How To Make Money On Amazon In 2021 (For Beginners)

hey guys mike vasil here and just like

that we're going to go over these

websites where you are going to learn

how you could leverage these websites to

make a hundred to a thousand dollars a

day on

amazon and we're starting now

hey guys mike fasil here and in today's

video we're going to go talk about how

to make money with amazon there's so

many different ways to make money on

amazon and it's not just like your

cookie cookie

cookie cutter way that you see on

youtube so the first way is really

amazon associates you literally just

sign up for this it's free and you could


anything on amazon and get commissions

from it one of the most lucrative ways

are just cameras because they're very

very expensive things so the more higher

price point the product is the more

money you could actually go ahead and

make a lot of people make a lot of money

just on the side

promoting and recommending high ticket

products like for example cameras and

like i said it doesn't necessarily have

to be cameras you just look around

you have your tv you have strollers if

you have a baby you have your baby


there's so many ways that if you just

leave a review on amazon

or on youtube with like your free

affiliate link on amazon

you could go ahead and make money so

that is the first way the second way

actually is direct publishing or kindle

publishing or creating audiobooks

now i actually have friends that make

anywhere from like 10 grand to 20 grand

to even 30 grand a month

um promoting books that they don't even

have to write themselves

me on the other hand i ended up writing

these books but as you guys can see i

don't have to actually create the books

i don't have to ship out the books i

don't have to

store the books in bulk i could just go

ahead and sell my own knowledge on here

for free

with kindle direct publishing now it

doesn't necessarily have to be a book

that you write like there's a lot of

people that write books kind of like

this that they literally find a

ghostwriter to do the hard work for them

and they turned it into a business

themselves a lot of these books that you


not a lot of the authors themselves

actually write them

and they get someone else to ghostwrite

them for for maybe like 500

bucks i guess for a book but if it does

do really well

and gets a bunch of sales and that's

pure passive income on your part now the

craziest thing is i remember when i

first moved to chiang mai thailand it's

a place in thailand where there's a lot

of people that work online

ended up leaving you know the uk

australia and america to go and live in

i actually met a friend that did really

well on this and i found out what books

do you actually sell do you actually

even write these books yourself

and he told me that he writes these

style of books where like they're

vampire romances

or you know like where some type of wolf

comes from the

mountains and goes and like takes a

woman and makes her fall in love it's

just like the weirdest of niches

but for some reason that's where most of

his money was coming from

with kindle direct publishing all these

like romance style things because

when people really enjoy the first book

they continually buy more and more

and the craziest thing is he's not a

writer he's just some british guy

that hired somebody else from the

philippines to do all the writing for


to make the most ridiculous story when

it comes to romances and vampires and

motorcycles and it's just really

interesting a lot of these people are

making money

and odds are most of these people didn't

even actually write the book now the

third way is drop shipping so a lot of

people what they're actually doing right


is they are going and taking products

from other places like for example

walmart or other products like overstock

and they go ahead and they just list it

on amazon now there is like

some things that you have to do a lot of

hurdles on i remember when i learned


tactic around 2013 i think and it just

blew my mind that

i i never understood why people would

actually buy things that are cheaper on

walmart on amazon

and it's literally because of the fact

that amazon is the marketplace in its

own little universe in itself

like when you go to amazon you don't

really go and shop around you just go


make an order and get your order within

a couple of days that's why a lot of

people are taking advantage of the

amazon brand and realizing wow

i could actually go and sell other

people's products on here

meaning it's a very low risk to me the

only downside

it's very very low profit margins now

the fourth way which is what i did back

in i think 2012

2013 and that's amazon fba now this is

gonna be a lot more higher ticket you're

gonna have to

have a higher risk like what i did is i

ended up buying like 3 thousand to five

thousand dollars worth of grill gloves

and as you guys can see it's like a

dollar to do dollars here

it's like a dollar two dollars per pair

here and we were flipping them for like

15 to 20 bucks

on amazon right here these were kind of

like the style of gloves that we were


go ahead and sell and these were

actually my competitors back in the day

so it's actually really crazy that

they're still

doing really really well you know they

have 2000 views they're selling it for

17 bucks

but their price is only about two

dollars right

so after amazon takes their fees they're

probably keeping anywhere from like five

to ten dollars a pop if you are able to

make this happen it is

pretty passive income the only downside

is it's a lot higher risk than you think

um competition comes in when people see

things are doing really really well

they come and take you like for example

i sold these gloves and

i was kind of like the first movers

advantage but then everyone started

selling the exact same damn gloves as me

and it turned into a giant price war

i remember these guys were literally

like the top dogs at the time

and they just like bullied me around

they charged

anywhere from like nine dollars to

really beat me from like the reviews

and i was a small person right so i

couldn't just give

all of these products away technically

at break even to just buy more because i

didn't have the capital

to buy more and more grill gloves and on

top of that it takes anywhere from like

three weeks to even three months to get

these products from china

and then sent over to amazon that's not

also talking about the different

negotiations that you have with the

chinese because all these are chinese

