How I Make $30,000/Month on Amazon with No Experience!



everybody its Jordan millionaire

millennial I want to talk today about

what I do on Amazon to make money so in

previous videos have talked about

arbitrage and I guess that's it so far I

want to talk today about private

labeling which is exactly what I do to

make pretty good income on Amazon

private labeling is buying a product

from a supplier typically overseas

typically in China and having your own

label your own brand name put on the

product and then selling it for example

if I wanted to sell like microfiber

cloths right I could take this

microfiber cloths just very basic blank

microfiber cloth I could put my brand

name on it you know Jordan Kilburn's

microfiber cloth I don't know whatever

whatever brand name you want to come up

with and that's the beauty of it you can

make your own brand name and it can be

whatever you want it to be and then you

just import these from you know overseas

and you sell them on Amazon as your

brand name so what I'm going to do in

this video is kind of go through the

process of finding a product that you

think will sell really well and I'm

going to just go ahead and jump in my

computer right here right now and we're

going to get started on that so the

program that you see right here is

called jungle Scout now I didn't use

jungle Scout when I first started Amazon

because I don't even think it was around

back then maybe it was I just didn't

never see it this program makes

researching so much easier like I can I

really I can't even explain how much

easier it makes it so this product is

paid $30.00 a month but you what I do

anyways is buy it for a month and then

you know do a bunch of research and then

cancel it so it ends up only costing

like $30 to find a bunch of cool

products so let me show you how to use

this program because this is exactly

exactly what I do to find great products

that I sell today so in the categories

section well I guess marketplace we want

to sum USA now you can sell in

and you can sell in other countries in

Europe okay and you could sell in Mexico

if you really wanted to UK is pretty hot

as far as sales not nearly as big as us

so I'm going to stick with us for now as

far as categories there's a lot of

categories that are what is called gated

they're restricted you're not allowed to

sell in them and I've unselected all the

categories that I don't sell in doesn't

mean they're necessarily restricted like

toys and games is not restricted you can

sell in toys and games so I guess we

could include that you can sell and pet

supplies but pet supplies are very pest

applies are very competitive so I don't

usually like to sell in there I just you

know that's just something that you

learn whenever you're playing the game

price points so this is the price that

we want to sell our product for so I

like 20 between twenty and fifty dollars

will actually lower that's down to 19 so

we can get all those products there like

1999 1999 to 95 so basically $20 but

they're not actually at $20 exactly so

$50 is the max because I don't want to

sell super expensive things because you

if you're selling something that's you

know 100 dollars people are actually

going to sit they're going to like

compare every single option they're

going to like really go at it so we

really you know it's hard to sell

something that's more expensive

basically I leave pretty much everything

else blank except for estimated revenue

so if you want to make a thousand

dollars a month of profit from one

product you need to sell usually around

3000 dollars because the 30 year sales

will go to Amazon and in the form of

like fees and fulfillment and shipping

and everything that another third will

typically go to the cost that you paid

to buy the goods sometimes it's less

than that you know I have certain

products where I actually get 40 50

sometimes even 60% of the sales but you

know if we want to you know go with a

good estimate 3000 dollars to make a

thousand dollars so basically three

times your desired net income will be

the roughly the amount of sales that you

want to do and we don't need a match

because the more money the better right

and then here comes probably the most

important part is reviews reviews are

directly correlated with the amount of

competition that a certain product has

as well as the lifespan of a product you

know every product will have a lifespan

it will be launched it will be new it'll

grow and then it'll peak and then it'll

die off so we want products that are

still young that are still kind of

taking up velocity so for that reason I

like to go with very small amount of

reviews less than 50 some people say

less than 75 less than 100 I like less

than 50 you can kind of experiment

around and see if you find good products

with more reviews than 50 that you think

you get into but I'll show you in this


why reviews are important in a second so

rating doesn't matter weight can matter

you know I don't want things that are

super heavy because when you're trying

to import stuff from China shipping is

very expensive for heavy items so let's

