10 Tips for FAST Selling with OfferUp and LetGo

it's a new year everybody and if you're

like me you're selling lots of old stuff

out of the garage because you're trying

to get money to pay your taxes I mean

you're trying to clear out the garage

but if you're trying to sell stuff on

offer up and let go it might be

frustrating if you're not able to sell

these things quickly so I wanted to make

a video for you giving you ten tips to

help you sell stuff on offer up and let

go faster and easier number one I've

learned from selling a lot of stuff that

it's a good idea to post in the morning

or early afternoon I tend to post it

about 10:30 or 11:00 o'clock this is

kind of a good idea because when you

first post your item they feature it

right they show the item off to new

people and to people who are browsing

for items on let go or offer up so if

you do this at say 10:00 p.m. at night

then all the time that your item is free

featured I like to call it all the free

feature time is going to be in the

middle of the night when a lot of people

are asleep and they're not going to be

on their phones looking for stuff so if

you do it at around 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.

then there's a good chance that your

item is going to be on the feature spot

during the day when people are actually

on their phones looking for stuff so I

like that as my primetime eleven o'clock

number two this is pretty obvious but

respond lightning fast when you're

selling something on these apps people

want the item now a lot of times they've

seen it just impulse buy like they want

that vintage Sega Genesis that you're

selling or they want that cool piece of

furniture right now and if you don't

respond within a few minutes a lot of

the time you're gonna lose the sale

because people are gonna go on to the

next old Sega system or the next piece

of furniture that is in the app it's

showing them a lot of products so you

have to respond lightning fast in order

to keep your buyers interested and I

like to close the deals relatively fast

as soon as someone asks you about an

item respond to them and start a

friendly conversation to get the item

sold so number three is always respond

to people even if you are late it's

better to respond late than not to

respond at all believe it or not I was

in Thailand

and I was getting messages while I was

away a on offer up and let go for

products that I had and I was gone for

two months when I came back and landed

while I was in the airplane I message

people saying I just returned where he's

still interested in that item that I'm

selling and believe it or not a couple

people said yes and I was able to sell a

really high ticket item a $600 of

restaurant equipment $650 right away as

soon as I got back from my trip to

Thailand luckily that person was still

looking for the item that I was selling

always respond even if you're late

still send out an effort respond to the

person reach out maybe they still want

what you're selling number four list a

lot of items it's a numbers game think

about it if you only have three items

for sale then you only have three

chances to sell something today if you

have 15 items or 20 items for sale

that's 20 chances for you to sell

something each day what you want to do

is have a lot of items up at any time

find stuff around the house that you're

trying to sell it's pretty easy to find

stuff in the garage or whatever you're

selling just sell crap that you have and

have a lot of things up because that's

going to increase your chance of getting

buys each day or getting responses also

don't be married to let go or offer up

they are competing with each other but

that doesn't mean you have to exclude

yourself from either Avenue of selling

your stuff I put my things up on offer

up and let go I also put them up on eBay

if shipping isn't a problem

so having 20 items for sale on two or

three platforms gives you a much higher

chance of selling an item each day

number five this is obvious but always

make a good description and try to take

the best pictures that you can with good

lighting don't take pictures in a creepy

garage with darkness and shadows all

around the item make sure that the item

is well lit people can see what they're

gonna buy in order to get their interest

make sure to leave a few paragraphs

about the item talk it up a little bit

we will always be honest

don't ever lie and be dishonest about an

item number six if you have an item

that's up there for six months eight

months a year and it hasn't sold I would

take the item down and I would relist it

when you realist

item again you're basically getting a

free feature for a short amount of time

so that's gonna show your item off to a

lot of people also you're gonna get a

lot less low ballers some people search

let go and offer up for things that have

been up there for a very long time

because they assume if they lowball you

that you're gonna go along with their

low offer because your item has been up

there for six months eight months a year

hasn't sold so relist the items it shows

that they're fresh and it gives it that

free feature for just a few days

number seven is when you talk to people

always be nice to them

even low ballers you got to be nice to

the low ballers to be honest with you it

can get frustrating sometimes because

you'll get a lot of messages on offer up

and let go

people saying hi is this available and

then you say yes it is available would

you like to come see it and then they

never respond and you get that ten times

for one item it's really frustrating

when people just ask you if an item is

available and that's it but you've got

to remain nice to everybody and if

someone shoots you a really low price

you can always tell them about the item

explain why it has value and rebuttal

with an offer maybe somewhere in the

middle between their low price and what

you're asking but always be nice to

people when you talk to him even the low

ballers number eight when it's Christmas

time you should sell like crazy right

before Christmas I was selling a lot of

stuff because I was trying to get out of

here to go to Thailand and even while I

was gone I left all these postings up

and my phone was exploding I had so many

offers on some of my stuff because it

was near Christmas time and I had some

electronics and stuff like I had a drone

and people are trying to buy a

secondhand drone for their kid before

Christmas they really want a nice drone

or you know they don't want to spend a

thousand dollars because the kid might

break it so they go with a used one but

people are searching Christmas time

they're spending way more money so

you're way more likely to sell your

stuff during Christmas and if you have a

bunch of stuff to sell and it's

Christmas time or even coming close to

the holidays put it all on offer up let

go don't let

time go to waste because that's sales

season number nine kind of obvious but

your high quality items and your

technology stuff is gonna sell a lot

faster and a lot easier than some of the

other stuff you may have old technology

15 year old computers five year old

phones people still buy those believe it

or not if you put it up there for some

low price you're gonna be able to sell

it quickly I recently sold cables to a

DJ that had been sitting in the garage

for 20 years

different music equipment amplifiers

those type of things sell much faster

than clothing and stuff like that your

high quality items your tech that's

gonna sell faster so don't negotiate as

much with things that you have tons of

offers for like that if I were selling a

phone I would not go with the first low

baller that sent me a poor offer because

there's a lot of people that are gonna

hit me up for selling a phone even low

quality items or partially broken items

if they work and have functionality they

can still sell - believe it or not I

sold like a 250 dollar stroller that was

in my parent's garage I sold that for

like 40 bucks because it had one little

arm piece that was broken but it still

functioned perfectly you could hold two

kids in it they could sit in there

safely comfortably it just had an

aesthetic piece that was broken for a

cup holder at the top I've put that up

at a discounted price and some dad now

gets to use that for his kids instead of

that thing sitting in a garage and

wasting space it gets to go to good use

now so don't give up on selling low

quality items or things that are a

little banged up some people might still

have value in them if they work and they

have use go ahead it doesn't hurt to put

them on offer up and let go and those

are all your tips for selling things

faster on offer up and let go I wish you

the best of luck out there I hope you

sell all of your stuff so that you can

pay off your taxes I mean make room in

your garage and have some extra cash in

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