How to train for an obstacle course race (OCR) | Tough Mudder | X-Runner | Born Survivor | Spartan

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hi guys in this video I wanted to talk

about the kind of training I do for

obstacle course races this is my third

year competing in obstacle course races

and I've taken part in different X

runners a born survivor and Tough Mudder

I've just completed another X runner so

I thought I'd share some of my training

tips with you now unfortunately I have

lots of knee issues and more recently an

ankle ligament issue after a half

marathon are completed last year now I

thought you can't do a great deal of

running anymore for my training but if

you can aim to work your way up to the

distance of the race is a really good

idea most events are ten kilometres but

Tough Mudder for example is about 21

kilometres the way possible don't just

run on roads and flat surfaces aim to

find a trail run that will get you used

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