GM silverado radio chip eprom Hack part #2 RDS radio unlock 2003 and newer

okay this is part two of the radio

unlocked this is a second radio no

matter what combination they were like

saying to four and all these buttons to

press the problem is if that has an RDS

in it it can't be unlocked with those

secret codes it has to be take either

the chip out but this time we're gonna

try to just clip number 8 wire on the

chip and put this back in see if it'll

unlock the thing so that's what we're

gonna do

take it out try to clip number eight

alright just take the two screws out

here pop the top off and inside here

there's only one that looks like this

which is this one and it's that pin

right there that we're going that's

number eight there you go

we are going to raid that one that

should be number eight well I think I

got it off not sure I'm gonna go try it

see if it works



so that looks like it worked I just

scraped that little leg off number eight

and what I don't know is if it'll keep a


so let's program this channel this is 97

so we'll program that channel to will go

turn it off a few minutes and see if 92

I was weird I don't know what that was

all about

I'm sort of phone number

oh that's the name of the song let's say


I don't even know what time it is but

well I'm using my phone I don't know

what time it is but anyway we'll turn it

off see if that saves the memory the

last one didn't save a memory far as I'm

concerned it probably works so I'm going

to go ahead and batten this up I want to

take that out none of the controls

worked the speakers crinkled so some of

these connections got to be not very

good and so I just wanted to put a

factory one back in there to make

everything work this was 200 bucks worth

of stuff so maybe we'll put that at one

of our other cars