manufacturers a lot of them are really

interesting when it comes to

english you speak via skype it's it's

literally negotiation

so even though it says a dollar to three

dollars per piece they're open to

negotiation and

another downside is you need to place

what is called an moq

which is a minimum order quantity so if

you do not like high risk things

even though this you could get passive

income it's it's still one of the most

high risk things especially if you were

just getting started expect anywhere to

spend two thousand to three thousand

dollars just for the product

and then you have to go and figure out

how to optimize this specific listing

so that it actually can be seen on

amazon you know you have to learn how to


the right descriptions the right words

that get people to buy and not only that

but the right titles as well as well as

a lot of the search engine optimization

that's a whole nother skill

i wouldn't actually recommend this to

get started with amazon there's a lot

less riskier ways

like if you look at the amazon

associates and with this the only

downside with this is it's not as

profitable as some other ways that i'm

going to share with you pretty soon now

the fifth one

is starting to learn all these things

but then selling it as a service

there's like this little gold rush where

a lot of people are realizing that it's

very hard to make money with amazon

because of the competition

and because of the barrier of entry like

you need anywhere from like five

thousand to ten thousand dollars to

actually go ahead and succeed with this

i have a friend here in bali that does

really well on amazon and he said mike

the reason why beginners fail at this is

because we bully them out

we literally launch anywhere from like

three thousand to ten thousand dollars


of money that we use to launch each one

of these products

and we expect many of them to fail but

the ones that do succeed are the ones

that make up for the losses

the problem with beginners when they

come into this is like i said they don't

have the experience and the knowledge

and the expertise actually grow this

right so a lot of people are doing now

instead is they're leveraging the people

that already have the money

they go to people that want to invest

into certain things into certain assets

or whatnot and they said hey

what if i just build all this for you so

instead of you

actually investing your own money you go

up to somebody it's called a high net


individual and said hey i'll literally

build your amazon band for you you

literally don't have to do anything

and you just have to upfront the the

capital that's really it

it's a smarter way because you guys got

to realize that when you get started in

online business especially amazon

it doesn't necessarily have to be your

own money why do you think people in

silicon valley raise millions of dollars

they have like a lot of people have the

money themselves

to actually go and you know build their


the thing about these entrepreneurs

though is they're very smart and they

don't invest their entire life savings

into things

that's why they raise capital and that

way they mitigate the risk

by having higher people with more money


if they lose their money it's a very

very small fraction of their net worth

compared to most people that get started

in amazon they're like oh my god let me

just take my entire life savings

just throw it in there and they mitigate

their risk by turning this into a


while also getting a percentage of the

upside you see

you probably see the ads over and over

again they're like oh we'll build an

amazon store for you

and what that service essentially is is

they're gonna build all this for you

they're gonna charge you ten thousand

dollars up front

and they're gonna charge you anywhere

from twenty percent to forty percent of

your profits

they're probably wondering well why

would investors actually want that well

they don't have to do anything

and all an investor thinks is okay where

can i park my money

where i'm going to get more than 10

return of my investment right

so if could if it could be index funds

or real estate you know

that's that's going to be in their

higher risk class of investments

you don't they don't want to learn all

these things so all you got to do is

literally learn by watching a bunch of

free videos

you don't use your own money maybe get a

course or two but then

when it comes to investing in products

you partner with people

who are already looking to sell on

amazon this is literally what i

could have done back if i decided to

stay in amazon

i i was getting anywhere from like 10 to

20 sales a day back in like

i don't know like several years ago and

i was like man this is like too

complicated i don't have enough cash


to really invest in more but people were

seeing that i was getting 10 to 20 sales

a day with the grill gloves that i was

selling so i had a friend that owned a

bunch of tanning salons and he was like

i want to get into amazon

and we were going to make a deal but

then i ended up leaving america to go to

asia and then to

get my entire fantasy so then i never

pulled through but it is a good

opportunity especially if you are

willing to put in the sweat equity

which is pretty well if you're just

getting started in entrepreneurship you

have somebody front the money but it's

your time and your sweat equity

and your learning curve that you have to

figure out and

make sure that you don't lose that

person's money as well now the six way

which is a lot

you know less of a stress thing because

you're technically kind of like an

employee for somebody else

and that's becoming a freelancer for six

seven and eight figure

amazon businesses i'm talking about

existing businesses

now i have a really close friend here in

bali this is his main business he

started off as a freelancer

um really helping out people with amazon


he first started selling on amazon and

he's like oh this is too much i'm just

going to turn this into a service

but the the difference between selling

it as a service to you know well like

people that want to invest money this is

essentially like you're a service

provider for an existing business

so if you can see right here this person

does listing optimization

so he literally helps the seller

somebody who's already selling selling

on amazon create this entire thing

right because the thing about all these

products is there's a businessman behind

it that doesn't want to do all these


the problem with most people is they

think when they get started in

