World Conqueror 4 cheats (no hack) part 1

welcome everyone it is me irony and I'm

here with a special video today on world

conqueror for cheats no hockey s I've

done it on world conquer free which is

my most viewed video yet I'm gonna

European war for world conquer to Gloria

generals great generals Pacific and I

won world conqueror fall so let us begin

with H Q first now as you can see I have

free generals here which are messy buck

and it's Japanese general the best thing

I can tell you is if you want a new

general it doesn't have to be one of

these in the gold section at all because

they may look really good which they are

to be honest like if I was you I'd get

Montgomery because he's just good at


those Guardian you don't need to get the

Silver Stars if you want it's up to the

Silver Star spoons I wouldn't get them

because to be honest they may look good

but if you go to the bronze there are so

many cheap generals there like this

Japanese general who's good in infantry

movement which is kind of what I was

looking for as I already have two tank

general like Bach who's good in infantry

and tank and got a bit of air ability

same with Messi who's got two air

ability and good tanks so you don't need

to go for the top generals here you just

have to go for mainly the bronze ones

because they've got me quite far in the

campaign d well mainly Messi in Bach but

this Japanese geezer came out later as

well as I in the research I recommend to

everyone that you only go for infantry

tank artillery and if you were new bow

ships because arteria obviously gonna

need if you're going to do the modern

warfare tank and infantry the main two

should focus on with everything you have

and I mean everything because they will

be if they're like super powerful then

you have won everything you can focus on

all of the these other ones but I never

really did I only focused on infantry

and tank which is the main thing wait

these monuments here I haven't really

used any in the actual campaign they may

seem good to some of you but to me I

really still bother with them and the

world Wanderers are you can just figure

out his health now there is this thing

on domination over here which allows you

to put your own infant

which is training and all that where you

put your well not this sorry training I

don't know where it is but somewhere

there it is whatever it's wrong place up

here invasion here so basically you put

your own units and everything in here to

face against them now I never really

bothered with that till the end of the

European campaign because to be honest

you then have enough coins medals and

everything to overpower them I would

focus on this rescue that alloy or

accumulate supplies because that will

get you more money in everything now if

we go over to scenario you may see I

have completed Europe with everything

now you may not see a lot of gold stars

but I recommend you do not go for the

axis gold so straight away you go for

the alloys one first because the alloys

are quite easy in there gold star one

I'll use my generals and I took out the

biodome cooker completed at all

I'm soon teaching about Britain and

operation soon to do order them but with

my generals I've completed every single

one of them not a tip to this to

complete this campaign the biggest tip I

can have if you don't have your general

anything like for example Operation

Overlord how would I take over if I was

going to do this the main tip all used

was to support my allies at all costs

and I mean risk everything so I had to

just support my allies because sometimes

it is beneficial to be with them because

they can still have their health and

complete the mission for you remember

don't lose every single one of your

units or else the campaign or mean this

level will end with a game over but

that's what I did to complete most of

the missions for example operation

Market Garden the way you would complete

this is ok maybe dr. put your alloy in

this but quickly cross over and march

north towards Montgomery and once he is

saved you probably will be safe as well

when the Artie's it's quite similar as

well forego over here to conquer Europe

this is basically a invasion of Moscow

what you should do is basically march

down self-help the Romanians then take

these cities to help

as March we've done to take Moscow

that's basically all you have to do

that's how you delete campaign that the

Pacific one I can't really give that

much help yet as I'm still doing the

oxygen level free and alloys in level

seven I'm soon to get on to that and it

should be really easier hope so cool for

four minutes now the big part of our

always cheap video conquest now a lot of

people in other words I've said this a

is damn hard and it is it is very very

hard in fact but I've completed three

stars with Italy now you may be thinking

all you get is money once you complete a

free star or two star or one star all

you get is the Queen's no doubt on the

trophies over here it was basically show

you the medals you can get for

collecting everything so if you for

example use a one star country for 1939

leaking 150 medals I forget rank a in

1949 three then you get 500 medals and

now that's got a ninety present a the

best countries to play us now and what

Congress was obviously Spain that was

the most legendary country ever the

players because they was so easy to take

off the rest of Europe not only this

game now in this game the best country

I played us in 1939 was Italy reason why

is because you do not have to focus so

much on everything but like Germany will

have to take Denmark and Norway in


I'm Belgium Poland and try not to lose

your generals because they see very

valuable but in Italy you don't need to

do that as you can use your general like

I've done a how-to winners this already

but you can use your generals -

technically march into France and Russia

and take how Italy we've mean the

British and French and Italy with your

generals and Egypt on top of that that's

all I did and I took over the world

don't know how to win video on that you

can go check that out but Italy is a

very good country to play as in 1939 you

just gotta know your strategy basically

Russia is also a very good country to

play in 1939 as it is basically kinda

secure not

secured but karna but the reason for

this is because in the north

Poland is basically made an objective

for German right now so you have a

chance to quickly take out Finland and

once Germany have Walsall order you can

start to focus on the mall as well as

that you could take out Romania in the

south which would kind of benefit you

majorly because then you have a gateway

into kind of flanking Germany and taking

out their territory but the only problem

is Japan will obviously take over your

land another good country pass is

obviously Japan reason being is because

in difference between this and 1943 is

you have less areas of focus on you can

take all of China and Mongolia Russia

women enough time Russia mate will be

easy and you also have to try and focus

on Pacific a bit but not too much

