Samsung Galaxy A20e Hard reset - Remove Pattern/Pin/Face/Finger Lock

hi welcome back on do-it-yourself

Channel today I gonna show you how to do

the hard reset of your samsung galaxy a

20 e the separation can be healthy if

you doesn't remember the password to

your phone or just the software doesn't

work properly in the newest Android

version you can't turn off your phone

without enter the pin or pattern into

your phone so there is one trick to do

this you need to press and hold volume

down and power boot on for a few seconds

then font gonna be tuned off and fast

press and hold volume up and power

button together after phone wake up

release volume up still holding power on

it's a little bit complicated but just

watch at my hand and do the same things

like you see we can't power off right

this yes

so press and hold volume down and power

button together still holding both key

ok and now press and hold the volume up

and power button release power button

still holding volume up if you miss it

don't bother yourself just repeat the

operation like me so we're gonna start

one more time

okay and now press and hold but key okay

and now volume up + power at least power

still holding bottom up I think now it's

gonna be okay okay release power volume

up and you are in the secret menu from

me gonna choice a wipe data/factory

arrested act by power

click on yes the tate formatting

why better complete and now power to

reboot system now now phone i'm going to

be start with the new Brad fumer without

any password on the phone so I hope the

video is helpful for you if yes you can

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