How to unlock the Captain in Risk of Rain 2 (Patch 1.0 NEW survivor)

hello everybody and welcome to unlocking

the captain as fast as possible

there will be some minor spoilers of the

final boss in the background footage so

if you're trying to avoid

any info all i will say is that to get

the captain you have to kill the final

boss alright for the rest of you here

are the details

reach sky meadow at any point in your

run it could be on stage 5

10 15 etc and interact with the normal

teleporter not the artifact one also

it's important to note that if you

interact with the teleporter prongs

and not the center piece the teleporter

will change destinations to looping your


rather than taking you to the final boss

so don't miss click after completing the

event as usual you will be taken to


no not your graduation silly it's the

moon run through this zone either

killing the monsters or ignoring them

entirely and you will eventually reach

the final

boss you kill the boss and you unlock

the captain that's it i'll have a video

up for the full boss fight very soon

after this upload so look out for that

if you want to see the actual fight and

there you have it on unlocking captain

as fast as possible

good luck with the final boss cause he

ain't no joke

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discord server as well

thank you for watching