4 Steps To Great Sleep Without Sleep Training

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- If you've decided sleep training isn't for you,

that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do

to help your baby sleep better.

There are still quite a few really effective ways

to dramatically improve your baby's sleep

without sleep training.

One of the simplest things that you could do

is actually just start waking your baby

or toddler within the same 30-minute window each morning.

Now I know waking a sleeping baby might sound crazy

but here's why I recommend doing this.

After six months of age,

the main force guiding your little one's sleep patterns

is their circadian rhythm,

which is also known as their internal body clock.

And the circadian rhythm actually resets every morning

and this is what dictates what time we should wake up

and when we should be asleep.

Therefore, simply starting your child's day

within the same 30-minute window each morning

will reset their circadian rhythm

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