Bioshock Infinite - How to Unlock 1999 Mode - Konami Code (PS3/XBOX360/PC)

hey this is a quick game friend I'm here

with a BioShock Infinite little cheat I

guess this would be how to unlock 1999

mode without actually having to beat the

game on Hard difficulty it's a cheap

yeah said it's the Konami code actually

it's just like in metal gear solid uh or

mellow your Rising revengeance that had

the economic code to unlock the hard

difficulties and that game too and

there's the Konami code on the screen

for you up up down down left right left

right B a start

Jovie a yeah if you don't know it right

off the back here I remember up your

head Jesus you need to do this at the

main menu screen and if you're on the

Xbox controller because the deep end

kind of sucked the d-pad kind of sucks

you might want to use the control stick

yeah we we both had trouble entering

this code using the control pad yeah I

tell I you use the directional pad and I

ended up using it on a ps3 or I went to

the ps3 and the directional pad on that

works perfectly yeah you know yeah or


I'm so confused yeah so what it's 99

mode well it's it's a hardcore mode

basically uh you can lose the game from

dying if you don't have the enough

resources to buy yourself back into the

game I guess it is I don't know exactly

I've played it myself

um but Ken Levine says that average

gamers are gonna hate this mode so it's

for the hardcore like us yeah like so

your walkthrough will clearly be

nineteen eighty uh

no but it will be on hard oh that's all

that matters alright thanks for watching

bye good thing around here just check in

more silver eagles

you had $16 all my snooping around