How to Sell on Amazon in 5 Steps

there's five steps to selling on Amazon

and the first step is to pick a model

each of the different models for selling

on Amazon has a pro and a con to it and

by the end of this video you'll know

exactly which model you should use then

you'll pick a product and I'm going to

share with you a free product research

method that beats eight a lot of the

paid services out there in addition to

that I'm gonna share with you what my

current product is that's doing over

forty thousand dollars revenue a month

and even share with you what my next

product will be step three is to create

your listing and I'm gonna share with

you 10 different secrets on how to make

a product listing on Amazon that people

will want to buy and I'm going to share

with you the biggest mistake that most

Amazon sellers make and how to avoid it

the next step is one of the most

important steps and I want to share with

you exactly what my product launch

strategy was and I do something

different than what anybody else out

there is doing I call it a product

launch group and using a product launch

group is how I was able to get 75

reviews within the first few weeks and

do thirty thousand dollars revenue by my

second month finally the last step is to

keep selling and keep growing on Amazon

and I have some really cool techniques

I'll share with you on how to do that

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because I'm gonna be sharing a lot more

valuable Amazon tips techniques and

secrets just like this one in the next

few weeks there's four different models

for selling on Amazon retail arbitrage

wholesale private label and creating

your own product each of them have pros

and cons retail arbitrage is where you

go out you buy things that are on sale

and you basically flip it on Amazon and

make a little bit of a profit now the

benefit of this is it's very easy to get

started it doesn't take that much money

to get started but the downside is it's

not really a scalable business wholesale

is where you go to manufacturers you buy

things for wholesale prices and again

you pretty much flip it on Amazon the

benefit with this is it's relatively

easy to get started and it takes less

money than it does for private label or

creating your own product the downside

is there's nothing stopping the

manufacturer from going directly onto

Amazon there's also a good chance that

you might have competitors into the

market because there's no reason that

that wholesaler couldn't sell to one of

your competitors which makes it tough to

create a sustainable business from this

business model the next business model

is private label and this is where you

find products that people buy off Amazon

and you basically create your own

version of it you slap your private

label on to an already existing product

pros of this is you can create a product

and be the only one selling it but the

downside is there's probably gonna be a

lot of other competitors that can do the

same thing obviously they can't sell

your brand of that product but they can

sell their own brand

so the moat around your castle isn't

that big and finally there's my favorite

business model which is creating your

own product this is what I do and this

is what I teach you can take existing

products and make them better or just

create a product that is not yet exists

in the world I'll talk about what my

product is and my method for this in the

next step but the pros of this is you're

creating a better product or a product

that does not yet exist which means

you're creating a whole new category and

you won't have any competitors it also

means you'll have a bigger moat around

your castle because let's be honest if

you have a cool enough product that's

making sales eventually a competitor

will come in but you do have a bigger

moat around your castle so it's gonna be

a little bit harder for them to copy

your product than it would with a

typical private label product I did any

much more in-depth comparison video on

the different Amazon business models and

I'll put a link to that down below once

you pick your business model you need to

find a product sell on Amazon now how

you pick a product will be different

depending on what business model you're

using on Amazon if you're doing retail

arbitrage basically you're gonna want to

look for something that's on sale that's

cheap then you can make a profit on on

Amazon it's pretty simple if you pick

the wholesale business model what you're

gonna try to do is find a product that

isn't already being sold on Amazon go to

the manufacturer and ask to wholesale it

and basically just sell it on Amazon if

you're looking to private label ideally

what you'd find is a product that has

eight a lot of sales but a crappy

listing you'd make your own version of

this product and go on to make a much

better listing and this is all the

secrets we're going to talk about in

step number 30 now to find a product if

you want to save time there's jungle

Scout in viral launch which will help

you do product research which I have

links to down below or if you want to

save money you can do it the manual way

for free and I did a video on that and

basically you can use the $9.99

technique or a free version of Jungle

Scout not a lot of people know about but

down to my favorite way to select a

product to sell on Amazon and that's to

create your own product ideally what you

do is scratch your own itch figure out a

product that you wish existed in the

world this is what I did with my

product I was looking for a healthy fat

on-the-go snack and I couldn't find it

so I created my own and to find out what

my next product that I'd sell on Amazon

I asked my product launch group what do

they wish existed in the world or how

can I make my product better and in step

four we'll talk about a product launch

group which is the most powerful tool

nobody is teaching nobody is talking

about this means that even if you don't

have any money you can sell on Amazon by

crowdfunding your idea if you need to

help coming up with an idea for your

passion product I do have a checklist

and a video as well that I made for this

okay now that we have your product it's

time to create your listing and I'm

gonna rapid-fire teach you 10 different

secrets to create a great listing the

main image is the most important thing

most beginners mess up you want to have

his little white space around your image

as possible it's also better to use a

computer rendered image in my opinion

than a real photo for your title you

want to include keywords and talk about

the benefits of your product same thing

for the bullet points you want to also

include keywords here and talk about the

benefit of your product and why people

should buy description is your last

chance to convince people to buy your

products so really hype it up and talk

about the benefits make sure you're

utilizing all nine images that Amazon

allows you to have you can do things

like showing your product in use showing

the benefits of your product and just

showing your product from different

angles the question-and-answer section

is a chance for you to get rid of all

the fears people might have about buying

your products if you want to get people

to buy more than one of your products

you can use a coupon stack which gives

discounts if people buy multiples if you

have a trademark make sure that you get

branded content which allows you to put

images in your description should also

add a video which is a chance for you to

connect with your audience and really

sell them on why your product is perfect

adding a coupon code is a good way to

make your product pop on the search

results and make people feel like

they're getting a good deal

and finally there's reviews which may be

the most important part of your product

page you want to do whatever you can to

get 5 stars

make sure you're within amazon's Terms

of Service now that your product page is

dialed in it's time to get excited and

it's time to launch your product now the

key is to get as many sales as many

reviews as fast as possible there's a

lot of different methods that people use

to get sales and reviews right away but

most of them stink what I recommend

doing is using a product launch group

and ideally you build your product

launch group one to three months before

you launch your product in fact

they help you make a better product when

I was creating performance nut butter

they helped me choose a logo they helped

me with the design of my packaging they

gave me insights that I never would have

came up on my own so when I finally went

to launch my product on Amazon they were

happy to buy one they were happy to

leave a review they shared it with their

friends there's so many benefits to a

product launch group they even helped me

come up with what my next flavor for

performance nut butter should be I

simply did a poll in the face book

launch group and I saw overwhelming

results again if you want more

information on how to create your own

product launch group links down below

there's two methods that I recommend to

make sure that your sales on Amazon

continue to grow the first one which is

an insanely powerful tool is Amazon's

PPC platform basically tell Amazon where

you want your ads to show up and every

time someone clicks on your ad you pay a

little bit your goal to make sure that

your ads are profitable but this is one

of the easiest ways I've found to make

money online period the other method for

growing your sales is to drive external

traffic to your product page you can

drive traffic from Instagram Facebook

YouTube anywhere you can think of where

you can put a link you can drive

external traffic and Amazon will reward

you with more sales and putting your

product higher up in the search results

in my opinion by far the best way to

make money online is to create and sell

a passion product on Amazon and I have

this video for you right here that goes

step by step on how you can create your

own passion product I can't wait to see

you in the next video and share with you

more of my journey