Honda Accord Radio Unlock Instructions and Codes

this is a video for unlocking your radio

with the Honda Accord and Honda models

you need your VIN number the phone

number that the car was registered to

and the zip code if you don't know your

VIN numbers usually on the dash right

there it's also on your registration in

your car this is the error code that

most people are gonna get just cancel it


there's the error to find out this code

you're gonna have to go to drive accord

net I'll post a link down in the

description but to find out the serial

number on your car what you do is you

press the button 1 and 6 and the power

button at the same time it'll display

your code 1 1 3 1 7 8 4 it is mine

usually this code will be listed on your

anti-theft card however mine has the

wrong one for some reason so I had to go

look it up online

and once you get that code go ahead and

cancel this out that might happen this

happens when you just crank your battery

for 15 minutes or more and I already got

my code from online and you cancel that

out for 2 3 to 6 there you go

my radio is unlocked everybody's codes

gonna be different looks like all my

presets were reset it's just fine but

I'm gonna need your VIN number and the

code from your radio

and the zip code that it was registered

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