Prime XBT Tutorial For Beginners (Leverage Trading)

you guys may not know this but bit Mex

could be in big trouble they're having

to shut down in countries all over the

world due to an ongoing CFTC

investigation and there's an outside

chance it could get shut down we're

gonna show you an alternative to bit

mechs when it comes to leverage trading

and how to use it

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content you see here so okay guys bit

Mex is in some trouble there's no doubt

about it now how big is this trouble we

just don't know yet but there is an

ongoing investigation by the CFTC on bit

Mex now they've already had to shut down

US accounts they've already had to shut

down accounts in Quebec in Canada and

more recently they've even had to shut

down in their home country of Hong Kong

also in Bermuda and in Seychelles now if

you don't know Seychelles you can sell

seashells by the seashore but you can no

longer leverage trade there so we're

looking today at a alternative for

leverage training which is prime xbt so

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support the channel so here we go guys

we are on the prime xbt website now if

you did not know xbt is an alternative

ticker symbol to BTC so when it says

prime xbt you would actually read that

prime Bitcoin it would be the same if it

said prime BTC a lot of the more

institutional focuses in crypto are kind

of siding with that xvt ticker as

opposed to BTC not really sure why but

that's something that we are saying so

leveraged trading we see that as well

bit mixed uses that some other lever

trading platforms use X BT as opposed to

BTC so here we go guys

let's take a look at what you can trade

here now first I would like to say the

fees on prime X BT are very low it's got

very high liquidity and it also has a

very high level of security so those are

three things that you always

want to see in an exchange now if you're

interested in trading other things than

just Bitcoin now there are crypto

currencies you can trade such as

aetherium x RP litecoin and eos with a

hundred x leverage and the lowest fees

indices which if you didn't know is the

plural of index I'm just teaching you

guys so many things today access the

most popular indices such as SMP 500

FTSE 100 and Japan much more also so on

forex trading is very interesting so you

can go short on 25 forex majors but you

can actually trade up to 1000 X when it

comes to forex so 1000 X with forex

trading so commodities speculate on the

prices of high-profile commodities such

as oil and gold and profit from their

growth and decline it's great to make

money on both ends of the spectrum which

is why people like leverage training

with just regular training or ha tooling

a either situation you know you're

really a slave to the market like you

want the price to go up when it goes

down of course we say buy the dip and

things like that but you really need the

price to go up in order to make money

however with leverage trading you can

actually make money at the top of the

market or the bottom of the market so

you can go long or short so long means

you're gonna bet the price is gonna go

up short means you're gonna bet the

price is gonna go down now these are

things I had no idea about before I got

into crypto I didn't do any kind of

trading before you know I really got

involved in crypto currency and things

like that so if you're new to this and

those are terms that you didn't know

then once again there you go we gave you

something maybe that you'll learn today

so when people are talking about going

long they're talking about betting on

the price going up going short you can

bet you can gamble on the price going

down so here we go guys this is kind of

your account summary so I've actually

put just a little bit in so like I said

the or I haven't said this yet the

minimum that you can deposit is point

zero zero one Bitcoin and so you can see

I deposited just kind of the minimum to

get in here and to learn and that's just

everybody does that before you really

jump full force into a platform unless

you're a very experienced trader which

leveraged trading is more for the

experience but

hey if you point if you put point zero

zero one Bitcoin in there and you're not

for maybe a third-world country that's

not that much money you know so if you

got in here and you lost your ten bucks

which is basically what that is not

financial advice but it's probably not

gonna kill you so I put some in here and

I've been you know playing around with

it just a little bit okay so you can see

here we have available margin ninety

three point one four percent if you

hover over anything that's got those

little dotted lines under it it'll show

you what it is so it says total amount

of funds available for trading

represented and percent available margin

equals available margin slash equity or

divided by equity times 100 socially

your available margin and things like

that so if you want to deposit this is

the way it works you have to go here to

deposit you click here on the left and

you had to put money in your account so

it's really cool what they have here how

you can put money in your account you

can do this through the change Lea

widget here now I believe the minimum

that you can deposit through the change

Lea widget is a hundred dollars so if

you deposit another way you can put ten

dollars a Bitcoin in here from another

wallet if you want to try it out but if

you want to buy with a credit card you

can do it right here on the website

through this change Lea widget this is

not a screenshot here this is an active

widget so you can choose what you want

to deposit or what you want to buy here

through change Li and then it'll go

straight to your wallet so if you want

to go straight to the change Lea website

you could do that as well by clicking

there and do it that way but I do like

the way they have it right there on the

site so okay guys so once you do that

okay once you have money in your wallet

which I don't have any right here

because mine's in my trading wallet so

this says trading account here you can

see it talks about what this is you have

to transfer your money to your wallet

and then withdraw to to your trading

account so all you got to do is when you

have wallet balance over here it'll say

like you know point one Bitcoin or

whatever you would just click fund

trading account here and it's pretty

much instant it takes two or three

seconds to move it over here to your

training account so that's kind of a

security feature that keeps you from you

know accidentally gambling in a way with

too much of your money in your wallet if

you only

want to keep some backup money in your

wallet in case you used all your margin

and you get liquidated which means you

lose all your money and you know in your

account for a trade then that's what

this will allow it to do now another

cool thing here is when you go to

withdraw when you go to a draw it's got

a security feature here we talked about

they have high security you can add a

destination address so this would be

where you would withdraw funds to you

have first need to take it from your

trading account to your regular wallet

and then you would withdraw to a white

listed address so this would be a

Bitcoin address that you choose and this

is a security feature because if somehow

you know prime X BT were to get hacked a

hacker could not send funds out of your

account to any address that's not on

this whitelisted you know account list

so that means that the only place they

could send it to if they got into your

account was to you know one of your

addresses that you've already

whitelisted so obviously hackers when

they get into exchanges that are trying

to do things in masse very quickly and

so this little complication here would

make it much more difficult for you to

get hacked which is kind of cool so

let's talk a little bit about their

affiliate program so I am a part of the

affiliate program like I said you guys

go to prime dot big boy dot live the

link is right over here you can just

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that is my referral link no the cool

