Training for Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Ian Taylor Trekking

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hi I mean four means attracting and I'm

going to talk a little bit about

training for being a trail to machu

picchu now there's lots of inca trails

it's a match of picchu we're going to

talk about the kind of four-day and

traditional inca trail track that used

to book way in advance there are a lot

of other ways and to get onto trek to

machu picchu but they don't go to walk

into machu picchu but most of the trips

we run around the six takes our entire

route which enters the traditional inca

trail or the 4-day Inca Trail now we

have other tracks in South America and

you can check out our website for those

trips but for trek training for inca

trail you're going to be going up and

down steps big steps thinkers and the

caches or big people and they build big

steps and they can be super challenging

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