How to Official Unlock O2 iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C

me to unlock your iPhone to use in a

different network carrier no need to

mess with difficult hacking or have any

technical knowledge with digital

unlocking legit solutions you could

factory unlock any iPhone model any iOS

version this is a permanent solution the

unlock will stay forever even after iOS

upgrades to unlock your device you need

to follow these three easy steps 1 send

us information about your device to

receive the unlock and confirmation in

your email 3 unlock your iPhone using

iTunes step 1 all you need to have

before you start as an IMEI number there

are two ways to find IMEI by using phone

app and simple numbers dealing or iPhone

settings menu then just visit our

website and choose the country and

network of your device if you're not

sure use the online IMEI Network checker

to find out the carrier of your device

fill in the order form with required

information like IMEI iPhone model email

check the Selective data twice and if

everything is okay click the Buy Now

button you will be redirected to the

payment page step 2 after you make an

order you will definitely get the email

that the order was safely and

effectively approved and put in pending

status also you can use our tech order

status option to track the unlock status

of your device step 3 our system will

notify you by email when your device is

successfully unlocked but you will need

to perform some easy steps to complete

the factory unlock process just connect

your iPhone to iTunes and it will be


visit digital unlocking combi get to

know how it works