How To Get 6 Pack Abs With No Equipment (DO THIS ANYWHERE!)

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i'll show you how to sculpt a great set

of abs using just your body weight and a

few square feet of floor first we'll

expose why most body weight ab workouts

are a waste of time then we'll go

through the four ab exercises we'll be

using at the end combine them into a

full downloadable workout that you can

use anywhere so there's three things

that we're gonna do with our ab workout

that will make it far more effective

than most bodyweight ab workouts out

there first to build a great balanced

looking midsection there's four regions

that you need to make sure your ab

workouts are hidden a 2010 study on

tennis players helps explain the

potential dangers of failing to do this

the researchers analyzed the muscle

development of the player's abs and

found major imbalances in fact when

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