Bruce Protocol Stress Test

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okay today we'll be doing an EKG on

Brent we've already added in his age

gender race height and weight into the

computer and now we'll begin the test

the first thing a lisanna done is wash

your hands and remove the ten elector

from the package now she'll be using the

abrasion pad to clean off the area it's

very important to definitely get in and

get all of the first layer of skin off

because it can cause a lot of audio

which is extra noise that shows up on

the EKG that can make the test come out


if you cannot talk to your patients

before the test is going to tell them

not to use any lotions or any of like

thick soaps because we need the tests to

be very clear of any excess stuff on

there to cause any more artifact if the

patient has a hairy chest you also need

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