Chevrolet Impala Radio Removal

this video by Richmond today we're

working on a 2001 Chevrolet Impala and

what we're doing today is we are

removing the radio first thing we need

to do is to set the parking brake and

then we want to remove the negative

battery cable from the battery next

thing we want to do is to remove this

little bezel around the ignition switch

I'm using a panel remover get right in

there there it is

next thing we want to do with the key in

the ignition unlock it and move our

shifter all the way down the lowest

position next thing we need to do is to

remove these end panels on the dash

there's one on the left one on the right

we'll use a panel remover pop that off

and then underneath there you will see a

seven millimeter screw right there and

we need to remove that now

next thing we need to do is to remove

these two screws right above the

instrument cluster you can use a small

stubby Philips to do that they are seven

millimeter also if you want to use a

socket on those next thing we need to do

is to remove this little panel down here

just connect a light now underneath that

panel you'll see a couple of seven

millimeter screws one right here and one

right here we need to remove those now

after we get those screws out we can

just pop this panel off and then we have

this switch right here and then unplug

that and remove that panel alright now

that we got all our screws off we want

to get this trim panel off right now so

we're going to start from this right

side then we're going to pull back

now we're going to go on the other side

and pull the trim panel back there

alright now we can pull our panel out

here more clips get it out here like

this now we can disconnect our hazard

switch little button right there push it

with a screwdriver and move that panel

well that's a big one huh the size of

that all the way across the dish now

that we have that panel out of way we

can get out the three seven millimeter

screws that hold the radio in

yeah let's pull it out now once you get

it out this far you can see the

connections you have to remove here's

the back of the radio and these are the

connections that you have to remove and

just take your thumb pull the wire out

kind of cool

this one right here has the same

configuration you'll and then pull those

out like that now the only thing that's

holding the radio in now is the antenna

and that's it now once we have those

removed there's the radio

so although

of course to put your new radio on you

might need an adapter for this

particular car and all you have to do is

to just reverse your steps and that's

all there is to removing and replacing a

radio in your Chevrolet or pallet