i can use 100% of my brain

groceries about to fly let's see this oh

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video today what we're going to be

walking are some insane videos okay some

of these people are pretty crazy let's

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ahead and get right into these super

cool videos let's go ahead and start off

with these insane people alright they

have some special ability for the hit

insane trick shots on the pool table

we're going to start it off with these

videos they're insane how did he hit

that like this just boggles my mind how

many times it takes them to do this it

seems like they're getting on the first

try though which is absolutely insane

the bass lord no word right there

this kid dude insanity bro I swear he

reminds me that my show be silent OC kid

if you know who I'm talking about

but he's upbeat I've seen videos from

this kid before legendary

why does he have a golf club with a pool

ball he's balancing it I don't know how

he's doing that he picks both of the

balls and that's unbelievable there's no

way he goes out first try there's zero

chance that happened

kids are gone stop dude

so you just put a spin on it and it just

went right in mm-hmm I'm not gonna get

three in a row

are you okay that was pretty good I get

down one two that kid what's up with the

golf clubs some was like they're insane

but like no no that was sneak bro how do

these people even have like time to I

mean they must just be MLG pros he's

just like a savage like I just said that

no way are you serious across like so

many pool tables no he caught that

these are some pretty cool hits prequel

what is this what lighter I like a

quarter thing ha it would right through

and just land it that's hilarious

get that so straight so straight oh



yo he just like back hit back there's no

way all these are going it's just one

has to be wait what

it's a slow motion

well this is like slow motion and

there's the curve back and hit it in how

does he do that just put it right

between his legs

no way teamwork right there where these

are insanity I can't even hit a regular

bowling sometimes I'll have to get a

pool table when I move out a lot of

Harrah's I'll visit this actually looks

hella fun no way what are the chances

that just hits it so so little the curve

on that bro the curve on that he is

happy let's see her action oh he does

the freaking whip okay haha what bro he

just 360 million just I'm speechless on

that one bro he hit that hella hard this

kid again this kid is by far the best

okay let's be real is it like a mini

pool table what is that okay

he just like rapid-fire that I don't

know what attachment he has on


okay it's not a golf ball yeah I was

like no way that's a pool ball full hit

a wall

what is this one gonna be my how many

balls are not like six eight that was

like eight I swear he hit all of them in

from one hit pretty good sure shot right

there okay they like mixing golf with

pool it's hilarious

bro he just like


what bro what all of them in once again

these guys are too good bro I gotta get

a hell look at a poor kid what's the

hell what even happen right there where

this guy is all about pool well I don't

even know what happened but that was

pretty accurate oh I saw it bro

how do these people get so good I guess

just a lot of practice


I was pretty cool bro

I don't know how they have such good

curving and see like how does he do that

he just has to hit it perfectly oh shoot

he's got his boyfriend on it Wow well

bro he's that straight Savage he acts

like nothing even happened he just like

that's where this is a repeat or

something I saw this guy before I know I

did this is no this is this is different


what is that on top of the table that

was a risky shot that could have broken

the club it's so quick okay this is

really cool so accurate and so quick

well hit that quick hit that quick don't

choke oh no that was pretty nice shot

this one right through perfectly

coordinated it was calculated what a god

what a god haha your wife

stop stop stop bro he's his he's on

another level this dude he looks like

his 14 or something




dude the curves though they're so good

yeah he probably goes to events or

something without forgetting that oh

it's a mini pool cue I'm like wouldn't

you do pull out a tomahawk and just

chuck it like here's intertwining some

really cool things the kids sizes are

those are some pretty cool shot those

are some pretty cool shot well this gets

like four

hey first age that was pretty thick I

can't do that

Oh make triple oh and you got another

one into close gonna make quad Hassan on

the grill

yo the way they set that up is hella

cool yeah that's going in that's going

back to the savage Oh are gonna hit it

are gonna hit it all right this guy's

going to tell us how to fly he's gonna

fly on camera and access 100% of his

brain he's gonna demonstrate for us

today this is only the second time I

don't know second or third time that

I've attempted so what it is is always a

super measure pretty realistic when it's

up there I mean I'm oh my goodness

it's crazy bro let's see what this guy

does so see this tape that we're just

using for documentation documentation

result for experimental reasons there's

only three things that you need to know

about how to how to fly three reasons

number one this is it everyone has

energy inside of the fly I'm nothing

special anybody can fly you just got to

know how to do it number two is you know

make sure there's nothing in your head

that's distracting you just cause for

your mind is trance your mind

okay and lastly what's wrong talk about

happy thoughts that that's hugs what

credit for wait don't don't think about

happy things

I don't know this dudes a little crazy

about this rod he's nervous he's nervous

you got I got a Superman shirt on oh

he's gonna be like fine

yeah that's gonna take out I guarantee


groceries about to fly let's see this I

swear he's a genius let's do this

oh no bro what that's so fake I don't

even want to look at it get it off get

it off the screen right now don't get it

off that guy in the end was pretty

pretty weird um let's forget about that

but those pool shots were insane okay

guys if you could do that let me know in

the comment section below I want to

become a pool pro like that one day okay

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