Every New 1.14 Villager Trade (and new trading system EXPLAINED)

hey guys it's Chad today we are taking a

look at the village in pillage updates

specifically trading with the new

villager professions there are 13

different professions and a ton of

different trades how does it work how do

you level up your villagers and what are

the different trades that each

profession gives you well let's take a



so here we are inside of Minecraft and

as you can see I have spent a lot of

work on this episode we're gonna do a

general overview of each of just

basically what it's like to trade with a

villager and what you're gonna be

expecting and then we're gonna go down

and show off some of the specific trades

that they do there's a lot of info year

so I'm probably gonna skim over the

trades and only point out the big stuff

that if you're playing you may really

really want to point out and aim for so

in general trading is very simple we

have 13 different professions that we

can have villagers turn into they need

to have one of these blocks and so

that's what each of these blocks

represents in order to change into that

profession and it acts as their worksite

which is where they will head during the

schedule of their day whenever you click

into one of these villagers this is what

the menu looks like you can tell that

the villager is a butcher so that will

determine what type of traits are gonna

give you you can tell that this one is a

novice so he only has these first two

traits unlocked and then these are his

trades so he will trade you raw pork

chop and turn that in emerald or if you

have emerald he will give you a rabbit's

stew this guy over here is a little bit


because he is now a journeyman so you

can see that he has six different trades

unlocked and you can also see that there

is this like cross out thing ah there

are base prices for all of the different

trades the more you trade the better

you're well known in the village and the

demand there's like some weird supply

and demand thing which I totally don't

understand yet but there is that built

in as well then the price will change on

the trade so we're here what normally

cost me five emeralds has only costing

me one probably because I have already

traded with this villager so much he

likes me so he's giving me a discount on

that iron helmet you'll notice on the

front of villagers all of them have this

sort of badge on the front that is like

a weird stone looking bad over here this

guy has a golden badge on the front of

him if I can actually see it he flashed

it to me come on let me see it there it

is that

little thing is a nice golden badge and

each of the villagers have that on the

front of their skin no matter what biome

they're in no matter what profession

they have and that's so that the player

can quickly determine what how high

ranked is is this villager I've built my

little world here to correspond with

those different badges you start off

with a stone sort of circle and that is

indicated by this section of my trades

next you get a copper badge a gold badge

an emerald badge and a diamond badge and

those correlate to novice at the very

very bottom apprentice then journeyman

expert and master right there at Diamond

level you level these guys up just by

using the trade so if I was to drop a

ton of emeralds in here do this rabbits

to thing a few times it's gonna lock out

the trade and as you can see his level

meter went up if I put in some raw

porkchop put in enough raw pork chop

that is you'll see this white section

that is how much experience you will get

for this one trade so if I undo that or

if I take that out then he is up and you

can see that he went up in experience so

now we'll do another trade he is maxed

out so as we back out of him he will

then level up with those little

particles there and now he is an

apprentice and two more trades are

unlocked and those two unlocking trades

are true for every single villager every

time that they level up you're going to

get two more trades unless if there's

only one item in that level so this is

the world banner pattern and pattern and

that only is the one thing that is

available at this master level trade so

you can see that some of these have a

whole bunch of different options down

here we have five different options that

the villager could trade to are going to

be randomly chosen and that is just what

they'll have so you can see right here

we got the emerald for coal and the iron

helmet so that is this coal right here

and iron helmet there and these other

ones are just forgotten so that's going

to be true with all of these so if

you're really really hoping to say get a

purpose to be traded well you have a 50%

chance that that is what is going to be

chosen so you got to worry about that

when you are leveling up your villagers

so let's go through some of these trades

how this works is this is what you will

be spending or giving to the villager

and the right-hand side will be what you

will be receiving from the villager at

the bottom novice level here we have

emeralds for any type of iron and coal

for iron in the middle here at the

apprentice level we have emeralds for

some chain maille or a bell and then

iron can be transferred in two emeralds

on the journeyman level we have the

extra pieces of chain mail that you

didn't get before and a shield with

diamond being transferred into emeralds

