Training Show Goats: Part 1

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hello Clarence this is crystal here with

blue cactus dairy goats and I have been

working with my two little retainer

dough's these are two of the dough's I

decided to keep pretty darn good quality

so what I'm going to do is start them

young so that when I do take them to

show in April

which believe it or not it's just about

three and a half months away before

their first show I want to make sure

that I work with them so I did take I've

been taking footage of the first week

this will come in multiple parts but so

for the first week you guys will see and

this is how all Nigerians mainly act but

a lot of the younger dough's as well

they act a little crazy and like you're

going to kill them so getting that out

of the way for the first part I

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