Destiny 2: How to Get Bad Juju - Exotic Pulse Rifle (The Tribute Hall & Moments of Triumph)

Bad Juju is back, now in Destiny 2 and today also launched Moments of Triumph and The Tribute


Bad Juju is a part of The Tribute Hall and you'll need to do some work in there before

you get access to the quest.

We'll be talking about the Tribute Hall in this video, how it works, along with getting

Bad Juju.

The Tribute Hall is unlocked by grabbing the chest next to Werner on the Nessus Barge.

You'll then get a quest telling you to go to the Tribute Hall, where you will talk with

the Calus statue, who gives the next part of the quest.

There are a total of 50 tributes in the game, completing all of the tributes gets you a

special emote, along with some stuff along the way.

You'll be able to purchase 30 of them from the Calus statue vendor, but without discounts,

these are very expensive and the average player won't be able to afford many of them.

To discount them, you'll complete daily bounties from this vendor.

You get 4 per character per day, but as of July 9th, there appear to be some issues with

the discount bounties.

Some of them work, others don't give any sort of a boost at all, some only give glimmer,

so we'll need Bungie to clarify some of the issues we're currently experiencing.

But eventually, I imagine each bounty should be counting for 1% of a discount.

Another glitch at the moment is that some tributes are going to the postmaster, make

sure you check there if you are having any issues.

Check the description for updates to these problems as they are solved.

I've seen a lot of people ask about material farming to get these quicker under such a

high cost.

I would NOT recommend manually farming materials, I would wait until you can buy them from Spider

with legendary shards.

Manually farming materials is a very, very long task and it is not worth doing unless

you only need 1 or 2 more tributes.

To progress opening the Tribute Hall, you'll need to complete one of the bounties, so pick

which ever one you want and get it done.

After you do that, you'll gain access to the Tribute Hall itself, where you can place your


Tributes can be found in the triumph menu, under Destinations, subsection Minor, sub-subsection

Tribute Hall.

Completing tributes in this menu require you to do various activities in the game using

Leviathan based armor and weapons, so that's gear from the Menagerie and from Crown of

Sorrow, but gear from previous Leviathan raids also work.

You'll need to do things like 100k Nightfall, strikes, Crucible, Gambit, the raids and more.

There are a total of 14 Tributes from these triumphs.

There are 30 from the Calus statue vendor, there is 1 tribute from opening the Tribute

Hall and then 5 more while completing the Golden Hero quest which you receive after

you open the hall, for a total of 50.

In order to get started on Bad Juju, you'll need to unlock the 5 war beast tributes in

the center of the room.

This is done by completing parts of the Golden Hero quest line.

To complete steps, you need to turn in tributes.

At 3 tributes turned in, you'll gain a memory of a warbeast which counts as a tribute, adding

to your collection.

At 6, you'll get another, then at 10, then 14, then 18.

When all 5 war beast tributes have been placed, you'll gain access to the Bad Juju mission

via the Pest Control mission.

The mission itself isn't very long, probably about 10-15 minutes going at a casual pace

and after you complete that mission, you'll get Bad Juju, simple as that.

The mission is only 350 power.

There is also a triumph for completing it solo without dying, but completing it solo

is not very hard, it is easily solo'd.

The catalyst unlocks after you turn in 45 tributes, so start doing those bounties and

getting those discounts.

Bad Juju itself is pretty much the same thing from Destiny 1.

Kills auto-reload your gun, increases damage for a short time and gives super energy based

on how many stacks of String of Curse you have, it stacks up to 5 times and the catalyst

increases the duration of String of Curses.

It behaves pretty much like it did in D1, it is a pretty good PvE weapon, but it definitely

doesn't give as much super energy as it did in Destiny 1, which led to plenty of Crucible

matches with a LOT of super energy back in the day.

If you've never played with Bad Juju, it's full-auto and was generally regarded as one

of the better exotic primaries in the game.

That appears to be the case here as well.

I think it's pretty good, maybe not as good as Recluse or something, but it's a solid

option as long as there are tons of adds to kill.

Briefly going to talk about Moments of Triumph here as well.

Moments of Triumph are back and work essentially the same way that they have.

Some of them are retroactive, like getting pinnacle weapons, reaching mythic and legend

in Gambit and Crucible, quickplay, not competitive, doing the raids, and completing the Forsaken


Some are not retroactive: winning a Gambit Prime match in full Notorious Gear, forging

weapons, doing bounties, doing strikes, and completing weekly challenges.

The more you do, the more stuff you unlock, like the emblem, the sparrow, the ship and

the shirt.

If you complete everything, you will get the seal and title.

Moments of Triumph for this year are over on August 27th, 2019, so you only have about

a month and a half to get them all done.

Note, the Tribute Hall and Moments of Triumph are different things.

Solstice of Heroes and Moments of Triumph are also different things.

Solstice of Heroes comes out at the end of July.

Thanks for watching, I'll see you next time.