World conqueror 3 CHEATS (NO HACK)part 1

hello people it's me irony and I am here

to show you another know hot video cheap

video con on world conqueror 3 let's

start off by going to HQ now my go from

HQ to military career to conquer world

what comes you the best you can skip to

work for what you want but basically I'm

here to show you that as soon as you

will upgrade something if you don't have

any of these bottom ones like I doubt

great the power shoot one because when

you have lever to parachute to level one

I think your rifle men that jump out a

plane to go to parachute go to machine

gun then after that it goes to a truck

and then it goes to a commander so

upgrade as much as you cannot have to

wait on level I can upgrade it or knock

on any more of them but that's good or

credit these two because they needed to

be upgraded or not that's okay now I

have not got a general as you see in you

may be thinking what you're doing well

I'm saving up my gems probably girl I

mean medals to get a super general but

if you had to get a general and you had

less than a thousand you could order

upgrade your commanders I normally

upgrade the tank and i'ma show you that

now I normally go to Berlin and then go

to tutorial you should get the depends

ability on the first level to German but

you automatically get the plain one d I

just wanted to do that one there

automatically in infantry 1 the

artillery one you have to unlock I'm not

sure what level on but but from that you

get the naval one the marching ability

is there and that's it really

I would upgrade the tank horn first then

I will go for the other abilities but

the tank one kind of a main priority

because monster game has tanks in it but

I'll go for the infantry one and the C

and playing 1 or 3 1 dot T if you want

that and the reason I get the same

playing one is because if you there's a

lot of

so this game both missions and if we can

you have completed boy having boat

ability and plane ability but apart from

that oh good boy

someone like where is he they're here

this person is good a tank and artillery

you could get him if you want to oh you

can get someone who's quite decent like

list he's a good tank infantry playing

marching ability I'll get him if I had

about eight more medals which I'm I

better get in a bit and England has some

good people as well to have waiver which

is actually Qatar not a very decent he's

quite decent luck the best you got

Blaney sorry confidence he's wrong

penalties right he's quite good at not

early he you don't need them to have

tank or infantry ability if you have

plane and see an artery you don't need

to have tank it's up to you to Polly's

America has good generals but they cost

a lot of gems even if they're no good

Jeremy has the best general sort of

America solders England squad decent

japan koi decent they got a naval Russia

has good generals as well but apart from

that yeah that's it really missions

basically when you've upgraded your

generals if you want to know what to

upgrade of auto great tank and then if

you can do the the silver version of

bits Cree do it because you got good

medals good everything this is it's

really easy and everything and just

upgrade generals I would advise you to

save up only upgrade DS law as you can

see I've upgraded the tank on this one

or great-uncle twice on a hundred see no

regretted see advise you to do that

because it's really easy one route the

wonders or upgrade I would actually

build this one this one and this one


makes you level up a bit this one gives

you steal this one here gives you your

city HP and it's actually really decent

that is now for conquer world I will go

back and trying to be a bit more kids

now it's the main part of getting medals

then on 1939

sorry I haven't unlocked these you may

be thinking then how you how do you know

cheat a pledge again before I deleted it

by accident we installed it so to kind

of cheat on this version 1939 you'll

need to play as some good countries now

if you pass level 100 players hungry one

of them but it is quite difficult to get

for the first stage of winning in this

part so that's all start off with level

1 2 3 axes then level 1 2 3 alloys it

would be hungry then a level 2 axes

let's well you may be thinking more bit

of news there but all players Romania as

they kind of the only level 2 axes if

you click on Bulgaria no Italy no and

Thailand no so mainly I would advise you

to be Romanians level 2 because that

they already on for a level free now

really maybe thinking there's only free

level fries anyway Japan Germany and

Italy I can tell you that being Germany

wait if you have the generals like the

top level generals and you can enlist

them to a troop and definitely be

Germany but if you don't you can beat

Italy and if you have some generals beat

Japan so basically if you started the

game try me if later on conquer the

whole of Africa first only the troops in

the north

send half of them to use of a Kia send

the one to Rome to on it ok the troops

on the top of Italy send them to you so

vaca at the one in Rome where you go get

the ship first enroll setting the ships

to Marcel and destroy the troops dead