countries I will trying to avoid as well

or go back to country can players but

countries are trying to avoid are

basically really really weak ones like

Belgium and stirred am a man said I'm

neverland's Denmark not Norway Norway

cat you can win it's not too bad

Poland definitely because Germany will

focus on you you saw back if Greece

except Ephraim person I'm just saying I

would avoid them I feel me well I

wouldn't would thank is Australia but a

player does it recently and Germany will

be overpowered so it's it cuz it's too

far from Europe also trying to work well

not really kinda know if you come to

play as America it is really good

because they're quite economically

powerful at the same time it is a bit

bad because you have to try and cross

over to the sea and it is difficult to

take cities now which I've struggled

with majorly but it's still possible

just saying I struggled with it quite a

lot that's why I really not so keen on

playing as America 1939 but Japanese was

quite easy many players America we have

to do is take Taipei in this Marshall

North to destroy Japan but obviously

it's different home world conqueror 3

Spain the best tip I can give you is

just marched off into Africa and Europe

and then you all across the world get

miss a technology destroy America

that's the rest country France is not a

good country to players in 1939 because

it is surrounded by so many enemies that

will come and conk you from all

directions which does get really

frustrating down south

well technically Egypt's quite good to

players in order souls India well

depending really Thailand's a good

country to players as well because

you're only got the British and the

French he could take their London and

Marcia take her Australia aid in the

Japanese and I was relieved for 1939

those are the countries I would say you

should play us and to be honest it

should work how you should get you good

medals I mean your medals don't go for

the stupid expensive ones with all your

medals reason why you need multiple

generals to conquer different places

with one general you have to keep on

send them in different places to take it

all over but with three different

generals are quite powerful as well you

can easily do that now 1943 this is a

whole different scenario 219 for now if

I know you have so many easy countries

can do now I think for you quite screw

dia reason being is every country you

play as you your allies will technically

do bad and over team will do good you

should never rely on your allies in 1940

maybe in 1939 considering how you're

playing is Italy Germany kind of aid you

90 for free to never rely on our allies

they will lose trust me on this one and

the countries I would recommend to play

in 1943 this time I would say Italy

again but no because the journey over to

obviously Libya is quite difficult and

Egypt's also there to aid them and it's

very difficult to play as them

the French in this however is quite easy

because you have all your generals with

you here so that basically means you

have enough generals and with my free

extra generals I will technically have

about eight generals with me to take out

africa march into europe and take

everything so france is quite a good

country to players main thing I will

just do a notable free France is marshal

of take Europe and go for Japan and

Japan is not as overpowered as will

conquer free in this game but it will

advance to Europe if you do not get

there in time so basically if Germany

have most of Russia that coup

because I'm taking it to Japan with more

units Jeremy is a difficult country to

play as reason being is because you have

to take this is only if you don't have

the best generals if you have really

good generals then maybe it's good for

you but if you don't have the best

generals this one recommending Germany's

kind of surrounded by Russia and Britain

which Britain will try and invade from

Normandy obviously but Germany will kind

of be it'll be difficult to take out

Stalingrad dansk and Moscow and

Leningrad Leningrad possibly but not

Moscow quite difficult to do all of that

but if you have the good generals

everything I record go for it

if Leger's allies don't don't hope in

America to aid you in Europe it's not

literally lastly they'll probably do

they will fight in Japan however which

you can count on Australia's good

country players but as I was saying your

allies do kind of crumble but this type

of scenario Japan could be powerful

Japan could of leibrandt's into Europe

as well meaning Australia can make their

way over so it's quite technically good

idea China's gonna be difficult to play

as obviously because they are in a

hectic situation India is a strong

crunchy place you can take Thailand and

most of Southeast China easily I have

done it before

it is quite easy to be honest Egypt is a

good country to players in this because

you could take out Italy for myself and

a march north to take Europe and keep it

for yourself which technically isn't a

bad idea to me and to be honest Britain

is a good conscious place as well and a

problem with Britain is technically

Asian you have to focus a bit in there

but if you do lose your Asian country in


then he'll kind of be a good thing

because I will focus on building

submarines to block the English Channel

from all invasions focus in Africa and

then once you got to southern Italy

March in the north like they did in real

life basically the reason for this is

because they're Germans and the Italians

would be fighting on two fronts

we're Italians warm but Germans -

meaning their money was split up you

could do it straight away but it kind of

does come at a risk of losing some good

generals your house and economically

losing London hold her but that's really

it to be honest

these peasant countries like Brazil Cuba


all right countries are players not too

bad they quote one start you'll get

quite a bit of medals from but I

wouldn't recommend it

and that's really everyone hopefully you

have enjoyed this part 1 of this video

there will be a part 2 coming out soon

but I've technically told you everything

I know on this game on how to win I will

be doing more how to win their countries

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try at least if you think this is


lose or generals you may do you may lose

some of your cities but same time if you

wait a bit it may turn in your favor

some people probably thinking ahead

every time players a country my allies a

useless and enemies too strong what do I


best thing I can tell you to do is have

a bit of patience because over time it

will get better

oh if Magnus alloys America will not be

invaded in New York or Washington it is

impossible to take that sorry the best

way I can tell you to take America

playing a z-axis is to get missile

technology in Russia at this city here

and launching it at America and Alaska

and you have to advance from that

direction isn't it you the only thing I

did to actually save myself but apart

from that is everyone so hope you have

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