How to Train Kittens to Stay Off Kitchen Counters

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hi I'm dr. Lori leech and I'm here to

talk to you about how to get your cat to

not jump on the countertops the most

important thing about not having them

jump on the countertops is not to reward

the behavior for example if you feed

your kitten on the countertop then she's

gonna jump up on the countertop because

that's where food is and you only have

to do it once in order for her to figure

out hey oftentimes good stuff is up

there so I better go check it out just

in case I'm missing something so that's

the first thing when you feed your

kitten you want to feed her on the floor

or him so feed them on the floor never

feed him on the countertop that's the

first thing the second thing is don't

reward the behavior if the cat jumps up

onto the countertop and she gets petted

every time that she does then she says

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