and sending the troops

wrong all the way around and take more

so in Africa that's where you have to

spend most of your money because you

gotta expand take old Africa then really

you can win this conquest as long as

Japan stills lives because Japan doesn't

live there it's going to be longer

really long the conquest is so you're

gonna have to somehow Japan's go and

just take over America and flank them

it's the easiest way I know yeah that's

really for the axes it as Romania

advised to do this if you can see that

city what the Russian one there take

that as soon as you can and Vance into

Stalingrad keep on top here it's going

to send some troops try to take a cities

you got trying to fend up and takes time

it's gonna be difficult I did it I

didn't take Moscow soon as got to Moscow

or in Locke 1950 this was a long time

ago when I lock 1950 I kind of quit the

campaign and I forgot about it and I

deleted again to reinstall it but that's

it really for that AXYZ now for the

alloys what are the top three countries

to be now if Brazil Cuba Mexico they're

old pick one of them but they're not

here show them 1943 for this one yeah

level one now there are quite a few

level ones never pick a level one well

you can pick Greece if you were new

because they're quite strong and decent

but this is going to be very difficult

to be Greece unless you are the

delicious Apple our generals like

pattern Romero good e'en and all them

but if you don't know how long we'll be

recording four minutes this will

probably be twenty minutes or ten you

guys listen carefully if you want no but

I've never played as the alien wonderful

or talked about I admit use me if you

have large n rows players Greece it will

be difficult but you could do it if you

can and now Kang as Belgium and

Netherlands is going to be quite

difficult it is possible some I remember

someone on another video saying it was

impossible it is possible I've tried it

and I took of Berlin actually Vance

south with Denmark and America friends

didn't join us but they kind of lost the

territory that's why I quit that

conquest because France lost Paris Leon

and all them stuff that old play as if

you want a proper level one country the

best one to be is actually Oh Norway it

is gonna be really difficult or I don't

know where you're Denmark I haven't

really decided I know you may be

thinking were you doing but then mark it

is possible we need Norway and Britain's

help in order to do it no way you can

take over the whole of Denmark when

Germany conquers it and you can take

Finland level to alloy now there are

quite a few level two alloys or pick

order Australia or what's your one China

now if you have a larger nose pagina

like in your inventory if you're not the

best pick Australia up if you want to be

in Europe or really pick take a pick

India if you want to another level one

is Egypt but dope dumb for 1939 there

1943 and that that's it does not look

for two alloys in Europe not air is

Poland I will advise Poland it is too

hard to do it

so take ages because obviously the best

German generals come after you the

Russians help you then you're lucky but

there are changes every time for some

reason it depends on what movie do did

the same moves every time then they will

really change but if you tried different

ones they'll change now best level free

ones now I tell you what country not to

be well you can be francha maybe

thinking wait you're surrounded by

enemies and let me tell you Spain Italy

Germany will take over France but if you

can defend Paris forget about

Leon Bullock's and Marcel

let them all be conquered defend Paris

and you can win because you have a lot

of territory in Africa you can expand

take off the the whole of Africa in

advance no if you could take your land

back and conquest will really be over

unless oh yeah you have a bit of

territory in Asia just use the territory

and take the area but that's not the

best level 3 when the best level free

one is Russia now it's out of Russia USA

or not the best level free one they may

have a large generals but it takes a

long time to pleat Russia on the other

hand is how it goes yeah all your

generals on the Western Front on Hado

like kief Stalingrad Minsk and regard

use Leningrad general and regard in

order to take over Finland and use Kiev

and Stalingrad general take over Romania

and you have to use Minsk general to

take over all men Romania as well defend


do not let Poland for because generally

have Warsaw they're gonna get a lot of

money and take over Russia easily if you

can defend poll and take Finland take

Romania you can try and take them from

both ways and they'll just really fall

you can take over Berlin easily after

that but on the other hand Japan do set

a lot of parachute troops over the whole

of Siberia the only way you can really

win that battle is if you see this

little city here the one that one there

you gotta get a lot rupes from there

motorcross try and take over the

Japanese area here and advance to Japan

that's really it but another good level

free one would be Britain if you have a

large n rules that is actually the best

country to be with the Lord generals I

