3 Ways to UNLOCK Your Brains FULL Potential and Use 100% of Your Brain

this video will show you 3 ways to unlock your brains full potential I'm

going to share with you practical tools and mindsets that can radically change

the way we view ourselves so that we're able to live up to our full potential

welcome back to another video my name is Aaron and I help people expand their

consciousness now in this video I'm gonna be sharing some practical mindsets

that I've used in my own life I'm gonna intertwine that with some science and

some research studies so that we can apply these powerful tools and our own

life so that we're able to live to our full potential so I've shared this study

before in a prior video and it's the study where it was done on students and

a teacher and what they did is in fifth grade classroom what they did is they

told a teacher that these kids are the smart kids and these are the kids that

are going to underperform so what happened is the teacher then treated and

had those certain expectations as to which kids were the smart kids and which

kids were the kids that were gonna underperform and what happened was is

those kids lived up to the expectations and the way the teacher was treating

them now what they did is halfway through the year they said oh there's

been a mistake actually these kids are the smart kids

and these kids are the kids that are going to underperform so they switched

it what happened is then those kids lived up to the expectations once again

and it's switched so it's like almost the way the teacher was treating the

kids was the way and the kind of expectations were being fulfilled based

upon how the teacher was treating them so what this tells us is that we can

treat our self in a certain way we can have a certain mindset for ourselves and

as we live up to that potential we're more likely to break through those

limitations and to start to really experience what we are capable of so the

first way that we can really unlock our brains full potential has to do with

letting go of the limitations that we put on ourselves and starting to really

view ourselves as able to accomplish more so let me ask you a question how do

you view yourself what is your full potential do you believe that you're

only using a small percentage of your brain you know they say that a lot they

say that we all we use 10% of our brain in actuality

we're using a hundred percent of our brain the neural networks in our brain

are using every area of our brain but the idea is that maybe we're not focused

and we're not thinking big enough so that we're able to use a greater

percentage of its potential so redefine it first off and realize you use a

hundred percent of your brain it's just that we make it look like we're only

using 10% because we tell ourselves that over and over again and while there may

be so much more potential than what we've already experienced the first part

of this is letting go of the definitions and the limitations that we put on

ourselves of what we think we are capable of you know there's many times

that people will kind of trick people into thinking that they can do something

just to see how they respond and if they tell them it's easy they'll go do

something that's hard but they'll think it's easy and it will be easy for them

so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy so let me ask you how do you view

yourself and that was something that I went through because up until a certain

point in high school I think it was my freshman year in high school I used to

not be good at school I just wasn't good at thinking tests I didn't have a good

GPA I wasn't taking honors classes and there was something that tree I remember

it was an English class and there was something that triggered for me where I

simply started to view myself as somebody that was smart I kind of let go

of that old label of just not being that smart or not doing that well in school

all of a sudden I started to do much better and within a year I was taking

honors classes I had a 3.8 GPA when I graduated I think I graduated at and

then like the top 40 of my class of like you know hundreds of people and it

simply came from switching and starting to see myself as somebody that was smart

versus before seeing myself as somebody that wasn't as capable so the way that

you can apply this in your own life is the first off start to see yourself as

somebody that is smart start to see yourself as somebody that figures things

out maybe has a high EQ as well as IQ which means emotional intelligence able

to read people in a powerful way this is about understanding that this goes

beyond just the knowledge of regurgitating information that we may

learn in school but if you start to view yourself as someone that's quick-witted

someone that has high EQ emotional intelligence you'll find that that

starts to really affect you in a powerful way

because you start to read people in a new way you start to live 2-year full

potential rather than the limitations we set on ourselves because we're like oh I

can only accomplish this much oh I'm not that smart I can't figure that out that

person over there he's pretty smart that's why he's experienced that but

what we can do is realize that we can remove those limitations and understand

that we're using a greater portion of her brain we're using our whole brain to

make it seem like we're only using 10% but that 10% is the limitations we set

on ourselves realize you can let go of those definitions start to view your own

self-image in a very powerful way and you'll find that you start to live up to

that self-image now the second way that we can unlock our brains full potential

has to do with letting go of what we think we know now the reason I say this

too is because when it comes to understanding brain wave states Einstein

said that you can't solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that it

