Trading PS4 For PS5 To Gamestop

it's official legit nation the

playstation 5 has been released and i'll

be giving one away

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the video because today

i go into gamestop once again with

hidden cameras

and try to sell them my playstation 4

in order to get a playstation 5. i'm

going to ask if they will

literally trade my playstation 4 for the

playstation 5

and we'll see what happens hopefully we

don't get kicked out

came through

what's up y'all welcome to the channel

today we're gonna be giving away a brand

new ps4 to one of y'all even though the

ps5 came out

just playing guys today we're gonna be

selling this to gamestop

on the release day of the playstation 5

and we're going to see how much they'll

give us for a ps4 because right now

playstation 4's went down the driver

toilet garbage barsuda so we're here at

gamestop right here

we're going to sneak the camera and

we're not going to let them know we're

filming we're going to see how much you

think i'm gonna think like a hundred

bucks that's it i'm gonna think like a

hundred bucks and a kiss

reservations only no additional systems

system is damn far

hi how's it going

you think we're gonna be able to get a

ps5 from this i think so bro

i think it's over i'm gonna ask if they

can directly trade

for a ps5 directly i think so

i think it's possible i'd say honestly

now i'm changing my price

80 that's not i said 50 bucks i say i

want 800 no less

you know what i'm saying depends if it's

in good condition

we like do you have the travis man i'm

uh so i'm looking to trade this one in


um i wanted to try to go because i'm

trying to make money to get the ps5

you guys don't have any in stock yeah we

don't have any right now okay do you

know when you're gonna restock on those

i haven't mentioned it yet most likely

online did you did you hear anything

about the travis scott playstation 5 i

heard that that was coming out soon

there was something on twitter yeah

there's something on twitter yeah

he just tweeted it out so we don't even

know if it's real or not but supposedly

you know what i mean you're looking for

credit uh i will i guess i can kind of

see both

because i feel like i could spend it

here maybe like on some ps5 stuff

but it just depends and that one's like

kind of like a brand new one like we

didn't really do

anything to it like we just kind of

opened it and then it was sitting there

yeah unfortunately it's still going to

be like one step for you

yeah yeah for sure because i mean it's

not wrapped or anything factory wrapped

i'm just i'm just saying it's in good


i think you have to i put the wires on

the other side of the box yeah

but it should come with everything wires

and all so is the playstation vr gonna


like was it gonna work on the new

playstation i think for the most part

but they're also making another version

of it as well okay gotcha

i think it has fortnite on there so if

you want to increase the price for that

it's all free yeah we got you have my

netflix subscription plan

premiums right hulu premium

we got the uh gta we downloaded some

mods on there some cheat codes

no i didn't clear it but i'm pretty sure

they clear it yeah

don't go through the photos now

what if it was jailbroken

you're stupid you're ruining my deal

right here i remember

i don't need i haven't even seen anybody

jailbreak the ps4 i was like i don't see


y'all ever get people bringing in like

jailbroken items not so much

that's crazy y'all still do the thing

where y'all plug it into the tv and all


how did you know are you subscribed

140 versus 112 i'd rather take the 140

and get like two playstation 4

controllers five controllers

yeah check it out everything should be

good like i said we bought like four of

them because we were doing a gaming

channel but then the next month the ps5


out so what 40 store 140 store credit

bro that's crazy

i'm amazed i'm not more amazed that she


i know they have the controller that's

what i'm saying if they're gonna give us

140 might as well get two more

controllers so that we can all play

minecraft at home love minecraft

minecraft oh that sounds good i'm

telling you minecraft on the new ps5

so 140 how much did we pay for it like


i feel like i feel like that's half

that's i mean it's not like

the best but like i feel like i would

have been extremely happy with 200 so i

feel like 140 is not

that bad i mean i think i mean y'all

said 80 bucks

okay to be honest i didn't say it well i

did i switched it dude we have like four

ps4 sitting at home we could come trade

them all

and make how much would that be 42.80

that'd be like almost 600 yeah yeah it

would be one ps5 if we took in all the

playstation 4s

we can do that we might as well because

i feel like we're not going to use

playstation 4

when ps5 comes out thing but i'm just

surprised that they gave you 140 in

store credit

yeah cash 100 there was no cash was like


yeah 100 by 110. es4 controllers

right because it's going to be 140 flat

but then it's probably going to be taxed

for the two controllers

if there's any okay yeah that's fine we

can pay the difference my birthday

today no i'm just kidding now it's

january 22nd she's like here's a free

ps5 controller

yeah go ahead we got the ps5 baby ps5

i know we might have to bring the rest

of our playstation 4s because i doubt

we're gonna

dude they're honestly gonna be sitting

there until they're worth nothing so

might as well just like

do what we can that was a good trade i'm

happy with that actually amazing

so we can all play minecraft now


yeah i have no idea thank you so much we

appreciate it is the receipt in the back

okay awesome thank you so much have a

good one

okay ps5 okay

all right legit nation so we just left

gamestop and we actually this is much

later in the day we actually came back

and sold all of our playstation 4s and

traded them for a playstation five i had

five playstation fours in total

the pro and then four regular

playstation fours

so we got the controllers here right

here two controllers at 70 dollars for

one ps4

which is not a bad ps5 controllers not a

bad trade and then show them the big boy

finally got our hands on the playstation


so you know what i might give i'm going

to give away one okay i'm gonna give

away one i'll give away one

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family channel the legit family and we

got the playstation 5 guys and we got

the controller so pretty good day at

gamestop pretty good haul

pretty good come up more lit vlogs

coming soon so stay tuned and actually

in the next part we're gonna

take the ps5 back to gamestop later

today and see how much they'll give for

the ps5 on release date so we're gonna

do that for y'all guys

they recognized us in there but they

were all good shout out to the gamestop

over here

city base and thank y'all for watching

we'll see y'all the next one peace on me

stay blessed we're out of here