2003 04 05 Chevy Cavalier GM factory radio install & Clear CAL ERR using the Tech2 Scan Tool

all right today guys we're going to be

replacing the radio in this 2004 Chevy

Cavalier just want to show you the

procedure to get the dash off and stuff

first but the primary reason I'm doing

this video is to show you after how you

replace the radio how you get it out of

an unlocked state so let's go ahead and

get started on how we have to get it off

so in order to get it off there's a

couple of things we going to do before

we can pull this panel off we're going

to start up here we're gonna remove a

screw to get this trim piece off it's

just a Philips screw and once we pull

this screw off then we should be able to

remove this trim piece now on these

cavaliers in particular where i've seen

over the years and some sun fires to the

plastic gets really really damaged from

the sun you can see up here there's a

lot of cracking and so a lot of the

stuff is going to be on the fragile side

so you definitely want to be using the

right tools for this and you would

definitely want to go kind of slow and

methodical so you don't damage anything

once you get that cover off for the

defroster there's a couple of t15 bolts

here Torx bolts and we're gonna remove

those next one on each side there's the

sky and there's one on the left try to

park this guy in the shade today because

it's super hot for this job I'll pull

these the rest of the way out myself in

a minute but you get the idea I'm gonna

remove these two here and then on the

side out here there's a panel that we're

going to remove excess panel that just

comes off and that's going to give us

access to this Torx screw here

and then we're going to do the same

thing on the driver's side with respect

to taking off this access panel and

removing the Torx screw that you find

there right so I'm going to go ahead and

I'm not necessarily going to show you

that side I'll show it to you after I'm

done but I'm going to go over I'm going

to remove that panel on the driver's

side take the screw off over there

finish taking the two that I loosened up

over here and then we'll come back

because we're going to proceed into the

glovebox next okay this is just a view

from the driver's side so when you come

in here you're going to notice there's a

screw here and a screw here it's this

one on the edge that you want to take

off because we're trying to get where we

can lift this panel up so I've got this

guy out now we're going to proceed into

the glovebox area now in the glovebox

there's a couple of screws that we're

going to remove that are right here and

here so there's one directly under this

AC vent and there's one right next to it

to the left and again we can use our t15

socket to get these out and then before

I forget

after I get these guys out I didn't show

you when I finally removed those ones on

the upper - when they come off the upper

- the one on the right is the longer one

the one on the left is the shorter one

again these were the ones that came from

the upper defroster duct on the -

alright so that's guys off and now we're

gonna take this guy off now you don't

have to use a tooth of t15 here you know

you could that will socket on these they

are hex headed screws all right now with

that out of the way there's a couple of

bolts that are right here eight

millimeter one and two and these the

next two we're gonna want to take off

and I thought I had the right size

socket on here but I didn't so let me go

change my socket and come back alright

guys I misread that it's a seven

millimeter socket so I just had to

change from the one I had to a seven now

I'm not going to take these all the way

out because I'm filming and I can't see

them that well with the camera in front

of them and I don't want them to fall

behind here so I'm just gonna loosen

them up and then I'm gonna stop the

camera and I get in here and take them

out by hand

got myself a little magnet in case I do

make a mistake and drop them down there

so I can fish them out alright that's

the deal here we're gonna take these two

guys off something right guys I've got

this out I'm just kind of showing you

you know basically I do is I loosen up

by hand and then as I take it off in my

hand I use a remote magnet to hold on to

it just to make sure it doesn't fall

back behind the - alright so with that

all taken care of the next step we're

going to have to do is to remove this

top piece and I've got my prying tool

I'm going to use to do that

it's basically just some latches that

you prize up I can see them right here

these little studs and they go into

these little holes again we just want to

go nice and slow because of how

everything's kind of cracked from the

plastic over the years side loose over

here and then whoops I did forget one

one screw and the far left above the

glovebox entry so whenever you're doing

something like this and something feels

like it's it's hard or stuck you know I

never force it I always just kind of go

slow and if it feels like I'm getting

some resistance it probably means like

what I just saw there and I forgot


okay so forget almost all of these out

there we go last one so I'm gonna take

this whole dash piece off and we're

gonna sit it aside out of the vehicle

and then with this out of the way we're

finally almost in a position where we

can get at what we need to get out here

which is this front piece now this guy's

held in by some additional screws you

can see one of them right here again

it's the same kind of t15 deal so I

never move this guy

and then we just have to go around and

see which other ones are like that that

we have to remove there's gonna be some

more clips there's another one right up

here on top the other thing I tell you

while you're in here you know I didn't

disconnect the battery because you don't

normally need to bother with it on this

procedure but make sure you stay away

from this passenger side airbag they

don't leave any tools on it don't lay

anything on it that might trigger it

just a good best practice all right so

