How to start day trading with little money (2 Strategies)

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today is the day that we're going to be

discussing how to start trading with a

little money or more commonly referred

to in the trading world with a small

account I'm also going to be throwing in

a few comparisons between stocks and a

crypto because there are some slight

variations what's up everyone welcome

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year my name's Alex Winkler trader and

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trader course during this video I want

you guys to think about what is or was

the biggest thing keeping you from

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your thoughts and learn from you ok so

before you do anything you need to be

realistic you're not going to become a

millionaire overnight or even a

thousandaire if that's the thing the way

you want to approach trading or

investing is like any other skill just

keep in mind that there is always

something to improve and learn and the

earlier you start the better the best

way to learn at least for me and

probably most other people is through

experience and then also through other

people's experience however your

experiences will allow you to better

understand the lessons from your mentor

or from other traders much much better

so the two strategies that we are going

to be exploring today is focused on

getting you market exposure so you can

start building up your experience they

are perfect for traders with small

accounts and also with not that much

time these are things you can easily do

between 10 and 30 minutes a day tops you

can always do more but it's really not

necessary quick little side note this is

not going to be day trading because I

really don't think it's worth it unless

you have between five and ten thousand

dollars in your account and you'll

already have some experience built up

simply because the

time that is required to do day trading

is would simply not be worth it to me I

believe for an account under let's say

five thousand dollars last year we

started growing our account from six

thousand dollars to thirty thousand

dollars and if you remember in the

weekly trade reviews it was quite a slow

first few months growing a small account

was also easier to do with trading

crypto because when you trade crypto

there is no pattern day trader rule that

applies to the stock market which

basically says you can't do three

roundhouse trades which is basically a

buy and a sell more than three times in

a five business days so a small account

will have some big issues and that

applies to all accounts under twenty

five thousand dollars also with crypto

fees are usually percentage based which

is great for small accounts and not so

great with a larger accounts meanwhile

when you trade stocks traditionally you

pay a fixed price per trade let's say

around five dollars is the usual ticket

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ask what do you think about this chart

okay so the two trading strategies for

small accounts are number one swing

trading you're going to learn technical

analysis like support and resistance and

some nice price action what volume does

maybe one or two indicators as well and

just a whole new world of exciting stuff

is going to open up to you the world

simply is a better place when you know

how to read charts you'll also learn

things like how news affects the market

maybe it doesn't even affect the market

at all which is sometimes the case and

sometimes the market moves the wildest

when there's no news all these little

discrepancies will become a lot more

clear to you as you start checking out

charts over time I personally love swing

trading it's my favorite way to trade

it's also the laziest way to trade and

the market rewards lazy so remember that

if you want to learn more about swing

trading make sure to check out my latest

video day trading adverse swing trading

the biggest takeaway from that video is

always having a trading thesis and

sticking to that strategy number two

it's very very simple and also very

profitable it all comes down to

into a longer position and really just

investing in the easy way it allows you

to get the max potential out of any

asset class that you believe in in the

long term the great part is the

long-term part so you don't really have

to worry about being right or wrong in

the short term the key here is really

about having a plan and just sticking to

it over the long term check out this

video of our long-term portfolio that is

just absolutely killing it we have a

very strict plan where we just invest

three hundred dollars into three

different currencies every Tuesday

see how specific that is it's like

making coffee in the morning I know it's

gonna happen and I feel weird when it

doesn't remember guys if anything is

just going over your head or it doesn't

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