day trading in the small account this

morning making $100 $100 a day will keep

the doctor away

you probably wondering how does he

survive on making our thing obviously

I'm making money with other things but

for the small account my goal right now

is just to make $100 a day in this small

account kind of slowly grow it obviously

I like to make more than hundred dollars

but I'm gonna be happy with the hundred

dollars a hundred dollars hundred or

hundred dollars not bad not bad for what

two minutes of work one minute of work

let me see here yeah about two minutes

of work today making a hundred dollars

in two minutes with only a thousand

dollars in the account well now it's got

$1,300 in the account but you get what

I'm talking about a lot people have been

criticizing these videos criticizing say

that it's not fair that I use margin or

it's not legit because I use margin but

hey anybody and everybody can open an

account they can use margin they can do

it exactly how I'm doing I'm not doing

anything secret here this is nothing you

know there's no magic there's no

witchcraft it's very simple it's called

leverage for a reason you can you

leverage your thousand dollar account to

get a little bit more bonny power to

make it a little bit more money a little

bit quicker but also more leverage more

risk more chance of losing money so

let's talk about this trade here on SC

SC this morning let's go what's going on

guys it's Monday morning number day

trading in the small account making a

little bit of money green green green

green green talking about this trade

here on FCS C it happened so quickly I

didn't even have my computer right to go

recording wise this morning I've been

watching FCS see basically all morning

since about eight o'clock I was keeping

an eye on it was looking was looking

just wasn't like in love with the pull

backs I was trying to get in here at the

250 area wasn't gonna get filled on this

pullback here was hoping for it a little

bit more you can see how can I have this

250 support ourselves hope I was hoping

for or this pullback to kind of be like

hurry you know down here the 250s

show some nice support and then bounce

back and you can see it went there to

280 so that would have been a beautiful

move wasn't able to get filled and then

the rest these pull backs this wasn't

really in love with because just didn't

really have that support there now

you're probably looking you see my

entries there people always ask you

quickly if you want to know how to add

these triangles to the charts it's very

simple I actually have a video talking

about that but if you're too lazy to to

watch you can go over here you just

click you just gonna go and right click

there you're gonna go to study

configuration we're gonna go to here to

price candle and we're gonna go to here

show trades show orders commit and

you're good to go there you got

triangles now so now that that's out of

the way let's talk about this trade so I

was really just looking for a bit of a

pullback here really wanted that

pullback in the support area which is

you can see kind of right now that

previous resistance there the 270 area

we got a nice little pullback and one

thing I was really looking for here was

get a little bit overextended away from

the EMA's as you can see basically every

time we pulled back below the EMA's here

on this move higher you know we pulled

back and we broke back through so I was

hoping for

a push back over the 280 area which we

did get there at 277 I got filled there

at 275 wasn't able to get filled me

higher than that just was a little bit

sellers coming in there so you can see

that 280 area kind of acting as a

resistance down and now this trend is

trending back down so this was a riskier

buy just because the trend did change so

you can see overall you know we had this

nice trend all morning since about 7:30

going higher higher higher and we kind

of broke through that trend and we

pushed back up there the 280 year now

you're probably wondering why is he just

now drawing lines on the chart and stuff

like that I have four other charts pull

it up on the screen right here

I got a 30-minute got the one-minute at

the 5-minute at the daily chart so I got

other charts pulled up on the screen

that you guys can't see and it's not

that you can't it's not that I don't

want you to see them it's just easier

for the YouTube videos to have one chart

in focus so then we're talking about

that instead of having all four charts

pulled up it's easier to see it's looks

cleaner it looks better and that's what

I'm all about baby making the better

YouTube videos so that's what you're

seeing that's you're seeing that

one-minute chart you're not seeing the 5

minute chart where I already had all

this drawn up at on the 5 minute chart

but just wanna give you guys a breakdown

I think it's also better to kind of give

you that break down now then show you

kind of where I was looking at what I

was looking at and all that fun stuff

this morning really simple really easy I


I was looking for a little bit of a

drastic what is a drastic pullback was

looking for a little bit more of a

pullback away from the emails let me

move this line on here so you see how

you know we pulled back right below that

EMA - that's a port area and that's what

I was looking for Hey

a little bit more of a pullback than

just like you know one or two cents

below we ended up getting down there

actually all the way down to 266 so had

a little bit more wiggle room there

actually had a little bit more wiggle


wiggle wiggle room and now it's kind of

consolidating here the 267 area there's

news this morning you can see it's on

the gapper list trade ideals gapper list

on the top there got a nine million

share float 2.4 million shares trade

it's a day

it's a 53% couple our stocks move around

this morning but right now looks like

FCS sea is the one that wants to go all

the way you can see here on the

five-minute chart look like it wants to

push right here let's see if it pushes

back through that 280 area that's kind

of what I was looking for earlier move

wise was thinking we get that push back

up there about 280 and then possibly a

third of this to the

285 - seven - 87 area which was the

pre-market high and there's 278 on the

bid now let's see is it gonna push I got

some seller stacking up there a 279

right now is it gonna go all the way you

can see how the 5min chart really nice

chart on the 5 minute really showing a

nice trend they're holding the EMA this

is the 9 minute EMA in the 20 ma down

here so a really nice trend this morning

really just a beautiful beautiful little

move here up there to 285 on that first

candle this morning there at 6:30 you

can see 8,000 shares trade it went from

two dollars and seventy went from two

dollars up there to 80 pulled back down

there to 220 and then started to finally

make that move higher

so once the volume came in once got more

action on it there it is up there to e

now so FC SC pop it up on the gap or

list this morning you can see here

making a hundred and sixty dollars

paying thirty dollars in commissions for

3000 shares and then walking away with

129 dollars after commissions and fees

now you're wondering wow you spent a lot

to make only 100 hours you know

obviously I was looking for a little bit

more of a push so I was looking for that

push up there the 2e so that would have

been you know three hundred four or five

hundred dollars in profit but we can get

that push and one

I saw that we were getting held there at

the 270 which was the high on these

candles 278 279 there you can see we

started getting held down there I gotta

get out because this is probably gonna

pull back and that's exactly what it did

it's getting held there again so 278 279

right now holding it down it's always

interesting making these videos you know

right now it's 9 o'clock in the morning

it's interesting because I'm making the

video now and you guys are gonna watch

the video later on today probably you

know around 11:00 or so you're gonna

watch the video and you're gonna know

kind of what happened from here so it's

kind of interesting to see you know this

is my thought process right now this is

what's going on right now this is the

tray and this is the chart but what's

gonna happen once the market opens

questions the million-dollar question

and what's going to happen but for me

I'm pretty happy with making a hard arse

in the small account today I'm not gonna

complain that was kind of my goal today

it was just to kind of make a quick

hundred dollars and then go off and

focus on some stuff

it is Monday I got things I got to do I

was gone last Thursday and last fry so I

gotta you know some business make some

money put some money in the bank and all

that fun stuff so if you haven't or I do

you want me favor hit that subscribe

button I will talk to you guys later on