How To Teach Your Dog To Go Potty On Command - Professional Dog Training Tips

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- Wouldn't it be nice if it was snowing or raining

or cold and gross outside,

or maybe you were late for work

and you had to get going really quickly,

that you could take your puppy outside

and they could go to the bathroom right away

when you ask them to?

Well, I'm gonna talk to you about a few ways

you can teach your puppy

how to go to the bathroom on command.

My name's Kayl McCann, and welcome to McCann Dogs.

The first thing that I wanna talk to you about

is how to actually teach your dog

to go to the washroom on command.

Now, when you take your puppy outside

they can get very easily distracted,

so it's best to keep them on a short leash

and just stand still and try not to talk to them too much.

Stay quiet and let them just think about their job.

Once they go to the washroom,

start to pair the command that you wanna use with your dog.

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