now I'm gonna come over on the other

side and see if we have another screw

that's holding this piece on and yes we

do right here in the corner the far

corner is one okay with that guy out of

the way we should be able to remove this

trim piece and get access yep okay so

now actually comes the hard part I'm

gonna have to reach behind here and I'm

not going to be able to show this very

easily I'm going to reach behind here

and disconnect the headlight dimmer

switch and the signal let me pause for a

second get those route disconnected

alright guys I got the dimmer switch off

here the last thing left is the

cigarette lighter I've popped it out of

the bottom clips here and here for this

piece and then with this guy when you

got it in this position there's a little

knob on top or a little lever you just

give it a squeeze right you'll feel it

like right there right this guy right


and he comes out and with that out of

the way you can remove this and the way

I got the dimmer switch to release if

you look at the other side here you can

see this little clip here there's a

notch on this card edge connector

this guy right here and all you do is

you just need to lift that notch up very

carefully so you don't break it so you

can clear the little tab here

that's retaining it and this guy will

come right on unplugged here this it's

just like a literally like an

old-fashioned card edge connector I

don't know if you can can still see this

but that's what the deal is here all

right so this guy we're also gonna set

aside away from the vehicle and again be

super careful as I was taking this off I

noticed that it's got the beginning of a

little crack starting right there and I

managed to not break it or cause it to

get any worse so it's just part of

what's going on with these Cavaliers

when they get this old alright so all we

have left to get the radio out is we've

got two screws here and one screw here

so let me set this dash panel aside and

we'll pull the radio all right let's

take this set of screws off so we can

finally get this radio out another thing

I didn't mention on the previous piece

is when you're getting ready to remove

this um this - piece if you've got a

tilt wheel go ahead and tilt it all the

way down makes it a little bit easier to

get the clearance and put less stress on

that plastic all right so this guy

almost out here we get this guy this is

the factory original radio from 2004

this is the like the mid-range radio hey

this guy comes off and then the owner of

this vehicle actually has a third party

attachment here in the back and what

that attachment does just get this stuff

unplugged first you just kind of give

these guys a squeeze just like you see

here they come off and then the antenna

just pull straight up like that that's

like the same kind of connector since

like the 1940s no change it off alright

so what what we have here is the owner

has gotten a device that plugs into the

back of the radio

that is used to allow you to have an

auxilary input and we're gonna have to

remove this because you can't have

anything like this plugged in while

you're trying to unlock the radio using

that we're going to be using a tech 2

g-m tool today

this thing's wedged in there pretty good

to figure out how I can get in there and

get it out but we're gonna unhook this

so that we just go back to the original

harness which it looks like looks like

this guy is like spliced in here I

thought it was just a plug in kind of

thing well we may have to just um just

leave it unplugged like this and just

leave it be to get it hooked up I'll

have to kind of take a look at what this

is because this is an effector II deal

here alright so let's take a look at

this radio alongside the new radio and

talk about what we're gonna do alright

guys before we put this new radio in I

want to show you some information about

how to pick the right upgrade radio so

I'm gonna go to something called the GM

Heritage Center and I'm gonna look

specifically on am on google here right

this is all you need to do here for

Cavaliers and what the GM Heritage

Center is is for car collectors and

people restoring classic cars or older

cars they archive information this is a

2004 Cavalier and 2003 4 & 5 or the same

model series actually the last run of

the Cavalier so I'm going to pull up the

2005 Cavalier package and what this

package is is all kinds of information

about the Cavalier and what we're

particularly interested in is the radio

options and what we need to do here in

order to be able to unlock this stuff

using a GM Tech 2 we have to use a radio

that was originally available at the

time the product in the car you know the

car the vehicle as the product was in

production so what we're looking for

here is where the RPO codes are here it

is the RPO code lists RP o stands for

regular production option and these are

the codes that were used by the dealer

to place an order for the vehicle either

one that they order themselves and you

bought off the off the of a lot or they

ordered for you so I'm gonna come down

here and I'm also should see in the

introduction section a little bit about

information about the the radio itself


auto file audio file options so the o5

was the last year of this series and

this one would be compatible so they

tell us that there's three radios that

were offered a Plain Jane

AM FM and AM FM that has a CD player and

and then it's no I should say there but

I know and then there's this am/fm CD

with an mp3 player so those are the

three tiers so if we take a look at the

actual we don't count XM Radio that

would be something you'd see called a

digital radio receiver or something of

that nature we're just looking at

standard radio or to go down to pay page

16 here the RPO list just give me a

moment here to find it just scrolling

really slow here we go

this is the RPO list right these are all

the options on the vehicle all kinds of

stuff we are interested in the radios

which are going to stir around letter U

here we go okay so there's actually a

mistake on this so u l5 is actually

