2008 Honda Accord Radio Code Unlock and Reset. Step by Step

hello my jutsu friend this is now a

mechanic here and today I am working on

a 2008 Honda Accord and what I'm doing

is on resetting the radio coal and

usually when you take the the battery

off you disconnect the battery or you

clean the terminals the radio on this

car on this 2008 Honda Accord the radio

has to be reset you need a code to get


now many of you don't know how to get

your coal or your serial number so the

first thing I am going to do is direct

you to how you how you find your serial

code just serial number and the code for

the radio the first thing you're going

to need is is the VIN number if you

don't know your VIN numbers that is

right here in the windshield that's one

place to get your VIN number the other

plate is your registration and your

registration you should have the VIN

number of your car now not one that you

have there the next thing that a lot of

a lot of Honda dealers do is open up the

car they put it right in here in the

glove box so if you go to the glove box

right you're gonna look in here first

usually they'll have it right in here in

the glove box or they'll have it right

here I don't want to show you the number

of this car other area is if you have

navigation usually your car comes with a

little car that says the serial number

for the radio the Col and also for the

navigation system this car didn't come

with that car so we don't have it here

the other place to find out how to get

the serial number for the radio is first

you're gonna put the car on the arm

position you want to put it on the on

position you want to make sure that the


it's off see ya make sure that the

radios off right and what you're going

to do is you're going to go to one and

six and you're gonna hold it for like

four to ten seconds and once you hold

these tools you're gonna take your arm

your finger and you're gonna put you're

gonna press power and it's gonna give

you the serial number of your car every

car is different so you're gonna go to

one six you're gonna go by five seconds

like I say then you're gonna take your

finger and you're gonna press start when

you press start it gives you the serial

number of your car and you see it right

there that's the serial number for this

car now there's one more place I want to

show you what you can also get your

serial number and the radio code for

your specific car so let's go to them

we're gonna go to the Internet and then

we're gonna come back and show you how

to put the code that you have gotten in

the radio for your radio can start

working now that you have your serial

number from the radio and you don't have

your coal what you're going to do is

you're going to go to the internet and

what you're gonna do you're gonna put

Honda radio code and you're gonna press

the Search button once you press the

Search button a lot of websites are

gonna come up now the one I pick is the

one that says radio that Navi co.com

Honda comm I'm gonna put this in the

link below so what you do is you just

press that and you're gonna come here

you're gonna come to the Honda website

which says we treat unlock code for

radio and navigation device and then

we'll guide you now we already did the

vehicle VIN number I explained it to you

the device serial number already

explained to you what you find the VIN

number and where to find the device now

you have to call I mean you have to see

number but you don't have to code what

you're gonna do is it says right here

overview get cold and help

you're gonna go to get code once you go

here to to get cold you're gonna put the

VIN number that you got you're gonna put

the zip code of the person that owns the

car or that is registered to the Honda

you're gonna put it there you're gonna

put the phone number you're gonna put

the email and the serial number that we

got from the radio and we just show you

again where we got it from gonna go to

our device we're gonna go here and we're

gonna go to radio from this plate and

that's what we did that's one from the

display the one and nine and that's what

the serial number came and that serial

number that you get you're gonna put it

right here

then it says here I have two devices the

two devices is is it the navigation and

the radio once you put that information

I'm not gonna put the first information

what's gonna happen is that once you

press submit the person that owns the

car is gonna get an email with the code

and the serial number of the car of the

radio but once you put submit you also

gonna see it right there it's gonna come

up your serial number and it's gonna

come the code once you do that once you

get the code

what you're gonna do is you're gonna go

back to your car so let's go back to the

car and put our coal in okay now we have

guy in our coal we put the serial number

and we got the coal for the radio so

what you're going to do is once again

you're gonna take your key you're gonna

put it on the on position right now

make sure the radios off once the

regular doors you're gonna turn it on

it's going to ask you for enter code

when you see it so now you got the code

so all you have to do is now put the

code in the car

so you're going there you go wash you

into the cold the radio comes right on

well there you go so now the ring is on

you ready to rock and roll in your car

you ready listen to music so this is how

you reset unlock your radio once again

this is non mechanic if you have any

comments or questions please post them

down below or contact me in our mechanic

101 and yahoo.com that is non mechanic

101 at yahoo.com later