and lava buckets being transferred in to

emeralds then on the expert level you

can use your emeralds to get enchanted

diamond armor and then the master level

you can use your emeralds to get

enchanted diamond armor again just the

two different types or four different

types of armor moving on to the butcher

here on the novice level we can change

in a few different types of raw meat for

emeralds or we can change an emerald

into a rabbit stew then on the

apprentice level we are able to change

some emeralds into cooked meat and get

some emeralds for some coal then here on

the journeyman level we can do different

types of raw meat so this is the beef

and the mutton those will give us

emeralds here at expert you can change

your dried kelp blocks into emeralds and

also your sweet berries in two emeralds

on the master level the cartographer is

very very interesting and he has some

really cool traits that I'll make sure

to point out first does it change paper

into emeralds next is to change emeralds

into Maps which is slightly interesting

but not all that exciting next is to

change a glass pane into emeralds but

here this is an ocean Explorer

map and that takes two items that takes

a compass and some emeralds and this

will show you where an ocean monument is

which is really really neat if you're

looking for an ocean monument and need

to find some you know prismarine or

whatever you can make sure to find a

cartographer and on his second trade

he's guaranteed to give you an ocean

Explorer map because remember they

always unlock two trades and there's

only two trades in this level next as

you move up to journeyman he will trade

you for a woodland Explorer map he'll

also give you emeralds for your

compasses but with a compass and some

emeralds then he'll give you this

woodland Explorer map and this is the

way to find the mansions that are in the

dark oak the the roofed forest biomes so

these are some really really nice maps

that you can get from the cartographer

if you're having a hard time finding

these really neat locations in Minecraft

next you can spend some emeralds to get

any color banner banner or a item frame

and finally is the last really cool

thing from the cartographer is that he

gives you the world or the globe banner

pattern so this will allow you to have a

globe in the middle of your banners

which is really really neat and that

costs a few emeralds to get next we are

moving over to de cleric the cleric will

take your raw or your your rotten flesh

your zombie flesh and to change that

into emeralds or you can spend emeralds

to get some redstone not sure why you

would do that you can also sell your

gold to him or you can buy lapis from

him then you can sell your rabbit's foot

or buy some glowstone you can sell your

scoots which I don't know why you would

do those things are real hard to get

sell your your glass bottles or buy a

few of the indoor pearls and finally you

can sell your another wart or buy a

bottle of enchanting and this is kind of

the bottle of enchanting is the coolest

thing that is traded from the cleric in

my opinion because where else you're

gonna get a bottle of enchanting answer

that's that's pretty neat next is the

farmer the farmer will

buy from you beet roots carrots but

potatoes and wheat most players use this

method in order to get as many emeralds

as they need these are such renewable

resources that they can just set up a

few farms and then trade to the farmer

and because they reset twice a day or

you can just have multiple farmers like

a ton of farmers with these composters

that's how they get all of their


moving on honestly you can buy bread

from him moving on you can sell your

pumpkins to em you can also buy apples

and some pie you can sell your melons or

buy cookies you can buy some cake or you

can buy some suspicious do and who knows

what type of suspicious stew it's going

to be because it's suspicious or you can

buy some carrots some golden carrots or

some glistening melon I'd love to see

someone in UHC try to trade all the way

up just to get some glistening melon to

make some potions

next is the fisherman the fisherman will

buy string from you and also buy coal

from you and in this situation you are

trading raw Cod you've trade like six

raw cobs something like that with one

diamond and then he will cook it for you

so he gives you cooked raw Cod as the

output or he will sell you a cod in a

bucket you can also sell your basic

cottom there's another great way if you

have a afk Fischer on Java edition to

get rid of your Cod and change that into

emeralds and then this is the same

situation you give raw salmon and you'll

get cooked salmon out of it or you can

buy a campfire I'm not sure why you'd do

that you can also sell your salmon

you could buy an enchanted rod who knows

what type of enchant that's gonna be you

can also sell your tropical fish sell

your puffer fish and sell your boat to

him next the fletcher will buy sticks

from you and if you have a bamboo farm

sticks are very very easy to come by

because two bamboo

equals one stick so he'll buy those from

you I think it's a thirty two for one

emerald you can buy arrows from him you

can also sell him Flint and he will turn

it sorry you can sell him gravel and he

will turn it in

Flint for you then you can sell him

Flint you can also buy a unenchanted

beau sell some string to him by a

crossbow sell a feather by a enchanted

