How to unlock a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado without a key - quick and easy

folks and welcome to my video on how to

get into into your 2003 chevy silverado

1500 short story to this I do not have a

key I went somewhere with my key I

happen to happen to be in walking

distance so I brought my cake is my

house keys on same key as my truck key

and I came to find out that I lost of

all the keys my truck key so and I

happen to need to be able to get in my

truck because I left my book tonight in

there so so I had to figure out a way to

get into my truck because everything

that the internet was telling me from

coat hangers to something with a with a

with a string I don't think it would

quite work on the GM truck it went it

wasn't working out for me and it was

just making me more frustrated so I kind

of had to pick this up I don't know this

is taking yes my doors unlocked I

already solved it

so with with Chevy Silverado is you

usually have a lock like this you just

push it right Margy push it left to lock

it and you have this little thing

sticking now I don't know about the

newer trucks but that's going to be used

to our advantage

I'm not going to lock it just because

because right now right up to this I'm

just going to get a spare key on my

truck I'm not worried about anybody

driving away with a new battery so but

what you'll need for this is - you'll

need two sticks you want one of them to

be flimsy and the other one to be hard I

used in this case used something I got

from it's the gardening section at Home

Depot 401 in France this place and I use

a yard what you want to do is notice

that when I pull on this you can make a

bit of a gap on the top of your door in

the top corner what you want to do I

just did it like this you can do it

whatever way you guys want I got on top

of my truck is beautiful Ellen and I did

was I started investigating this problem

beautiful so just there what I want to

do first is I want to get the card stick


take note into this step for the quarter

inch like that and you want to wedge it

in there you want to get it in between

this rubber in this metal right here the

metal of the door armor and instant

rubber you don't want to go underneath

the rubber because just yourself

I got used to this notice I got it

wedged in there pretty good

you wanna go ahead and cut pill it back

you don't have to do this if you have

some some thinner metal I'm just doing

this because you see how mine is kind of

built and I didn't want to get a hammer

and just climb it so you use the ruler

the yardstick to get your metal end like

so and you can take yardstick out and

then you use the metal because it's much

more sturdy to employer prior door luck

you should be able to see bottom of the

window right there right there in the

middle that's a good sign that you're

doing it right use my foot to hold this

now you take your yardstick again and

you you you figure out what kind of

wedge it down there you know it should

be long enough to be able to touch the

door handle it again which one do then

show you see now my ruler is touching

quite where right there right where the

lock is basically all you got to do now

is poke around until you hear the lot

quit click once you hear that clicking

noise you know it's unlocked and what

you want to do is you do everything that

I just showed you backwards you you pry

the door open let my foot right oh yeah

you want this back in try it is it'll be

in your flexing Rustom the Amen Wow

check that out yeah should be able to

open it and to avert this problem in the

future I do if you have a super cab like

I do you'll probably have a lot similar

to this where you just pop it open you

just go I'm just going to leave it like

that okay and you should be in case if

emergency in the future you should be

able to open this window now from the

outside nobody can tell and you can't

really pry it open with your fingers you

need something like a coin or key you

shouldn't have to use a key I mean these

are for doors but what I'm going to use

in my utility knife I use at work

everyday shove it right here in between

the metal and the ruler try to line it

up to where the thing is yeah lock is

inside around likes it a little bit and

it should pop open like so yeah and

after that you can just figure out a way

I don't know to shove something maybe in

there and unlock on the other side

because we've got

you got the frame right there that's

spotting you from getting a lock in this

door you should be able to push it right

back close and open it up the same way

so that's all I got for this video I

hope it helps hope you folks take care

thanks for watching