radio delete that means the person

ordered the car and there's no radio

some you might see on a fleet vehicle or

a government vehicle then we see you m7

which is a standard am/fm stereo and UN

0 which is am/fm stereo with a CD you

see a few speaker options type of this

is just the radio antenna that sits up

on the the back quarter panel here we

see us 8 this is the top radio am/fm

stereo CD and mp3 capable you know so

there's us 8 un 0 and um 7 are the three

types of radios now you'll see sometimes

some other radios listed you'll notice

they'll end up having the same

description this is this u u1 C is

actually the same description as u n 0

so it doesn't count as a separate radio

digital audio this is our XM radio


if the vehicle had that so now we've got

what we need so why do we want these

codes well we've got to find part

numbers to order the radios so I like to

use GM parts giant for this kind of

stuff but now knowing the options I can

see the different radial part numbers so

here's a US 8 radio 103 48 7 1 7 this

was the top top-of-the-line radio right

so we go back to our our POS we know us

was our top align mp3 player radio and

then if we want to see where our u n7

and u m7 radios are here is the UN

here's the UM seven here's un zero and

I'm looking UN zero here I'm sorry I

read it wrong u n zero that's what

that's what I was looking at

so we've mapped all three our POS u NC 0

u m7 and us eight to part numbers so now

if we take a look at the radio that came

out of the vehicle we can see that this

is a part number 103 3 5 2 2 3 now

sometimes you'll find these numbers

don't match up to what's over here so I

know that this is the mid-level radio

because it has a CD player and they're

showing a 103 4 6 3 1 6 this is a

superseded number this is original

number that went into the radio was put

in there back in April of 2004 when it

was manufactured by Delco electronics

and so this radio number has just been

super superseded rather you now know

that this number and this number are

compatible with this vehicle there may

even been numbers in between the people

that sell these radios if you buy them

from somebody that does it as a business

they'll have a lot of the familiarity on

the right radio for you but the

important thing is to get the one that

matches let's take a look at the radio I

picked do the upgrade this is the

top-end mp3 type radio and this one has

a part number of 103 four eight seven

one seven and that's exactly what we see

on the screen so in the case the

top-line radio this one has never never

changed the manufacturing data on this

is September Sumi July 19th of 2004 so

it could have either been a late

production Oh for radio or an early

production 2005 radio but the point is

it's a supported radio and again so why

do we go through this these are the only

radios you can put in this vehicle if

you pick a radio from a Buick

if you pick a radio from a Cadillac even

if it fits

you will not be able to unlock it with a

tech - because the tech - is only going

to have the programming to deal with the

radios that came with the vehicle

brand-new the only way you'll luck out

is when you have a situation like this

where there's more than one partner

we're used for the same damn radio and

GM might have changed that part number

because maybe they changed some kind of

chips inside of it maybe they changed

the bracket maybe they changed something

with the supplier of the faceplate

something triggered a different number

for Delphi Delco electronics to change a

new number but it ends up being the same

and the tech tool will be able to handle

it and program it so anyway what we're

gonna do now is I'm gonna put this new

radio in we're gonna get the whole thing

put back together I'm not gonna show all

that because all you do is reverse what

we already showed and then we'll be

sitting on a situation where this radio

is gonna say it's locked and now we're

gonna show you how to unlock it so we'll

come back we're at that point right guys

we've got the radio installed we put all

the trim pieces back on like I said you

know I was gonna show that because you

guys could follow along just by

reversing what we did and when you turn

the radio on I was expecting to get a

you know a lock error but instead I'm

getting a calibration error so you can

get both types of problems sometimes

it'll say locked in this case it's

saying calibration error because it

didn't come up with what I expected I'm

going to show you both things that you

can do on the tech to to get around that

and before I get started let me tell you

also that third-party device that was in

there that is tied up to letting you

have an auxilary

in for your iPhone I mean basically what

that thing is it plugs in the back there

and then if you cycle through the band

but the radio on you know what will

happen is it'll give you an aux in so

it's pretty cool little device back from

the early 2000s but I decided just to

leave it in there because it was spliced

in I'm hoping it doesn't cause a problem

when we do this it seems to be a pretty

primitive device and I don't think it'll

have the same problem it's something

more sophisticated would if you had like

a third party Exim receiver you

definitely need to unhook that because

that would cause a problem all right so

let's fire up our tech - I'm going to

turn the key to the you know I'm not

going to start the engine but I'm going

to turn it to the

the run position so that we get our dash

lights and everything and I'm gonna

power up our tech too and hopefully we

don't have any glare here let me kind of

maybe turn it a little bit so it's got a

better orientation for you and we're

gonna go into Diagnostics this is a 2004

it's a passenger car it's a Chevrolet

this is a J model if you don't know how

to pick this on your vehicle I'll link

another video at the top it shows you

how to pick those codes and of course

it's cavalier and what I'm going to look

at first is if I had the lock what would

I do for that so I believe that's under

the body we don't have a digital radio

