How to start an Aliexpress store? - step by step guide (2019)


hey guys this is just so from Shanghai

Silk Road and in this video I want to

answer a question which I received from

one of our viewers on YouTube he's

asking if how can they set up Aliexpress

a store okay there's a there's a store

called Aliexpress for people who don't

know okay all Express is owned by

Alibaba Group and it's basically you

know website a marketplace in English

for customers outside China okay you can

go to Aliexpress comm and start

purchasing items they're very very cheap

and how can you start a store there so

hey guys now we are on Aliexpress seller

page basically so if you want to

register a store on Aliexpress all you

have to do is come to this page sell and so as you can see

here it's got all the information you

need it says open your store and I'll

Express and reach millions of buyers all

over the world etc so to start the

process you have to click on this big

button join Aliexpress but before that

let me show you some you know

information they put here for the new

sellers so okay first thing all you have

to do is have a current business

registered business v80 number and ID

number of company legal representative

and estimated process time they say only

take two days but one thing I need to

clarify here legal representative

it's in Chinese they call the director a

legal representative okay so don't

assume that this is not your company

lawyer this is the director of your

company okay so for example if you have

a company in your country you you're

like in Chinese terms you're you're

called legal representative not the

director so basically this is the

meaning here

and another thing is they don't clarify

here in the beginning that your company

should only be you know registered in

certain countries okay like they only

accept five countries for now alright as

international you know sellers or you

have to register a Chinese entity here

so if you're not from those five

countries your only option will be to

register Chinese company W for your

movie and then start you know opening

your Express store so which countries I

will show you later on if you keep

watching the next thing is they give you

some information about the charges so if

you run any store on eBay or Amazon or

Etsy you should know that those

platforms multi vendor platforms they

operate on transactions okay yes there

are certain fees they charge for you

know every transaction from every

transaction all Express operates the

same way so the Commission fee is only

charged on the actual store transactions

in the range of five eight percent okay

depending on the items the categories

obviously a last thing is about the

payment system order shipped will be

paid immediately after the buyer

confirms to receipt okay so your buyers

should confirm the receipt before you

get the paid okay

does not apply in case of risk high risk

for actions from suspicious accounts

obviously so okay

I suggest once you're on this page I

suggest you go through all the details

okay they might be helpful for you in

the future let's continue okay

we click on this button and it will take

us to the registration page alright so

I'm going to use again another very

important thing here is you have to use

new email okay you cannot use your

existing Aliexpress email because this

time we are creating an account for

selling okay not for buying so I'm going

to use a new email that I've just


okay so you can do the same and just

enter your password repeat okay

and then just and you just have to slide

this thing for verification and agree

continue alright so I'm going to go and

check my email now for the verification

code so okay guys this is the code I got

into my email they sent I'm going to

submit now and then we're going to go on

to the next step

basically business information in here

basically you you have to choose the

country which I mentioned your business

is registered right now they only accept

these five countries Italy Spain Turkey

France so say that your business is

registered with one of these countries

you can open your allocate Aliexpress

store if your company's not registered

in than one of these jurisdictions you

have to register a Chinese you know

company and then you can carry on so

okay for example this one if we select

Italy it gives us you know for example

you know we have to choose company type

basically let's say it's limited

liability company and then obviously you

have to enter all the other details


it's v80 information tax information

company a name company you know

basically telephone them all the details

of your company and then lastly you have

to enter the bank account so after that

you click Next and then you will go to

the application review in the beginning

they said that it will take only two

days yeah which is true I have already

gone through with this and after two

days your application will be April

and your store will be open basically

which is true for free okay you don't

have to pay anything to open this store

however to operate the store you know

you have to pay certain amount

okay a little Express store is not for

free technically speaking because there

is a like annual fee that you have to

pay I'm going to show you my you know

dashboard my own dashboard and then you

can see the annual fees there are all

the details okay all right guys this is

the once your account is open with

Aliexpress store the seller account this

is your dashboard okay now I haven't you

know provided my you know billing

account company's corporate billing

account documents yet so I need to

complete that step by anyway as I

promised the only thing I want to show

you is the annual payments okay here

after paying the annual fee you can open

your store meaning that right now you

only have a dashboard you cannot operate

your store yet okay so please know

download the annual fee will be valid

based on specific time we highly suggest

you do not pay the fee on 1st of every

month they won't incorrect activation

time basically whatever they say here I

suggest you follow that this guidelines

and if you have any questions you can

contact them directly because just to

avoid any you know misunderstanding so

all right let's go to the annual fee and

categories list 2019 I click here it

gives us all in Chinese guys because I'm

using you know Chrome translation

services just for demonstration purposes

because my company is in China that's

why I registered as a Chinese entity ok

I'm going to show you in a moment

if you have a Chinese company the link

you have to go is slightly different so

we translated the page using Chrome

translation so Aliexpress 2009 under

world technical service on all

least okay it's a little slightly wrong

translation by the way you get the point


so in here as you can see business

category jewelry watches for example

it's ten thousand okay you have to pay

ten thousand USD all right that's all in

USD guys okay here we go

it's USD so category that can be

released under a large cat okay

translation again did a little bit along

but still these are the items you can

sell under this category okay and

whether to open basic sales plan yes you

can open and fifty percent annual fee

corresponding to annual sales five

thousand and return 100 percent annual

fee corresponding to a no sales

thirty thousand okay so there are all

these details so once you get to your

dashboard you get access to these

details okay investment plan seller

story you know all these different

things basically you can scroll down

there on all these categories as you can

see closing wedding dress beauty care

etc etc okay all of them they are they

cost okay okay you know some of them

cost you eat cigarettes for example some

of them cost you $30,000 a year okay

they're not free so whoever saves you

that Alex press store is free they're

either missing point or they don't know

alright so let me show you if you have a

Chinese company let me show you how to

register or where to register from okay

so okay guys once you click on that

registration button as we've been in on

this page before it goes to this

creating page account right so imagine

if you have a Chinese company you don't

have to fill this form but you have to

go to this up you know top right corner

okay and then click on this alright if I

click on this it will take me to the

Chinese registration page alright here

we go this is the Chinese registration

page okay

Internet is a little slow

all right so as you can see all in

Chinese I have to provide my email

address and then do the verification

thing and then I click agree and click

Next so basically all the steps are the

same you have to provide the business

information lastly you have to you know

it goes application review last step and

then it takes only two days for all

Express to approve your account and then

you take it from there you pay our

little fee and then you can start

uploading your items on your store

basically you start fully operating

that's it basically in two days if you

manage to pay your annual fee then you

will have our Express store ok guys I

hope this video will be helpful for some

people who are interested in starting

our Express store and if you need help

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