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hello everybody this is pral and welcome

to another tutorial on keeping it simple

where we cover all the parts of

minecraft in a simpler and easier to

understand way

most of my tutorials are made for

bedrock edition but most of the time

there is also crossover to java most of

what i talk over

talk about today will be some crossover

but there may be some minor differences

so if you play java

just double check some of the things i

say and today we will be talking about

villager trading starting with some of

the more useless villagers for trading

working our way up all the way down here

to some of the more useful villagers to

trade with

uh we won't be going over like these

specific farms that you can make to

actually like use with these guys

or anything of that nature we will go

over a couple of tips though here just

to kind of get you started

and then for the most part this video is

really going to be focusing on going

over each individual villager what his

professional block is

what his profession is and the

worthwhile trades that you can get from

him including the amounts

of the items that you need to trade with

so why do you need to trade with

villagers or more importantly i guess

why do you want to trade with villagers

you get a lot of good things from them

you get a lot of experience points

villagers have a lot of good things to

trade to give you such as enchanted

books or

cooked meats or ender pearls and a lot

of other things so you have a lot of

stuff that you can get from them

and you need to trade things to them to

get the emeralds to then buy those


off of them now this is going to be the

meh or the useless category

these guys don't really have a lot of

use i did find a couple decent trades

so we're going to go over these guys

kind of quick as we go through i'll let

you see what their profession block is

and then we'll take a look at the things

that they can trade

so this is the fisherman right here

which you can get by

putting down a barrel and linking a

villager up to it the fisherman

he does have a lot of things that he can

trade you for string

20 string will get you an emerald 10


15 raw cod or 13 raw salmon

um all of these will get you emeralds

actually this guy's out of all the

useless guys he's probably the most

useful because

fish farms aren't really that bad to do

but the reason he's in a useless


is there's really nothing of value to

get from this guy

a fishing rod that that's about it so

yeah this guy fisherman we're gonna go

ahead and put him in the useless


we have the leather worker another guy

that is pretty useless you get him by

putting down a cauldron

and linking up your villager with that

cauldron he will trade you leather

for emeralds which isn't that bad if you

have a bartering farm you can get

a whole lot of leather and trade that

off to him so you get a decent amount of

emeralds from that

but he does not have anything to trade

unless you

fancy getting leather armor which i

don't know about you

i don't think leather armor is very

useful moving on

we do have the cleric now this guy right

here use a brewing stand

and he will trade you or you can trade

him rotten flesh for emeralds

honestly this trade is kind of useless

because you have to give him so much

rotten flesh

but if you have any kind of like mob

based farms at all

you probably have a lot of this stuff

sitting around so you might as well get

rid of it

and trade it off to him for some

emeralds um he does have a decent

emerald trade with ender pearls this was

more valuable before bartering firearms

came to exist

so it's a little what are you doing

it's a little yes less useful now and

bottles of enchanting which you can use

to give yourself experience

again these two aren't really very

useful anymore either

next we have the cartographer which this

guy right here

you need to put down the cartography

table you can trade him

24 paper for an emerald or

you can buy maps from him off emeralds

the maps isn't that bad honestly you can

get uh

this is just an empty map but you can

get treasure maps from him that will

take you to sunken ships

or you can get the woodland mansion maps

which will take you to the

nearest woodland mansion still in the

useless category we have the

shepherd which you can get by placing

down the loom

the shepherd you can trade 18 of four

different wool types i didn't write them

all down

they are on the wiki though you can

check those out or

um you can trade him up two there are

several types of dies i think four

different dies

uh 12 of those you can get emeralds for

that honestly you're probably not going

to have a lot of

stuff sitting around or if you would

like to get a banner you can trade him

one emerald for or a number of emeralds

i can't remember the amount

for a variety of different color banners

it depends on which one you get

um you will have different banners

available to you

still in the useless category is the

mason which you can get by placing down

the stone cutter

um this guy right here you can trade him

stone for emeralds which

if you do a lot of mining have a big

project of digging out to do you may end

up with a lot of stone

and a semi-useful trade here you can

trade emeralds back for

smooth quartz blocks um quartz is not


easy to get although again bartering

farms have you noticed that there's a


a theme here a lot of these guys

usefulness has been replaced by barting


um but yeah you can trade emeralds for

quartz blocks which isn't too bad of a


let's end the useless category here

let's move on to the yeah

that's kind of useful i kind of like

this guy i might want a couple of them

first on the list we have the fletcher

which you can get by putting down a

fletching table

the fletcher you can trade only 14

string to get emeralds from and you can

trade him

emeralds to get arrows or

you can get poisoned or tipped arrows as

well um he

can carry all the different types of

tipped arrows

again if you're not familiar with

villager trading as you go through and

unlock all of the

different levels once you get to level

five he will have

one of those types of arrows to trade to


um it's random though what you get so

you may end up needing to get a lot of

these different guys if you want the

different types of arrows

but tipped arrows cannot always be very