receiver but it thinks we do because we

have that thing plugged in that does the

aux in alright and then we would go down

to radio and we would go down to special

functions and we would go down to radio

setup and then we would have to pick

what kind of radio we have so remember I

showed you guys how we pick the rpoS

that's one of the other reasons why we

did this so this is a u.s. eight radio

so we're gonna pick that it's United

States it's doing a test of the radio

it's making sure that it can talk to it

this is basically the body control

module communicating with the radios

module inside of it

just let it shuttle no long we're not

programming anything yet we're just

running a set up test okay the test is

successful that's great that means that

that aux-in thing isn't causing us any

problems and the BCM can talk to the

radio just fine

so now I'm gonna exit out of this so now

the radio is set up now that doesn't

necessarily clear the error or that

doesn't necessarily get rid of the

problem but it's something that we

should do when we're coming in to do

something like this so now how would I

calibrate it so I'm gonna go all the way

back to the top and I'm gonna go into

the service programming system and I got

I got a another video on this in general

also if I can link that up here at the

top too because I'm not gonna spend as

much time on what this is base is gonna

go into this I'm going to request

information from the body control module

to read in from it and at the same time

that'll pull up the information about

the radio so it's a Chevrolet it's a

2004 it's a passenger car it's a


it's gasoline-powered we don't have the

ignition on batteries in good shape

we're not programming anything yet so we

don't have to worry about putting any

kind of auxiliary power on the battery

it's gonna read our VIN and it gray that

out but I'm going to tell it this yes

alright so now we're gonna do it says

right we're gonna disconnect this we've

downloaded all this information and it's

in the tech two and now we're going to

go over to our tech line terminal which

is basically a PC running the tis 2000

software and we're going to see if we

got a new calibration for this radio so

let's pick it up okay guys we're in the

tech the tech twos test 2000 screens and

on this old windows of PC that I use for

that purpose and we can see there's no

newer calibration than the one that's

currently installed here this is this is

too old of a vehicle to have separate

calibrations for the radio it's just

basically one thing for

everything and that's what he'd uses to

talk with let me just get rid of this

antivirus pop up that spring up here so

we're gonna go to the next screen it's

gonna basically tell us we've already

got this so it's basically telling us

look you know you already have this

calibration you can't update it but by

going through the procedure we just went

through and figuring out that it's the

same I believe it's gonna be enough to

get the radio happy with it so we're

gonna try that so at this point we're

gonna go back in the vehicle and we're

gonna complete the process and see if

that triggers that the radio to figure

out that I get it I know what I'm

supposed to be doing so we're gonna go

back to the car now okay we're gonna go

back into the SPS system and we we know

that there's no newer calibration

because we requested this information

already and we went over to the PC and

it told it that there's no new

calibration you can apply so we don't

need to request this again we just need

to go into this step if we did have a

newer calibration you guys can watch the

video i linked earlier and you can see

how that would be applied to to the body

control module the engine control module

whichever ones needed to be updated so

we don't have it so we're done at this

point so i'm going to exit out and i

think at this stage if i power off my

tech two and i think if i killed the

radio here and i think if i start the

engine now i should not have that

calibration error and i don't

all right so that fixed that problem and

then I still have this third party this

third party guy I'm gonna still make

sure he still works if I pick him he

still says aux-in all right so

everything looks like it's working now

so running that set up and going through

the process of a calibration update and

figuring out that there was not was

enough to get that calibration error

cleared if this had said it was locked

we would have been able to then use the

same process to unlock the radio by

applying a new program which GM calls a

calibration that would have cleared the

lock message as well so the same process

I showed you for the Cal air would apply

to the lock message that's only for

these RDS radios that are shown in a

Cavalier but it'd be the same as Sunfire

it'd be the same in anything from

probably 2000 to 2005 if the radio looks

like this the form factor the shape and

the size it's probably the same

procedure some vehicles have an unlock

feature built into the tech Tuesday

this one does not so this is the process

you would use with this type of radio

and this is just another way you can do

this without opening up the radio and

trying to lift off the EPROM ship you'll

see some videos about how to butcher the

circuit board and either pull off a leg

up or remove that ship all together this

is the way you're supposed to do it the

way GM intended to do it and if you have

the equipment or have access to the

equipment this video is to show you how

so I hope this helped you out and have a

clear calibration error how to set up a

new radio how to pick the right one

that's compatible and have a smooth

upgrade and get the whole process done

in a half hour so I think we've been out

here just working on this for maybe 25

30 minutes if we didn't have the filming

we would have you know spent even less

the hardest part is getting all this

stuff off so you can get at this guy

anyway if you if you have questions

leave them in the comments I'll try to

help please like and subscribe otherwise

thanks for watching