese if

you're short on money like me just press

preset 5 the forwards field if you're

short on money like just press preset 5

the forwards see if you're short on

money like just press preset 5 on the

forward seat if you so you get the idea

there so hopefully that can help you get

some music back into your car and thanks

for watching