thing about the referral program is then

I'm trying to sell you on their referral

program is that it is a a tiered system

so you would get 20% of the training

fees of people you refer but the people

that they refer you would get 15% and

the people that those people refer to

you get 10% and then so forth down the

line all the way to 5% at tier 4 now if

you have a tier 4 and they refer other

people then you know the pyramid just

kind of starts over again for them and

you get left out of that but I think

with 4 levels below you I think you'll

be probably pretty good so it does have

a really cool really robat robust

affiliate program if you'd like to sign

up for that you can once again go to the

link here so okay guys let's look at the

platform itself so one cool feature

about the prime xbt

the platform is you can add a little

widget so if I got rid of this here you

can just hit an X and just get rid of

things and you come here to widgets and

you can add things so if I wanted if I

had a watch list and there's something

that I wanted to to kind of watch the

specific price on an asset I could do


there if I click dashboard um that'll

add there and then for the dashboard I

can add things that I want to see too so

by one day I have like coin

compared to Bitcoin if I wanted to know

like coin compared to u.s. dollar I

could do that as well and put that there

and you can just kind of create as many

things as you want to see you want the

Bitcoin prize compared to the US dollar

this is a good way to watch how assets

are performing against each other so

there's other witches you can put in

here as well you can put positions

obviously I've just have one little

position here that I've taken out the

fill price up to point zero one and you

can kind of see the current price so I'm

actually doing pretty well I'm up about

$200 on the Bitcoin price not on as you

can see I had a very small amount just

kind of testing things out here okay you

guys have to remember I'm not a

professional leveraged trader so I like

to get in and try things before I really

you know go go ham on something but I do

like bacon better than him but current

trades I can click on that now once you

fill up these top three spots then or

top four spots we added one more thing

well I thought it would add to the

bottom here you can actually move these

to the bottom as well and I don't know

why it's not doing it here but there are

other ways that you can lay this out is

along in the short of it you can put

things at the top you can put things at

the bottom you can move it down see so

if I take this here it's kind of like a

website like a website designer like Wix

or something you just click and drag so

see now I've got it over here if I

wanted this to be kind of three-tiered I

could put this here and look now I've

got three things down here I got my

chart you can lay this out however you

want to lay this out which is something

I really like so if we were actually to

do a trade we would go up here we click

on what we want to trade so here's

Bitcoin vs. US dollar so you just click

trade right here and you can do a market

order which is something that you know

gets triggered when

something reaches a certain amount or

that's the that's the limit order excuse

me a market order is gonna trigger right

away so whatever you set over here

however you want you know to trade or

whatever asset you're trading if you do

a market order it's gonna go right away

it's gonna trigger because it's gonna go

at the exact market price of whatever

you are trading if you do a limit order

then you can kind of set the place you

want to trigger if you want to buy and

then the price is gonna have to be lower

if you want to sell the price is gonna

have to be higher so this is kind of

buying dip selling profits that's why

you would want to do limit it's same

thing in a regular trading exchange you

can set a stop loss as well so let's say

you got a trade that's going well let's

say Bitcoin you're longing Bitcoin it

goes from 10,000 to 11,000 you say

there's some resistance there I want to

make sure that you know I want to take

some profit when it gets to 11,000 you

can set your stop your take profit there

your stop-loss you can set it if the

price starts dropping you don't want to

drop below a certain amount and then you

can also do Osio trades which are kind

of conditional trades a little more

complicated than what I like to do

honestly when it comes to lever trading

but you do have that available to you so

overall prime xbt in my opinion is a

good trading platform I am you know as

you guys can see I got 93 percent

available margin over here so I can kind

of go ham and make some money I've

already made a dollar and 91 cents

so it's unrealized though I could lose

it all and get liquidated or I could

take my profits that's a pretty good

profit right there I mean if you think

to yourself like okay let's say instead

of putting the minimum into kind of try

things that my balance was 1,300 dollars

instead of $13 then you know what I

would have made $200 which is a pretty

good gain you know over a short period

of time so leverage rate is something

we're gonna be talking more about on the

channel that something I'm very

interested in I'm trying to do more I'm

never gonna give you guys advice on how

to leverage trade because personally

myself I'm still learning but there's a

very beginner friendly platform and I

really do

like that I like how it shows everything

I'm at the top you're available margin

and things like that so hope you guys

enjoyed this review drop me a comment

below and let me know which trading

platform you would like to see me a

review you would like to see me look at

when it comes to leverage trading or

which one that you like the most and

you know a lot of people use by bit

obviously some people are still using

bit mechs but I think the prime xbt

could be a good option for you so thank

you very much for watching this video

bit boy out