say max of 2 pounds all right

you could you could leave this this

thing blank and just ship it via like

ocean freighter or something and it'll

be a lot cheaper than air shipping

number sellers really doesn't matter

listing quality has to do with the

amount of like pictures and bullet

points that alistun uses so if we find a

product that is you know 3,000 in

revenue and then as less than 50 reviews

and the listing quality is really poor

we can easily break into there and just

sell a product of the same variety but

we make a really really good listing so

we have high quality pictures you know

fill out all the bull points full

description HTML and everything like

that so you know let's put in a listing

quality maybe like 75 so this is based

on 0 to 100 so this point we can go to

product here I don't like to sell

oversized stuff I actually do sell

oversized stuff and it's a pain so I

wouldn't recommend doing especially for

your first product we don't really want

to mess with Amazon stuff fulfilled by

Amazon and still buy margin you can

check both of those you can search for

keywords sure and these are negative

keywords so anything that includes these

keywords we're not going to include

I just have all these in here because I

don't want to sell clothes and clothes

keep popping up even though I have

clothing category unchecked so I just

discluded all of those so when we click

search it will drop us down and as you

can see we have seven thousand one

hundred fifty-seven results so there's a

lot of products that we can look at and

we can narrow this down of course by

changing these parameters maybe say okay

let's make this only 30 or whatever then

it will narrow these down you'll have

less results less things to go through

and you can download this as an Excel

spreadsheet if you want to go through it

that way I just start scrolling

basically I put it online things I'd

start scrolling so it's actually did

this a second ago and I found a product

on here that was in this criteria and

it's this here so this is a a hammock

cover so basically you set up a hammock

underneath it and then you put it over

it so it can rain and you won't get wet

if you're in your hammock so you know

pretty nice product sells for $30 this

is actually one of the cheaper ones so

once you find a product like this that

you know from jungle Scout one of these

and you think you could sell it then you

go to the Amazon page alright and you

want to look for its main keyword so its

main keyword is going to be probably

like what it is right so this is a a

hammock cover you know hammock tarp

cover tent you know they they fill the

title with a bunch of keywords which is

typically what you do so let's just go

ahead and search Amazon for hammock

cover and I spelled it wrong didn't I

yeah ham awk cover and looking here you

know we've got price point of 20 360 360

here's the one that we saw right 31 I

don't know what this is this is kind of

silly that it's 107 dollars and it's

just a piece of fabric you know $25 $25

$60 this isn't even this isn't even the

same product this is in pet supplies not

even not even the same

product so let's guess let's narrow this

down into sports and outdoors because

it's a hammock cover you're going to be

in sports outdoors to get rid of all

those ones that aren't what we're

looking at so now pretty much everything

on this front page is a hammock cover

right even you even got these weird ones

they've got the bug net and then yeah so

at this point what you want to do is you

want to gauge the competition and make

sure there's enough sales that you can

come into this space and get sales for

yourself so now what we can do is we can

use a tool that basically is going to

show all of these listings in a really

nice organized way so that we can easily

judge whether or not we want to sell or

not now when I first started this tool

wasn't around I recently got it and it's

changed the way I do everything it is

jungle Scout still but they have a

Chrome extension it's a one-time pay so

it's not like a monthly thing it's kind

of pricey I think it was like $100 but

you only have to pay it once and it does

all of this which is really great

because we can see basically everything

about everything on this page we can

even extract the next page so I usually

like to do so we get two pages worth of

data so our average price for this

product is $40 our average number

reviews is 130 or actually 220 and then

our average sales 357 and this is

monthly sales so that's pretty good so

357 sales per month is definitely a good

point to hit because it's probably

several thousand dollars worth of

product so what we can do is let's sort

by a number of reviews and so this one

right here not the same product so we

can actually exclude it by clicking this

little X this is also a hammocks not a

hammock cover will exclude it that's a

paracord thing this is tree straps this

is this is definitely part of our

product you know this backpack I mean

you can kind of go through all these if

you really wanted to and kind of exclude

them but I just wanted to exclude the