would say Russia but will our generals

it'll be too crowded and your loser

generals easily from the German

advancement that's really it for the

level free one because ain't that good

now how long before 30 minutes all right

I really kind of spoke a lot Paolo joy

this could be two part what part one

more part two if it's over 16 minutes

part two will go out soon apart from

that this one is actually a very easy

one today now imma start off with the

axes again which one is the best level

one now some of these level ones they're

going to level two which one was it

I forgot well now I could tell you this


Japan will take over the whole of Asia

do not worry about Asia so I wouldn't be

Japan or Thailand

cept if it wouldn't be Thailand really

though Britain will take over Thailand

but Japan will take over the whole

territory I've just played as Brazil and

it took me nearly 200 well 100 turns

because Japan took over the whole of

Asia and it it was just really long

because I was playing as Brazil took

over the whole of Asia Japan it and 20


so the palm attack of the whole of Asia

the best level one again is over hungry

or bogut actually Bulgaria this time

because hungry does look quite strong

you can be hungry if you want to but

Bulgaria boy just a bit better in this

one because you can go across the sea

and take over Stalingrad that way hungry

have to go through Romania confuses

territorial stuff and order best level

too well again it's rolling Aeneid a

grain they gain more territories you can

see from 1939 to 1943 they are more

territory and you can take all standing

around easily Bulgaria won't give you

the systems

I think hungry do I wouldn't pick

Finland again because they haven't

regained anything best level free on the

exceeds now oh it doesn't have the level

to here i don't be spain for level 4

1939 or 1940 3 let us useless really but

best level free really if it was me I

would go with Italy because actually old

Gorger me because if

you do not know Germany abandoned the

whole of France after about I think it's

20 turns the whole of France will be

empty Britain will land in Paris and

Amsterdam and take over that way and

then I Americans will just arrived and

really you've done for you can't win at

all after that mmm

but if you play as Germany can defend

France and advance into Russia now will

be easy to take over Russia if you have

more generals you can play as Italy

that's a good team to be because it's

gonna be really stressful playing as

Germany if you don't have generals or

money or anything because Britain's Got

take you over and Italy over really be

defenseless taking over so Germany's

best level free remember you got if

you're gonna be an ally I would say be a

country or would say be Russia but

basically Japan will take over Russia

easily so so I'm gonna say for allies

best level one that would be Brazil as

because you have zero medals I've just

paid as Brazil about 10 minutes ago

largest one campaign would say be Cuba

Mexico above the same as Brazil it's

just you need generals and I had my free

normal generals that you start off with

just make Brazil conquer Africa advance

north that's all I did and I actually

won but another way you could do this

you have to send Brazil to Asia that's

the best level one best level two in

this game that would be either France or

Oh France really just France because I

would say be some country like China but

Australia Australia can be China you can

be as well or mainly be Australia

because you got to take over the whole

of it

and then you have to try and take back

Asia because by the time you take over

the whole of Indonesia China Japan

would've taken over all this area like

about they would have taken this city

and they would have taken off the whole

China China would be gone

actually no when I planted China went

all the way to Europe that's a bit odd

but you gotta take on Japan as soon as

you can Germany don't worry about them

they'll be taken over easy to be honest

they're quite easy in 1943 if you wait

about 50 times they'll be done for you

can just take them over easily all the

generals be dead probably if you

correspond with America and all those

troops best level free food alloys

now this one's quite difficult you can

be Russia can be Britain they're all

quite easy but if you'll me personally

old go with Britain I would say America

America only have two generals so if you

are America and you have let's say like

all the slots of generals for the

America I'm not I'm just gonna have to

say don't be Britain's to be America but

really in this one America only of two

generals start with and England under

the Hun they have all the generals have

a super tank at the bottom here and you

can just take off Africa easily you can

land your parachute in France and you

can take over the whole of Asia so

that's the best team to be in Britain

now that's really it as you may know I

don't know if this really gave that much

help part 2 will be coming out soon

that's when I love 1915 1960 a alien one

is 1974 Yi that's when it comes out in

the clock on the top but apart from that

that would be for this recording see in

the next one