Trading my Xbox for a PS4

once up gamers read drying in here so I

like to keep you updated on my trade

ends and what I'm doing with my systems

and everything telling you about the

deals that I'm making so before the new

consoles came out I was getting rid of a

lot of the Xbox 360 games that I had and

I did a video talking about how I

compared prices from selling it myself

on eBay or Amazon or going to Best Buy

you know a game stop wherever else and

going and actually trading them in I was

talking about how terrible a lot of the

prices were that game stomp was trying

to offer me four games so I did a video

kind of banishing a game stump but you

know I'm not a hater and I did want to

say you know there are times where you

can still get a good deal from these

places especially when trading in so

today I decided I was ready to get rid

of my xbox 360 I have an elite has 120

gigabyte hard drive and I was looking

online again I do comparison if I get

more selling it myself I'm going to do

that but with hardware you've got to

think you're selling it with a lot of

accessories now and also it's going to

cost a lot more to ship so here I am

today this was the best deal I could get

gamestop originally offered me $65 I

think for the system but they were doing

a deal where you could get 30% extra for

your trade ends if you put it towards a

game so instead of getting cash for my

trade ends I decided to do and store

credit so you get more money if you do

in store credit and if you traded it in

for a game then you got 30% extra so

what I did even though this is for the

ps4 I went ahead and told them to put it

down for watchdogs so I just had to

preorder one game and now I get 30%

extra on everything that I traded in so

these are the prices that you're seeing

right here so I ended up getting a total

78 dollars for the system itself and

then whenever you go through you include

the cables the hard drive I threw in

some headsets

and also threw in a few games and again

I was looking at these games online and

seeing how much it was going to cost to

ship them and everything or to go

somewhere else and with these particular

games right here everything worked out I

ended up walking away with a hundred and

fifty one dollars again I've got uh I

got I think eighty five dollars on a


that's after watchdogs is paid off so

that was sixty five dollars but again I

don't have to keep watchdogs I can trade

that in or put it towards something else

so again this was my ps4 fun so whenever

they come out with a game that I want to

play and whenever that patch releases so

we can start recording gameplay which is

happening very very soon in fact it

might happen here in the next couple of

days then we will see what happens there

you go that does for me the red dragon

let me know what did you decide to do

with your old system are you keeping it

and if you are getting rid of it what

are you going to do with it and do you

think I came out pretty well as far as

my system as far as deciding to get rid

of it today that does for me the red

dragon I'll see you next time thanks for