top ones because I want to show you that

yes or

are a few that have more than 100

reviews more than 50 but if you look

down here there's a lot of products down

here they're doing several thousand

dollars in sales every month that have

less than 50 reviews so we could easily

walk in and kind of jump into this

product so here's here's one a lot like

the one that we found a jungle scout

this one's a lot like it's same price

point selling 500 units a month and

that's $15,000 in sales which were

probably something like five or six

maybe even seven thousand dollars profit

just on this one product so there's a

lot of opportunity here so let's look at

let's just look at this one all right so

this one sells for $55 it's just it's

just the cover it doesn't include the

hammock so this is all this is as a tarp

and some rope and it's crazy that it's

selling for 50 56 dollars so you know I

think this is a good product I might end

up selling this product actually so

these are hammock covers so they're not

actually hammocks and it shows this guy

in here that's actually photoshopped but

it's just the hammock cover right so now

what we want to do is we want to see how

much money can we make from this product

really you know how much can we buy it

for so we head over to Alibaba right

Alibaba comm and we just type in the

search bar hammock cover that's all I

did and this is one of the first results

right here it's just super basic I know

these are ugly pictures but we're going

to retake we're going to take our own

pictures when we get the product you

know super super simple just it's the

same thing as this and the thing with

alibaba's they can make them different

colors so if you don't like the green

now let's do it in black let's do it in

in blue whatever whatever color you

could possibly want so here's our here's

their price point I say between 8 and 15

dollars the more you order the cheaper

it is cific that goes so if we want to

order say a hundred we could probably

pay you know

$800 you know for a hundred of them so

you know not even $1,000 will get us in

the door here we could even buy less

time we could buy 20 of them for $15

just to like test the market and make

sure that's a will son you know if

you're very you don't want to take a lot

of risk I understand that's what I did I

didn't order a huge amount for my first

order I ordered a little bit so you know

we could we could do that we could order

just 10 20 30 of them but let's see how

much money would make per unit so here's

the FBA calculator Amazon it's a Chrome

extension I use let's say we end up

paying $15 per unit which is that max

price we are still making 28 dollars in

profit that's that's really good


haha you know so that's almost almost a

200 percent return on investment if we

if we get them for cheaper say $12 then

it is over 200 percent return on your

investment actually really great so this

is actually a pretty good product it's a

lightweight not super lightweight but

it's almost under a pound so shipping

wouldn't be too expensive we could

probably actually land it shipped in the

United States we're probably around you

know maybe seventeen dollars at that

point we're looking at $26 profit it's

really good and that's if we sell it at

$55 so there was another one right that

was selling for like you know 30 bucks

let's say we come in $35 and we're still

paying that $17 well we're making nine

dollars per unit which is still a decent

right it's not a full hundred percent

return but let's say we can get that

price down to 12 than it is so you kind

of want to focus really on trying to get

your prior cost price down and the cost

of shipping down whenever you're buying

a product so if we can get this you know

here in the United States for like

twelve dollars and we could sell for 35

we're making a hundred percent return on

this product so it's really that would

be a pretty good product and you

say this is something that something

like I said something that I might sell

so I mean in and that's really the gist

of it you know you have to contact a

supplier you have to negotiate prices

yet you know there's more that goes into

business like I said this is an overview

of what I do on Amazon to make money so

you know I'm going to cut the video up

here because I'm probably running over

time for sure because this is kind of

lengthy but I'm gonna be back in a week

or less with another video we're going

to probably dive into actually how to

contact manufacturers and negotiate with

them because negotiations with you know

people that speak another language they

can get kind of complicated so we're

going to go into that and kind of just

talk about you know how to negotiate the

best price for you and for them and then

probably talk about importing as far as

you know what you need legally and stuff

like that yeah that's that's it for this

video if you thought this was helpful

you know drop a comment I'll be happy to

answer any questions you guys might have

you know add me on snapchat me on insta

and I'll see you guys in my next video

thanks for watching