Unlocked Chevrolet Theftlock Radio

this is a 2003 Chevrolet radio it has

been unlocked which means that you don't

need to take it to a dealer to get it

programmed if you want to switch it from

car to car if you hook it up to power it

will work the way this is done is it's

there's a modification you have to do to

the main circuit board the effects the

only negative effects of this are that

there is a tape symbol in the corner of

the screen and when you turn the radio

on it flashes Cal earth I think that

means calibration error it knows that

the it doesn't have all all of its

factory settings but other than that it

works as it would in in the factory

installation the benefits of this is you

don't need to pay the dealer to program

a vehicle if you're going to install the

vehicle and install the radio in a

vehicle it wasn't meant for or you can

hook it up like this in a garage to

listen to the radio but all the

functions work the tuning the presets

the CD player that's pretty simple you

have to have soldering skills and know a

little bit about electronics to to

switch it to this mode but it's

definitely worth it