Network Unlock Any Phone On O2 For Free (2019) Part 1

welcome back today's tech tips so today

I'll be showing you how to unlock your

phone from o2 so we have to do is go to

the App Store and then get this app

called might owe to instead of having to

pay someone to lock it for you it's just

do it for free now this is what you will

get up after you've signed in everything

else and you've close the app and reopen

derp and done all the initial login in

my current balance my phone number which

doesn't matter is in the video because

it will change so you don't really need

to ring this number because I will

destroy this SIM card after the video so

that's why I don't care about it you

just go to unlock your device and you

will need to wait that's all of it

then you need to go device type Apple or

other so I haven't happened product it's

just there and then you enter the IM e i

number now you'll find that in settings

and it should be in general or and about

my two hopefully that's copied it isn't

done and then you press unlock this

device we will usually contact you in

seven days of the missing your quest

where they text when email and that's

you do and that's how you unlock your

device on o2 free of charge done yep

pretty simple and i'll see you guys next

time goodbye