5 Solo Movement Drills for BJJ: No Partner Needed!

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hey what's going on guys Shane here with

Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and

lifetime martial artist Stefan casting

hey guys how's it going

so today's stefan is going to show us

five movements that you can do to drill

your Brazilian jiu-jitsu by yourself so

these are solar drills they're gonna

help with balance and flexibility let's

take a look at the first one so that's a

sprawl every match starts on its feet

every fight starts on its feet and you

want to be in control of whether the

fight goes to the ground or not

so the sprawl is a great way to stop

somebody from taking you down you get to

start in a staggered stance one leg

forward one leg back doesn't matter

which whichever leg you'd like to fight

with forward you're gonna go here you're

gonna drop your weight both hands go on

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