Gevey Sim - tutorial on How to unlock iphone 4

how to unlock iphone 4 to perform this

task you will need your iPhone and your

SIM TV sim sim eject film scissors Micro

SIM cutter all these products and tools

can be purchased on iphone repair Miami

Beach dot-com step 1 cut your SIM card

to fit into the micro SIM tray and leave

some the chip step 2 turn off your

iPhone and insert your SIM card together

with Givi SIM and metal symmetry

provider step 3

turn on your iPhone wait for the sim

Welcome menu to show and then select

accept step 4 at the beginning a no

service message will show on your iPhone

do not do anything yet wait until you

see one signal bar appear on the top

left-hand corner

step 5 once you see the signal path diam

1 1 2 and then hang up within 2 seconds

step 6

turn on the airplane mode wait 45

seconds and then turn off the airplane

off your iPhone will show syn failure

and the single bar will show up after a

few seconds note after all steps above

if there is still no signal power off

your iPhone switch it back on and repeat

all the steps from the beginning to use

3G network you need to turn on data

roaming in the network menu