The Fastest Way to Sell Loot in Sea of Thieves

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the problem with sea of thieves it's

easier to get load than sell it at least

for now even if you are a new player one

lost shipment voyage can get you up to

50 000 gold in half an hour as shown in

my video that's not a good thing since

the faster we get loot the higher chance

we will sell less of it losing it to

others even on reaper's hideout some

people land their bow spread over the

side of the hideout to just drop loot

and sell it it's widely used yes it's

fast but still too slow i will show you

how to sell it at least 10 times faster

than any other method using a headphone

robot i'm aware some of you already use

that but hear me out this method also

prevents a bug from happening where the

loot sometimes despawns giving you a

significant loss which is why some crews

stay away from this method and do not

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