GM Theft Lock Radio Unlocking

interviewers and welcome back to the

cell phone Auto Channel

this whole five ants tech here it's not

so much a focus on that but I've got a

radio I got to put it up the folks had a

radio CD get jammed up in at night

well basically destroyed the radio so I

got us a used one from the salvage yard

I suspect when I put it in I'm gonna

have an issue with the theft lock so

we're gonna see if we can get past that

and I'll show you how it's done if it

can be done alright so here we go here's

the Beast

I've so the customer they did their own

then they're all right over there CD got

stuck so this is what they did

evidently they got the CD back okay I'm

pretty sure this thing's toast

ah he's ready oh they're a dime a dozen

at the salvage yard so I got a used one

we gotta get the wire off of here and I

was kind of curious if we're gonna have

this issue these are the they got the

blinky red light with tough lock radios

that's pretty sure when we put this one

in you're gonna have this issue and to

do so I turn the key on

Swire out there scars all messy

I turn the key on course typical Pontiac

oh I have a half display but it says

locked and we got the red light um you

know I can't turn it on can can't do

anything all right you can eject the CD

but it does have one in it so we're at

see if the Alltel has the capability to

unlock this little guy I'm really hoping

it does everybody at home is saying why

don't you put in aftermarket radio in it

although lady just went to cheap radio

this is cheap like 25 bucks or something

to junkyard and you plug it in and

you're done except if the lock light is

on so let's see if we have the ability

to unlock it if not got to send it back

and we'll put an aftermarket one in it

so go to diagnose control unit we'll go

to radio trouble codes see what codes it

heads to make sure we can talk to this

thing first all right so we've got a

1780 the flocked camry set what's up

mrs. Oh I did you got a whole yeah we

got Code Red here I put this use radio

in and it says locked that flak lights

on so we're checking to see if the auto

see if it's got the magic touch here so

let's see active test

oh wait turn off my video before we get

popped so we can activate speakers

special functions setup option chime

setting theft lock LED what's that

select an option with the arrow key I'm

so scheduling

I'm done mmm let's see what else we got

your radio set up see what that's not

much sail Romania is the following test

we'll set up a new or existing radio

okay command state

let's it set up procedure in progress I

don't know what it's setting up but

hopefully it's setting up the tough

unlock edge boxes the new tools over

there pretty excited oh look I just seen

a little red light turn off that's good

program complete it okay come on baby I

don't hear any noise we need to go to at


we're BNF unwanted there we go yeah I

don't think we can trio stations in here

you can see the things oh yeah right


sing it boy

winds wind oh I don't think we can do

that legally look at that the Alltel

excelled fabulous that's all we needed

to do now all I've got to do to put this

on again and he want to get it all

screwed in to find out couldn't program

it so these are relatively easy to

change I didn't show the procedure

because ladies in the office waiting

don't usually like holding people up but

I thought this would be fruitful

experience for everybody

in case you're dealing with the theft

late I don't know maybe there's I didn't

even look on the internet maybe there's

some other kind of way around that I was

a little curious about that when I

ordered this used radio well

disappointed the backlight doesn't light

up all the way but I'm pretty sure she

won't care this was all ripped off when

it came in looks like looks like it's

supposed to have a couple screws in it I

got a clue people like I say it was when

I came in it was just about in that

position right there we're just gonna

pick some things Mac flaps no splash

guards when you drop your soda

here's going off now there that's pretty

much it all right so I've got the info

added we're gonna go to the radio


module set up radio set up

proceed you're complete that was quick

so it does not look like it has anything

less than what the alto had so that

answers that question

next question how can we use the auto

well it was handy so the reason I

grabbed it haven't used in a while so so

I did take a box blow dust off but of

course since we've got a new verus Pro

but things been working like a chance so

haven't had much of a need to to really

grab it yet and haven't found on the

accept of the Colorado there where they

have a little glitch in her software

where it wouldn't actuate the cam

actuator but other than embarrass Pro

has been working like a champ

definitely a good investment there above

our older so I'll tell you that which

everybody knows about that

that didn't work out so well funny how

if you get a one of these radios it

appears that you the varus or the auto

tell and probably a host of other

aftermarket tools have the ability to

you know set the module up and get the

code all fixed and that's it so alright

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