How to unlock a limebike scooter | lime scooter


hey how's it going inside we're family

today I'm gonna be showing you how to

unlock a line scooter which is only a

dollar to start first thing is first the

first thing you want to do you want to

go to your app store okay we're gonna go

to your app store right there and you're

gonna search for the app which is lime

bike there you go my bike app

since I already have it download in my

in my phone we're gonna go there I'm

gonna open it and he's gonna show you

the different places where where you are

well he's gonna show you where you are

and then the different places where the

bikes are okay so what I'm gonna do I'm

gonna unlock this I'm gonna hit right

and this little colt

barcode scanner is gonna appear and now

I have to scan this one right here check

it out that one right there

so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna place a

camera right there boom I need some

walking so it's gonna tell me the steps

I'm gonna go continue continue I agree

BAM simple as this now there we go it's

some luck he's ready to rock and roll so

I'm gonna go for a for a cruise BAM

so you have to give it a little kick

start once you're done with your trip

you're going to go here you see you

press in right so you're gonna go there

and right and you're gonna press yes

line bike BAM there we go if you want to

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