Chevrolet Tahoe Quick unlock feature you may not know about

hey guys if you've got a lighter model

Chevrolet Tahoe

here's a quick unlock feature that you

may not know you have let me quickly

show you what I'm talking about whenever

you pull up and get ready to get out

your vehicle is gonna be in the lock

position just like I said you see here

so to unlock it you usually get down

here and you try to find your lock and

unlock buttons on your door panel just

like this which is usually no problem

but there's a quick way you can unlock

them that I didn't know about let me

show you what I'm talking about

okay when it's locked you get ready to

get out all you have to do is pull your

handle one time as you can see your door

is unlocked pull it a second time and

the door opens and yes it does work on

the passenger side because I also tried

it well I hope that helped you out I

hope it's something you didn't know and

maybe now you do so this helps you out

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my channel until next time catch you