entrepreneurship they have to do

everything but they don't what you can

do is you can literally

specif specify a certain skill set that

you are good at

you could learn it on youtube right

there's a bunch of free videos

and you could then sell that as a

service this person charges 75

an hour has made over two hundred


dollars and he's from the us this person

is from the uk charges fifty dollars an


a hundred thousand dollars earned and

the craziest thing is like i said

you could use this to start you know

maybe if you have a job

start leaving your job just a little bit

start making money online and then you

have like the safety net

where then you can start focusing on you

know different other business ideas

and you can just check it out on and last but not least

this is my favorite because when it

comes to a gold rush

the people that make the most money

aren't the people that find the gold

it's the people that sell the shovels

and that is becoming an affiliate for

courses that actually sell on amazon

you know what you see the entire demand

is a lot of people are going on here and

trying to figure out how to make money

on amazon

which means if you really think about it

it's the exact same thing in the gold

rush a lot of people are going to


same way to find gold a lot of people

are going to amazon

to make money because it's like the

biggest freaking company in the entire


so what a lot of people are doing is

skipping all of this

and just going straight to email

marketing building an

audience on their email list they don't

have to make videos and then promoting

high ticket offers like i remember when

i i built like a small

list of uh emails back in the day even

before i started youtube right

um and and i remember for some reason we

were running money uh we were running

ads on facebook ads

and my facebook ads were just completely

destroyed i was banned from running ads

from facebook for some weird reason i i

ended up getting it back

but for a couple of months i was scared

because all of my income was just gone

and all i had was a very small email

list and a

a group of people that wanted to learn

how to make money online now the thing

about that at the time is

uh this company started you know

creating high ticket products they were

like five thousand dollars

per course or whatnot right and you can

see kind of like the affiliates

you might notice this guy he has like a

big youtube channel and all these other

people that also

kind of promoted this product or worked

with them in the past

and what they essentially do is they

teach normal people how to start a

business on amazon

the crazy thing though is this product

is like five thousand dollars

the good news is is they do all of the

selling for you

right so when i was like literally like

all my income was gone

i had this i didn't have any product to

sell but i had the small email list

i just asked them what it is that they

wanted and they're like i want to learn

how to sell on amazon

but me even though i was getting 10 to

20 sales a day on my amazon business in

the past before i stopped it because of

just competition and headache and hassle

i was like you know what i'm not the

expert let me go find and partner with

the expert

and that's when i actually bumped into

these guys and a lot of these people you

know you get half

or i think 40 percent of the the sale

so imagine this i just sent similar like


like emails to my email list that people

are like oh wow i want in on this

they did all the selling for me by doing

webinars for me by doing video sales

letters for me by doing email marketing

for me

on their end and if somebody ended up

buying i would get anywhere from like

two thousand dollars

commission so that first month i only

got five people to buy right i only got

five people to buy

but that was ten thousand dollars profit

into my pocket

now you got to compare that to how long

it will take you to do ten thousand

dollars profit here

right you have to trade your time for

money so it's essentially a job uh if

you look at here

you're you're trading a lot of money up

front so you're literally spending five

thousand dollars of money that you might

not have that you might put it on a

credit card

and that's what makes it scary to make

ten thousand dollars

say you sell like 20 products a day

20 products a day at i don't know five

dollars profit so that's what like a

thousand what the hell am i talking

about that's like a hundred dollars a

day profit

so that's about like three thousand

dollars profit and you have to get 20

sales a day

okay compared to five sales a month then

you have this the profit margins could

literally be as low as like two percent

right in some cases when i was doing

drop shipping my profit margin

because i was doing it this way from

like walmart to ebay or walmart to


it was literally as little as two

percent i may made most of my money from

the travel awards credit cards and the

cash back sites like racketon

where i would get like a two percent for

every single hundred dollars that i


spend and this it does pretty well i do

i have some friends

that do really well this but because the

barrier of entry is very low

the competition comes in so the thing

that people are making the most money

now isn't even from ebooks anymore but

it's from audio books

but it was like that several years ago

ebooks was a thing then it turned into

paperback books

then that turned into audiobooks but

then as the barrier of entry is very low

more and more people are going to come

in competition comes up same thing that

happened with amazon associates

the problem the most amazing thing with

this is you don't need that big of an

audience you don't need that big of an


list and this is like just affiliate

marketing in pure essence

you build an audience you then sell a

product that you do not own you do not

have to create you don't have to fulfill

you could be a one-man person

or one woman person you don't have to do

any customer service and you can grow

this pretty damn big

right and this is just one form of

affiliate marketing we even have faster

forms of affiliate marketing if you

check out the free workshop below

where people are going from zero to a

thousand dollars a day with this


little thing that is happening right now

especially during lockdown

as well as if you need to help with uh

doing this yourself with email marketing

or building

your own website to start building a

brand if you don't want to be on video

check it out on the link below

love you guys i'll see you guys later