easy to make you have to then go through

the process of making potions which we

may cover in

a later video by the way so instead of

having to go through all that

to be able to get them for free not for

free but for an emerald trade from these

guys is pretty nice

and when you trade the emeralds for per

one emerald you get 16 regular arrows or

five poison arrows so it's not too bad

of a trade off either

next on the semi-useful category we have

the butcher

and i was surprised to put them he put

him here um you

get him via a smoker but there was one

really good trade i liked here first of


you could trade him a variety of things

to get emeralds you got raw chicken

14 raw chicken four raw rabbit seven raw

pork chops

10 raw beef seven raw mutton or 15

raw coal and for all you bottles fans

out there i know you guys

love the sweet berries waddles sorry

buddy you have to let go to sweet


trade them to your butcher and get you

some emeralds because 10 sweet berries

will get you an emerald

and this is the one i really liked a lot

one emerald not one emerald but emeralds

i didn't you guys have to go to the wiki

i should have put the emerald amounts


but you can purchase with emeralds

three cooked beef actually i think it is

one emerald one cook one emerald will

get you

three cooked beef cooked beef is

right up there with the golden carrots

in terms of best food in the game

so to be able to get a lot of that

honestly is a really really good deal

moving on to the armorer which you can

make with a blast furnace or get with a

blast furnace

you can trade this guy coal 15 coal or


iron to get an emerald honestly this is

not a bad trade-off at all if you get

yourself an iron farm you can trade iron

all day long

and make yourself rich with the emeralds

that you get

also instead of wasting all your

diamonds hard-earned diamonds on making

diamond gear

instead you could trade emeralds for

diamond gear

the diamond gear will have random

enchantments on it these are these are

not enchanted but they will have random


sometimes those enchantments won't be

that good sometimes those enchantments

will be really good

so armor is definitely in the somewhat

useful category

um the same deal with the tool smith

here which is the same thing except for


15 coal for iron for emeralds and then

you can get the different tool types

the hoe does not come enchanted but the

different tools here do the axe

pickaxe and shovel and then lastly

we do have the weaponsmith same thing

yet again

this this guy swapped places with

their they're trading it's fine it's

fine i'll fix that in a second

the weaponsmith um he does not look like

that he looks like this this is the

weaponsmith guy

um again 15 coal for iron or you can

trade for enchanted sword or enchanted

axe the axe will have some sort of

battle enchantment on it

let's get away from the semi useless

guys or the okay guys

let's fix this issue whatever's

happening here and let's go over the

guys that are the most useful

and last but certainly a lot at least we

have the most

useful villagers in minecraft right here

we have the farmer

which you can get by putting down a


the reason why the farmer is so good is

because all of these things

are incredibly easy

to farm and to set up in one general


and when you when it comes to trading

the best way to get the most emeralds is

to have a

single villager that has a lot of

different trades available

that way you can get the most emeralds

from one villager before he locks up his


he will take 20 wheat 26 potatoes 22


15 beetroot six pumpkins or four melons

it can be any one of these like any two

of these four and i think they always

have the

pumpkins and melons available and you

can get arguably the best food in the

game along with beef

cooked beef is you can get golden

carrots from this guy super super useful

if you don't have a

villager trading hall with farmers in it

you are messing up sir you are messing

up you need to have farmers

next this guy's a must if you don't have

a trading hall dedicated to just the


you you should probably shouldn't even

be playing minecraft what are you doing

turn the game off right now if you don't

have this

or go make it right now one of the two

but putting down a lectern will give you

access to this guy and what is so useful

about him

um he's got a couple of okay trades you

can trade

paper to him or four books him 24 paper

four books to get emeralds

um you could trade emeralds for a

variety of somewhat useful things like


lanterns glass or name tags

but here's the moneymaker right here

guys here's the moneymaker you could

trade him

one emerald or a number of emeralds

anywhere between

i think it's like ten or so or eight

maybe i can't remember how low it goes

it may even go lower than that

and a book all the way up to 64 emeralds

and one book

to get a enchanted book and he

can offer you any of these enchanted

books in the game

outside of i think the new soul speed

ones but outside of soul speed

you can go and the um and the curses

outside of those though

you can get any of these books it is

random so these guys you may end up

making a trading hall

or a trading village with like 30 or 40

of these guys

if you really want to get all of the

enchantments but it is so worth it

it is worth it get yourself a lot of

librarians set up

right now and also they're not good to

trade with to get emeralds from so set

up some of these other guys based on the

things that you like to farm

to get yourself we're going to talk

about him too

to get yourself some all the emeralds

you need to trade with this guy

and we cannot forget about our buddy the

wandering trader

who honestly just sells you a lot of

useful stuff that you can get a lot


but if i'm being fair honestly if you're

really early game

and let's say you want to get some

bamboo but you can't

find a for a a jungle

maybe he'll have it in here for you

right so there there could be some good

things from it but typically

when you see this guy you're probably

just going to do this

and just just take care of him and then

if you don't burn him with lava you

could probably get his leads and then

you can burn your whole village down

which i'm doing right now

there we go um but yeah he's pretty

useless you probably just want to get

rid of him

and that's going to be it guys i want to

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