1Password Tutorial: Getting Started // 2018 Edition

Hey there!

I'm Benjamin from Loves Data and in this video I'm going to show you how to get started with


Why 1password you ask?

We'll I absolutely love it - it's saved me from many frustrating moments trying to remember

my passwords and has kept my login details safe and secure.

I use it everyday to log into my Google accounts, so it makes accessing Google Analytics, Google

AdWords and everything else super simple and pain-free!

I'm going to walk through how to set up 1password to store your existing passwords and create

new passwords.

Let's get started!

I've been using 1Password since 2008.


10 years!

Now the team that develops 1Password have changed the way they charge for their software.

Previously it was a one-off fee to unlock and use 1Password, now they've changed it

to a subscription.

So it costs around $35 US Dollars a year or around $60 for the family edition.

I'm not super happy about the change, but it's still my favorite password manager.

So if you're not using a password manager yet, you absolutely should.

By using different passwords for each different website and service you use, you'll help keep

your data more secure.

1Password allows you to store all your login details and passwords and access them using

a single master password.

You can can also store credit card details, software licenses and other sensitive information.

1Password uses strong encryption to keep your information safe.

First you'll need to download 1password.

You can download it directly from the 1password website, if you're on a Mac you can download

it from the App Store.

You can also download 1password for iOS and Android.

I've included links to download 1password in the description below this video.

You can try 1password free for 30 days and then you'll need to purchase the subscription

to keep using the software.

Now that I've downloaded the software, it's time to open 1password.

Since I've installed it for the first time I'm going to select 'Start my trial'.

I downloaded it from the App Store, so I need to agree to the subscription that will start

after the 30 day trial.

Now I need to enter my email address...

And then enter the verification code from the email I received.

I enter my name...

And then I need to enter a master password - this will be the single password you use

to access all your log in details and passwords.

Choose a master password that is secure and memorable.

Now click 'continue'...

And I need to re-enter my master password.

You can now open 1Password using this password.

1Password allows you to quickly access your passwords using your preferred browsers.

Select 'Install Browser Extensions' from the 1Password menu.

This will load your default browser.

I am using Safari.

Follow the instructions to install the extension.

We need to authorize the browser to access 1password.

We can now see an icon in your browser that allows you to access 1Password.

You can also add 1password to all the different browsers you use, like Chrome and Firefox.

Once you have installed the browser extension you can begin navigating to websites and saving

your passwords.

Go to a website and enter your user name and password.

1Password will now prompt you to save the password.

Once the password is saved you can automatically access it when you next visit the website.

Go to the website, click on the 1Password icon.

Enter your master password and select the appropriate log in.

Your password is automatically entered.

You can manually add your passwords by entering your master password and clicking the 'add'


1Password can also be used to generate secure passwords.

You can adjust the password generator settings as required.

Now you have created a secure password.

That's it!

So that's how you can get started using 1password.

One of the biggest benefits, apart from helping keep your login details safe and secure, is

that you can synchronize all of your passwords between your devices.

This means if you're ever without your laptop, you can access your passwords with your phone

or even login online to get your passwords.

I find this super useful when I'm traveling and don't want to get my laptop out.

Are you using 1password or another password manager?

I'd love to know - let me know in the comments below.

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