was created now I was listening to I think a Tony Robbins seminar the other

day and something clicked for me I realized something

think of this in the form of brainwave activities so we have first off like the

more relaxed state or kind of like the in between sleep and being awake which

we could call the theta state which the theta state is something we reach in

deep levels of meditation when we wake up in the morning we'll normally

drifting in between the theta state then we get to more of an alpha state and in

an alpha state that's more of the relaxed state we can be conscious for

like watching television we might be in an alpha state and if we're very relaxed

we might be in an alpha state and meditation we also get into an alpha

state and then we get into the beta state beta States the very alert state

it's when we're more of doing medial activities and it's the more surface

level of consciousness now the idea is that the beta state a lot of times can

involve stress that can volved more of the medial type things and what happens

is if we create a problem from the beta state of brainwave activity what happens

is we can't actually solve it from that same level of paradigm what we must do

is move to a more alpha state and in the Alpha brainwave state who are more

likely and able to accomplish and solve the problems of any state and problem

that was created in the beta state now in the same way we'll

we can begin to learn to do is to access these different levels of brainwave

states and as we do that what we do is we unlock our true potential for what we

can accomplish because we are literally ascending beyond the prior limitations

and that prior paradigm of thinking so think of this in the form of when you

are feeling a certain way and maybe you find yourself and you are feeling very

jittery or you find yourself reacting or stressful to a certain thing that's

happening what you can do is take some deep breaths oxygenate your body as you

do that you're literally bringing more oxygen into your brain you're making it

more likely that you surpass that level of consciousness so that you're able to

then experience a new perspective you know I thought about this because many

times I'm in the shower and in the shower I get kind of my thoughts start

to really calm down it's like when I'm taking a shower it's like I'm able to

come up with very creative ideas and I thought to myself why am I so creative

while I'm taking a shower I think of all these really great video ideas I come up

with all these cool like unique ideas of infusing different ideas together and

what happens is I realize that when I'm in the shower I'm in an alpha state I'm

in a very relaxed state and I'm able to access this new level of creativity so

that's what we could begin to do begin to learn there's certain times

throughout the day when you're more relaxed than others there's certain

activities that will bring you into an alpha or a theta state and that could be

also meditation and then you're going to be accessing more creativity now at the

same time this is something that I'm Stein also said is that imagination is

so powerful so it's about understand we can transcend logic we can get into

imagination and in imagination there's much more ability to make new

connections in our brain to see things in a completely new point of view it's

almost like we get out of the paradigm for the way that we're thinking and we

expand outwards when we start to use our imagination so use your imagination

become more creative don't take everything so literal don't think it's

all about logic use also the right side of our brain as well as the left side of

our brain we can use logic for certain things but realize that we can balance

it out by seeing things from a creative point of view and starting to get

outside of our own comfort zone starting to get outside of our own paradigm and

we transcend the beta state start to be in

more of an alpha state and for in an alpha state we can also meditate get to

a theta state and we can start to see our life in a completely new way and

really a completely holistic way at the same time this is a way that I've

applied to my life to be more creative to I allow myself to make new neuro

submatik connections in my brain to new idea so I'm able to think in a

completely new way and if you apply in your own life you'll find that you're

able to solve problems that were created in the lower paradigm and you're able to

then find out and allow it from a higher paradigm so simply realize that that's

something that you can do and that as you do it you'll find things get easier

because you're coming at it from a higher point of view now the third way

to unlock your brain's full potential has to do with understanding the power

of our own state of being now with this you may have experienced this before

have you ever felt resistance about something and you found yourself not

able to remember maybe something very simple maybe you weren't able to

remember your own phone number or maybe you were looking for something that was

right in front of your face but you couldn't see it because of the state of

being you were in maybe you went over to the counter and you were inside their

cabinets and you were looking for salt and you couldn't find the salt and you

kept telling yourself I can't find the salt and in reality it was right in

front of you the whole time but because maybe you were feeling resistance you

kind of blocked it out and he kept telling yourself I can't find it and

that became a self-fulfilling prophecy so that's kind of the way our brain

works our brain will tone out certain things depending on our own state of

being the emotions that we're feeling and also the self-fulfilling prophecies

of what we tell ourselves now with this understand that anytime you find

yourself feeling not so well you find yourself feeling resistance that

encapsulate activity that you're using this is also kind of similar to the

second one of understanding the alpha brainwave states and how we must

transcend the lower paradigm in order to use more potential that we have so just

get yourself to a place of feeling better understand that when you're

feeling more curious when you're not making everything so serious you're not

making it so rigid you're not putting yourself in a little bubble that also

has those definitions from the first one as well so this is about knowing that

our own state of being dictating how much of our brain were

able to use I know that when it comes to creating videos when I'm in a flow state

when I'm in a state of being that is feeling like everything is coming to me

it like feels just everything's happening at the right time everything

happened so easily but the moment I feel resistance or I start to beat myself up

I find that things start not to flow that smoothly so the idea behind this is

knowing that figure out and feel where you're coming from and as you decide to

feel better this can be simple decision you're gonna focus on what makes you

happy you're gonna go take a break from doing something you're gonna let go of

the resistance as you start to feel better you'll start to access other

parts of your brain you'll find yourself expanding outside of those limitations

that you put on yourself and from that place you'll find that things happen in

a much easier way and as you tap into that flow state everything will begin to

change so remember to use your brains full potential all you have to do is

first off have the self image that you are smart that you have a high EQ as

well as IQ which means emotional intelligence decide to let go of your

own definitions your own limitations question your own limitations ask

yourself is this true for me you'll realize it's just an attachment to a

certain experience or a certain ideology and as you let go of those

self-fulfilling prophecies you're able to expand your own potential secondly as

you decide to go deeper than the own level of consciousness that maybe the

problems were created as you decide to get to a more relaxed state what you do

is you start to see things from a higher point of view so find out what your flow

states are find out when you're in those states of being and start to be creative

from that point of view and then thirdly your state of being is so powerful in

this process simply choose to feel happy choose to focus on things that serve you

and as you develop that momentum you'll find that you break out of those

limitations and you start to really live up to your full potential so with that

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