Radio Reset – 2006-2011 1.8L Honda Civic

so you turn on the radio and it just says enter code this means that your

stereo is in anti-theft mode which means it needs a

special code to unlock it before you can listen to music again

the first thing to do to unlock your radio is with

the key in the accessory position hold one six power

the screen comes on and it

gives you the serial number for your stereo grab piece of paper and write

this down you'll meet it in a couple of minutes

alright so we take the serial

number we wrote down we go to our computer or our phone and we go to

radio-navicode.honda.com will include a link in the description

take your VIN which you can find on the door jam or on the windshield of the

driver's side of your car enter that with the serial number your zip code

email address if you're not in the US you can use a zip code like 12345, 90210

if you're in Canada your VIN might not work

it might tell you it's a non-us VIN we'll include a link to a website in the

description where you can go and get a US vin which you can enter and that'll work

once you're done filling out the form

you'll get a code we'll go back to the car and enter that to unlock the radio

back in the car turn stereo it's asking for the code we're gonna take the first

code that we got from the Honda website which was one five three six six

and there we go