bow sell a this guy's a very buy sell

sort of guy you can sell a tripwire hook

or you can buy a crossbow and this last

one is kind of interesting you can give

him arrows and some emeralds and he will

give you a tipped arrow not exactly sure

and by not exactly sure I mean it's the

random what type of tipped arrow he will

give you so but that could be very cool

because those are really hard to create

you need dragon's breath and all sort of

stuff so tipped arrows are really really

neat finally this is we're not actually

not finally this is it next next up is

the leather worker he will buy your

leather sell you leather armor he will

buy your flat Flint oh my gosh this is

like a tongue twister trying to remember

all these things he will also sell you

some more leather armor he will buy your

rabbits I'd sell you enchanted leather

armor by your scoots from you please

don't do that your scoots are way more

valuable than selling them to villagers

or you can buy leather horse armor and

by the way all of these leather armors

can be dyed a random color you can also

buy saddles and enchanted helmets from

him next this is the librarian the

library also has a really interesting

animation that sometimes in the day they

will check library they'll look at

bookshelves near them which is unlike

any other profession so you can sell

them paper and oh this is also special

about the librarian is that on each

level every single level except for the

master level they will unlock a sort of

a random book enchantment so you'll see

this on every single level except for

the master that there is this book plus

an emerald equals an enchanted book and

that can change so there's no specific

enchant there so you can get an

enchanted book again there or you can

get a bookshelf for spending that you

can sell books to him that you can buy a

lantern or get that enchanted book you

can sell ink

you can buy a glass get the enchanted

book you can sell your book and quill

buy a clock or a compass and get that

final enchanted book or you can buy and

nametags from him

next is the stonecutter he will buy your

clay he will sell you bricks he will buy

your smooth stone not like super smooth

stone but just stone so you have to you

have silk touch or you have to use a

furnace in order to get that or he will

sell you chiseled blocks you can also

sell him your diorite andesite and

granite and also he will sell you the

polished varieties of all of those as

well you can sell your quartz to him you

can buy terracotta in a random color or

buy glazed terracotta in a random color

and you can also buy quartz blocks and

quartz pillar blocks from him as well

only got three more to go

finally the shepherd the shepherd will

buy one of these colors so this is

specifically gray black brown or white

from you the natural colors excluding

pink from the from sheep what sheep not

naturally will spawn in with and he will

sell you some shears then he has he has

the most trades because of all the

various dye colors he will buy a whole

bunch of different dye colors from you

and these are the specific ones in this

category white light blue lime green

gray and black and then he will also

sell you a random color of carpet and a

random color of wool and then we go back

to dyes again so this one's orange

yellow pink light gray and red he will

buy from you and he will sell you a

random colored bed the last section of

different dyes so he will buy any of

these from you that is magenta cyan

purple actually that might be oh that is

purple blue brown and green and he will

sell you a randomly colored banner and

finally he ends off with a painting last

but second-to-last the tool Smith the

tool Smith will buy coal and

sell you just Kabul just stone tools he

will buy your iron and sell you a bell

he will buy your Flint and sell you

enchanted tools a diamond and intented

that diamond hoe possibly the only

enchant that really comes to mind that

you want with this is unbreaking I'm not

sure why you would want an enchanted

diamond hoe but you can buy it from him

the other tools will be enchanted iron

you can sell your diamonds to him please

don't do that keep your diamonds around

those are useful and he will sell you an

enchanted shovel or enchanted axe and

then finally at his master level he will

sell you an enchanted pick and last but

not least the weaponsmith he will buy

your coal sell you a axe or sell you an

enchanted sword you will buy your iron

and sell you a bell this is I think the

third guy who will sell you a bell he

will buy your Flint from you that's the

only thing in the journeyman level he

will sell you a enchanted axe or buy the

diamonds from you and he will sell you

an enchanted diamond sword and those are

all of the trades if you're wondering

why I didn't specifically call out

exactly how many emeralds that's because

like we saw with this guy over here the

emerald price can change and same thing

with the trading price that can change

as well so I just kind of generally

showed you what they would sell or buy

from you and there you have it all of

the different trades that those

beautiful slightly ugly big nosed

villagers will give you if you have a

specific trade that is your favorite

mine is the bottles of enchanting but if

you have a specific trade that's your

favorite please comment it down below if

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